Chapter 1

Oh yes, oh simply wonderfully yes!

The full moon gave off an eerie silent vision, its brilliant brightness considerably un-comparable to anything else in all three worlds. He could admit that its glowing glare was even more admirable than his own…although the glowing, silvery tresses did help to illuminate his yellow eyes, making them brighter and more like liquid gold.

Hanging Neck Island was naught but prey to its glorious shine, the entire island simply buzzing with trepidation underneath its stern gaze. The beach line he was walking along shimmered with the extra terrestrial glow.

Each grain of sand gleamed like fine shards of glitter, the no doubt freezing ocean water turning into a light sapphire blue in its silver path instead of the deep darkness that mirrored the blackness of the night-time sky.

Oh this was going to work out so splendidly well!

Yes! He could feel it all the way to the marrow of his bones that his plan would not fail him this night!

Tonight…tonight a precious and powerful member of the bothersome yet interesting Team Urameshi was going to be his.

And if his plan worked out to its full potential than his team's opponent would bend to his will for quite some time to come.

Tilting his face back he allowed and welcomed the silvery fingers that rivaled the spectacular sheen of Youko Kurama's beautiful flowing silver hair to touch his face. His already pale features whitened further, his lips lifting up into a casual smirk displaying his sharp, glittering canines. A strong gust of wind blasted his way, making his black clothing flail behind him and 

his dark grey locks to flutter as if the curling tendrils were alive with their own minds, whims and thoughts.

Weaklings were in no doubt terrified of the moon when it comes to its glorious fullness, frightened by the unbidden feelings within them spiraling almost out of their control.

But not him. Oh no, the moon was on his side! At least tonight it was going to lend its spectacular influence into him, allow him to be a part of the moon!

It couldn't scare him! He was unbelievably strong, powerful and others cowered before him.

And by the way the wind was blowing downwind his percentage of success was almost proven directly in his face! His prey wouldn't be able to smell him.

Hopefully his teammates that he had called upon to help were wise enough to mask their scents and demon energy as he had done. For if they hadn't than everything would fail!

Fall to pieces at his feet!

Ambitions destroyed right before his eyes….

As a loud wave crashed against the shore, the white froth that bubbled force after the initial impact brought his mind out of the gutter, out of the horrendous failure of Hell blooming within his head and back to reality. Shaking his head he pulled his clawed hands out of his pockets and forced another sadistic grin.

Honestly what the fuck was he thinking? Sure the two weren't stronger than him, and not nearly as smart as him didn't mean they didn't have any common sense!

Hell, Karasu caved easily when he had propositioned his little idea to his partners. The Crow had been keeping a very close eye on his new obsession as of late and in all sincerity he couldn't blame him. Kurama's bright green eyes and blood red hair were in fact beautiful to behold, and his deadly manipulation over plants was interesting.

But he didn't hold the right form of beauty for his taste the fox spirit was just far too perfect in looks, his attitude far too annoying to deal with. And he was far, far too intelligent.

So yes, as he continued to tread upon the sand he understood just why his partner in crime accepted the hunt alongside him.

After all, the one he was seeking from the Urameshi team was protected and loved very dearly by Karasu's prey and they both knew that once his was caught, Kurama was eating out of Karasu's hands.

Bui…well the axe wielder didn't seem to care at all about reasons for this particular hunt. The man simply grunted leaving the other two to just assume that he was only in it for the fight that was sure to come.

The child he stalked after all was very stubborn and very strong, formidable even.

Elder Toguro grinned again, his yellow eyes flashing. The child wasn't as strong as him however.

Exhaling out of his nose he snorted in pleasure at how the sediment he was crushing underneath his boot covered feet cowered in fear of him.

The demon haulted in his procession, not even glancing at the trees a few yards from the shore that shivered in the wind or at his teammates that were closing in. A quiver ran down his spine and he licked his lips as he stared at his prey.

A large boulder resided about two yards away from solid ground, the blue waves crashing against it as they plowed through, making the scene all the more captivating.

A small figure was sitting on the stone, black clad legs crisscrossed. The black tang top was wrinkled slightly from the wind and position, a long sword sitting beside him, a dark shadow on the light rock as it stayed directly in its sheath. The eldest of the Toguro's was glad, glad that he had masked his energy in a way that his teammates alone could sense it and they do the same for him.

No doubt if this ravaging figure felt the different, intimidating and enemies energy he would get up and bolt. Sighing internally he felt as Karasu sent out tiny, almost intractable bombs high above them and behind them, forming an almost closed circle, leaving the right side open for his target.

Black hair looked alive underneath the moon's glow, the black tresses that formed the candle light flame shifting like fire in his mind's eye the white starburst glowing with the same intensity of the moon. Crimson eyes were held at half mast, the bloody orbs contrasting greatly with the pale skin, his thin eyebrows disappearing underneath the white headband that acted as a ward to the Jagan eye. His gaze zeroed in on the small tongue peeking out of the thin and pink lips, the muscle lapping gently at the horrendous wound on his right arm that only made him look all the more beautiful.

Gods this child couldn't be of any of the three worlds…he was too ethereal for Makai, Ningenkai and Reikai.

Grinning a smirk that nearly cracked his face he flexed his spiritual muscles and narrowed his gaze suggestively at the small demon on the rock. Hiei had automatically tensed when the 

energy reached him, and Toguro pouted when the pink muscle was retracted back into that small mouth.

Pale fingers that belonged to the fire demons left hand groped for his katana, the blade that had slaughtered so many easily unsheathing to be held within its masters hands. Standing and turning yellow orbs met red dead on.

Flexing his muscles yet again while keeping their gaze locked he allowed a superior smirk lift his mouth, proposing a challenge.

As expected Hiei flitted away and appeared in the center of the now finished circle of bombs, unbeknownst that he had just closed himself in.

This was another reason he didn't like Kurama.

The fox rarely answered challenges.

The hilt of the sword was gripped tighter within the small and strong fist, a narrowed eyed glare fixing the taller demon to the spot. But Toguro's eyes wandered away from the bleeding stare and instead scrutinized the wounded arm.

Hiei's right arm was covered in blood, bubbled blood blisters littered the muscled limb and the skin was melted slightly, showcasing the torched muscle beneath.

A simple place to inject his poison.

"What do you want?"

Snapping his gaze back to Hiei's the grin returned. "Now, now, no need to get hasty little one."

A growl was interlaced with the next words. "Don't you dare call me that!"

Ah, so the little demon was embarrassed about his height. How cute.

"Come now Hiei, no reason to get upset, I merely wish to press over a proposition to you is all."

"Fuck you Toguro! I'll take no such thing!"

Feeling his manhood twitch with excitement Toguro barely hid the wanton shiver. Oh don't worry little one, we'll be fucking soon enough…

Placing one hand in his pocket Elder Toguro walked slowly closer, noting how the powerful legs tensed further, the muscles bunching together getting ready to pounce. "Ah, ah little one I was merely wondering what you thought about joining my team. After all, a bunch of humans are a waste to hang around."

Hiei's hackles raised, his fangs looking as sharp and lethal as the blade within his grasp. "I will not betray my team so fuck off Toguro before I change my mind and slice off your head."

Chuckling Toguro twitched his head and he watched amused at how the smaller youkai's breathing pick up as Bui and Karasu let loose their energy out of their masks. A growl could be heard coming from the dwarf's throat and chest as red eyes flickered from him, the axe wielder coming from the trees to their left and Karasu appearing from the darkness behind Hiei.

Hiei twitched as he looked around knowing he was trapped.

As the trio closed in like stalking wolves Hiei wrenched off the ward; the Jagan opening and glowing purple, advancing his strength.

Hehehe! Oh how amusing! The small chest was rising and falling at a rapid rate now, no doubt fear bleeding into his system. Sure one of them he could stare down, two possibly but three…well three seemed to be more than he could handle.

"So Hiei, what about my proposal?"

The red eyes turned back to yellow and Toguro could see a trace of fear beneath the immense hatred in those crimson orbs. "How many times must I tell you fool? I won't take your proposal, I'm not the type to betray my team when we've gotten this far in the game."

When all three continued to advance towards him Hiei tried a different route. "Unless you all fancy a quick death I suggest you back off."

As violet eyes twinkled from underneath black bangs behind Hiei Toguro knew he wasn't the only one who could smell the rising fear wafting from the short youkai. Yes he'll have to give him some credit…the little one's voice didn't stammer or reflect anything but authority and superiority.

Scoffing Toguro leered at the fire demon as he approached calling upon his bluff. "Come on than little one, lob off my head."

Growling Hiei took a step back only to firmly stand his ground when he remembered the Crow behind him. Bui's labored breathing underneath the helmet mask was making his Jagan thrum. Taking one glance around him Hiei ground out, "Fine."

Toguro blinked, shocked when the form disappeared and looked at the others. The tilt of Bui's noggin showed his confusion and the slight rise of black eyebrows on Karasu's brow displayed his.

So, pet wants to play does he?

Placing his hands upon his hips Toguro teased, "Come out, come out wherever you are."

A sharp, piercing pain suddenly erupted in his shoulder and yellow eyes opened wide as a small shout of pain and surprise flew from his mouth. Blood spouted out from the deep wound on his shoulder, the slim blade wrenching itself out from his person, sending specks of blood onto the sand.

The pressure that he had previously felt filtered away as his shoulder healed itself, a scowl placing hold onto his thin face.

A yelp of pain burst from behind him followed by three mini explosions as the circular cage blocked the fire demon from escaping. The slab of metal that was stained with his blood fell to the ground and Elder Toguro elongated his fingers into long, flexible snakes that reached behind him and grabbed a hold of the struggling demon.

Blood trickled down his fingers and Toguro threw the little one back to the middle where Karasu immediately grabbed a fistful of spiky hair and threw it back, baring the slim throat. Bui stood where he was, not caring for the occurring persuasion as Toguro wrapped his fingers around the muscled body, locking tight and getting directly in front of him.

Blood was blossoming on the black clothing, trekking from the newly acquired wounds. Growling Hiei tried to shake the pair off, glaring up into the violet eyes staring directly into his own before whimpering as Toguro's clawed fingers pinched the small incisions that formed due to the bombs and his massacred arm.

One of the Crow's hands were stroking the black locks gently as Hiei stilled when something hard pressed against his hip. Toguro inhaled deeply, enjoying and relishing the terror weeping from the boy, exciting his member further before it hardened against a protruding hip bone.

"Will you accept my proposition now?"

Adams apple bobbing through the thin shield of flesh in his throat Hiei hissed out, "No. You can kiss my ass you bastard."

Karasu chuckled, purple eyes gleaming at the frustrated older brother. A sadistic grin plastered itself upon his face as Toguro leaned in slightly to roll his tongue along the fire demon's bared throat. Hiei immediately shivered and renewed his attempts at freedom when the wet and hot organ lapped at his neck, instinct making him want to stay still to prevent any killing bites while his pride wanted him to fight and his brain to run.

Ungh, good God he tastes so goooooooddd. The saltiness of the sweat, the tang of blood from the wound on his chest and the boy's natural flavor of fire and…roasted cat. Fucking Hell who knew it all could taste so freakin wonderful?! He'd never been so fuckin hard in his life!

Lifting his mouth from the tempting and now shining neck Toguro flexed his fingers up further so they tightened around his throat. As the struggling stopped and the body started to go limp with his mouth gasping and eyes closing Toguro smirked at the sight of the passed out fire demon.

Karasu stopped his stroking and both demons looked up when Bui dropped the bandana back on top of the dulling Jagan.

Oh yes, he knew his plan would work out and voila it did! Now not only can he get the pet on his team he can have a new fuck buddy! Hell to the fuckin yes!