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Chapter 4

Oh yes, this is most pleasant!

The older Toguro brother whistled as he walked, blood coating his fingers from the abuse he put the little demon through, as he tossed the small camera up high into the air before catching it; harsh eyes glinting with malicious amber lights all the while.

No doubt Karasu has made his visit to his prize, the red haired, beautiful kitsune. Therefore both Bui and the crow should be coming around to witness, or perhaps even partake in the show – all depending on his mood of course – fairly soon, so the fun shouldn't be postponed for too much longer now.

He hoped…

Fangs glinted as the demon laughed, brown hair swinging with each slight head shake. Opening the large, metallic door the elder's amused and excited feelings of the close future vanished faster than they arrived, his demonic heart beat slowly quickening in apprehension.

Shimmita! This was not part of the fucking plan! Damn it all!

"So, tell me brother. What is it that you intend to do with Urameshi's comrade?"

Shit and just fucking double shit! As expected otouto was pissed off about the entire ordeal. This was going to have to be dealt with very delicately, all of the bloody wit in his mind was going to have to be used to pull this off. If not his brother was going to throw him back to Urameshi and no way in hell was his prize going to be given back to those bastards! He's mine!

"That information is really none of your business otouto. So why don't you run along now," he said in a dismissive tone of voice, a clawed and bloodied hand waving at the younger demon in a shooing gesture. "Go play and frolic with Genkai, or whatever it is you do in your free time."

The sunglasses gleamed, and killing aura suddenly pulsated off of the bigger form that was the younger Toguro brother whose muscled shoulder was leaning heavily into the wall besides the computer monitors. His hands were crossed over his chest and a lesser being would only have seen a relaxed youkai but the elder knew better; knew his baby brother's mind and habits better than any other being out there. The honor bound demon was pissed to put it in a nicer format. His crossed arms were stiffening and thick, shoulders bunching and expanding underneath the black shirt as power dripped from his form, the tightening of his jaw line underneath taut, tanned skin.

"Now that, was far too bold brother," the younger pushed himself off the wall to stand in front of the other, much smaller Toguro. "What I do or do not do in my spare time, with or without Genkai, is of no concern to you. And do not attempt to dismiss me as if I were the subordinate brother, we both know I'm the stronger of the two of us."

Yeah, yeah, no need to rub it in, you, big ass wipe.

Elder Toguro merely shrugged his thin shoulders and smiled meekly, looking up to stare into his brother's hidden eyes with a look of innocence that did not fare well on his demented features, hands clasped behind his back. "Yes I know of your strength brother dear, but, if say I'm not allowed to know what it is you do in your free time with the old woman…why should I inform you of what I do in mine? And with the company I keep? After all, this is a subject of respect, something usually found rather common between siblings as well as teams such as ours, not strength mind you."

The younger growled in annoyance before turning to the screens where sweet and vulnerable and beautiful little Hiei was trying to stand only to stumble back down to his knees, cursing. Odd, that was really one of the only way to describe the crackling sound coming through with Hiei's voice as he shouted, the electronic recording device carrying in electronic waves along with the naturally deep baritone.

"Fucking freak Toguro! Release me!"

The malleable youkai chuckled darkly under his breath, and he ignored the disgusted and disbelieving shaking of his brother's head.

Nope. Sorry little one, but this 'fucking freak' as you so dub me, isn't planning on letting you go. Hahahahaha!

"You really should release him aniki. It does us no good to keep him here and what you are doing…what it is you are planning on doing…is completely dishonorable. Not to mention filthy."

"Honor has nothing to do with it dearest little brother. And besides," a pair of gold eyes glinted as a long tongue wetted his dry and chapped lips. "I ensnared the little beast with fairness. He's mine fair and square."

Snarling the taller youkai turned to him. "Three, perfectly healthy youkai who were all at full strength against one, weakened youkai is not something that should be called 'fair and square'. Release him!"

"Oh, so fine, I didn't capture him fairly. Yet, I still see no reason to let him go, not when I have him all to myself like this."


"Damn you Toguro! You sick fuck!"

Hehehehehe! Yes, he knew he was a sick fuck, but that's what made him so interesting and entertaining and downright different from all the others! Haha!

The Ani Toguro was brought out of his thoughts and back to reality by a large hand with thick, bony knuckles wrapping around his shirt collar and he let out a surprised huff of air as he was abruptly thrown off of his feet. Allowing his stomach a second to catch back up to the foot he had gained and for the spots to leave his line of vision the brunette grinned when he suddenly came to realize that he was face to face with his furious little brother. "Come now brother, you need to calm yourself. There's no reason to get so feisty."

Or physical for that matter…but that part was thought derisively within his own mind.

"Don't start talking to me like that big brother!" Oh, just the way he spouted out the word big…with such malice and rage…Elder Toguro felt a shudder of fright run through him. Perhaps he has pushed his brother a little too much, a little too far, pressed buttons that were not meant to be pushed. "Now, I am going to tell you one more time, and as the stronger one of the two of us, along with my leadership role over the group, I expect you to follow it as the subordinate should. Let. The boy. Go."

The words were stated in such a fine, yet commanding tone that the body manipulator swallowed and nearly conceded; feeling for a moment as if he were compelled to do as the other was telling him to do without further hesitation.

But that was before his rational mind kicked back in.

Fuck no to that you son of a bitch!... Wait…does that mean I just called my mother a bitch as well?

Toguro shrugged, oh well. I never liked her all that much anyway.

But yes, you may be the stronger of the two of us brother, and you may have power over myself, Karasu and Bui because of your position as leader, but there is something that this older brother's got that you don't.

Something that in the long run proves to be more successful then brute strength as Kurama has consistently displayed during his matches within the rounds Team Urameshi has been in.

"Well brother? I'm waiting. What is it going to be?"

Gold eyes skimmed over smooth black shades, long fingers wrapped around the ones that held him off the ground, claws waiting tensely on edge to plunge deep into those fingers, should the younger sibling try to choke.

"You understand the rules of the tournament as I do little brother," a wry grin worked its way onto his face. Younger Toguro's heavy brow furrowed, lips thinning out into an angry line. "If you kill me dearest, baby brother, for my incompetence to follow your orders, we'll be short one fighter and seeing as how Sakyo is the only subordinate we have…"

The younger was actually shaking his fury was so immense but the elder knew he won this round, and the screaming occurring from the monitors made it all the better.

"Toguro! You fucking bitch! I swear if it's the last thing I do I'm going to rip you to fucking shreds you mother fucker!"

The ani blinked, slightly taken aback. Well…I say! That boy certainly had a mouth on him! Hmm, but getting back to the more important matters…

"You've lost this round, brother dear."

The younger growled and flexed the muscles in his arms before launching the smaller demon away, his brother being thrown against the wall with a small gust of air escaping his lungs in a surprised 'humph'. The younger, upper lips still lifted into an aggravated scowl turned and stormed from the room in a raging fury. Elder Toguro coughed, watching as small specks of blood spewed free of his mouth before detaching himself from the crater that had been given birth to via harsh toss and back. Luckily, with his capabilities the scrapes and bruises, along with anything internally damaged were already being healed.

Straightening out his trench coat Ani huffed and twirled the mini camera in his fingers, the brunette whistling once more in the merry tune of a child's nursery rhyme turned absolutely tarnished and corrupt. No doubt if any child were sung to sleep with this melody, instead of the soothing and fun dreams their parents intended to place into their sleeping minds they would get horrid, awful nightmares. Eyes glinting maliciously Toguro flipped the camera into a small slot within one of the computers generators.

Seconds later a file popped up in front of one of the Hiei monitors, leaving only three to display what he was doing, and he started to select the respected files that were required to use in order to download the pictures into the computer and out of the camera. The ensnared fire demon seemed to have finally worn himself out, or at least grew to realize he wasn't going to be answered any time soon, for he was now sitting placidly, silently and warily watching the door through the once again pitch blackened room.

"It's a good thing really, that he's silenced himself." The cold, smooth, and emotionless voice made Ani Toguro's smirk widen, burning yellow eyes swiveling over to the gothic creature removing itself from the corner of the room.

It was always an interesting thing to witness whenever the Crow decided to pop up out of nowhere, as silent and undetected as the shadows themselves. He appeared sometimes to be a creature that was born shrouded in darkness, able to hide and sink into anything that held any slight sliver of darkness. Even for the Toguro brothers it was impossible to notice him when he went into his shadowy moments of stealth unless he wanted to be found.

Karasu stopped besides the demon in front of the monitors, purple eyes carefully observing their little catch. "We don't want his throat to be too hoarse to scream for us now do we?"

Toguro cackled, eyes slitting into narrowed dashes of mirth, waiting with rapt attention for the photo's to download. "No, that is indeed the last thing we want to happen." The shortest of the group spared the Crow a raised brow and eyed him with speculative eyes. "Just how long were you standing there anyway? And where's Bui?"

Violet eyes glinted for a moment. "Must you ask my friend? Do you trust me so little?"

The ani just blinked once more. "Obviously." For the Urameshi Team trust was one of their strongest points. They trusted one another to keep each other alive, they trusted each other to finish their battles, they trusted their non-fighter friends lives on each other and…well they basically trusted everything about one another. But Team Toguro such trivial things were not needed. Trust and companionship, friendship and family bonds were not needed. They didn't need to trust one another to get the job done, they simply knew within their hearts, based on each individual's character that any challenger they faced would end up six feet under.

Besides. Why bother using trust, a sentimental emotion, when black mail and hatred worked just as well. After all, that was the main drive for Bui and Karasu. The pair were filled with so much hatred for the siblings that there was little left for anything else.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I've been in here a little before yourself and as for Bui, well I can honestly say that I have no idea where he is."

As if on cue the door slammed open and heavy, metallic breathing filled the room, along with the clanking of Bui's heavily armored body walking into the room. With a grin Toguro said in his direction, "Well hi there Bui. We were just discussing about where it is you might be."

The demon merely grunted and moved over to stand behind them, silent once more.

Karasu chuckled softly, gaining the attention of the other two. "I must say Toguro, you evaded the bull's horns with a flare as usual. Personally I thought that your baby brother was going to rip you to shreds. Oh! And speaking of shreds…" violet orbs slid over his shoulder to gaze into the sparkling darkness that was Bui's eyes. "You missed out on a marvelous screaming expedition Bui. Hiei was hollering at the top of his little lungs at the master mind here. It was rather amusing really."

Bui just huffed, though a sense of disappointment came off of him.

Grinning Toguro called back for the attention. "If I may say my baby brother knew the rules and that five fighter regulation for the finals most likely won him over. And to think, he was planning on killing that old Genkai woman, too bad we stole that chance away from him."

It went unstated why as well. Seeing as how Hiei was now in their clutches – and once Elder Toguro got his concoction into his blood they, themselves shouldn't need Sakyo anymore – Team Urameshi was short one player. The only subordinate they had was Koenma and he wasn't even a real fighter. But if they took away Genkai, cutting their losses down even more than they would be utterly screwed.

So everything came to play in their advantage.

A brightly fanged grin lit up the thin face, gold eyes smothering. "He may have been born with the muscles, but I was graced with the brains."

Karasu sighed, violet eyes dimming as they stared at the loading screen. "If only my prize would use his own head and realize that I'm not bluffing. Then everything would be as it should."

Toguro scuffed. "He thinks you're bluffing about holding Hiei?" he rolled his eyes. "Unfucking believable."

"Tell me about it. He thinks that I've somehow managed to copy the little guys scent, cloak and katana. I'm sorry but it just takes up far too much time." The screen beeped once more, and pictures appeared on it making Karasu's brow rise. "What are these photos of Ani?"

"They're of Hiei's chest. I figured that we needed to know how big his lungs and heart were so that we know how far we can push him you know."

The Crow nodded his head and together the trio's eyes widened as they saw just how big the organs were.

"By Kami…"

Karasu didn't even respond to Toguro's silent exclamation, his own person being filled with shock.

Hiei's lungs were huge, the organs taking up most of the little guy's chest and his heart was around the same size as the younger Toguro's fist. It was obvious that the brat had excellent blood circulation and oxygen within his body and by the size of both muscles Hiei's secret to his insane speed was discovered. He was built like a cheetah, his cardiovascular system obviously designed purely for fast speeds and his small frame only accented that, it was amazing the combination of the three organs didn't pop out of him they were so large.

Fuck damn…

Toguro grinned and glanced over at Karasu out of the corner of his eye. "I guess that means we can keep going on and on with him doesn't it."

A sly twinkle in the Crow's eye was all that responded, but that one sparkle spoke a thousand words, all of agreement and anticipation.


The fire demon's head snapped up when the loud metallic clang erupted through the small room he was held captive in. Toguro's familiar shape was followed by two others, one slim surrounded by the vibrant orange and red that classified heat and taller by at least a foot than Toguro. The third figure was even taller than the second and had to duck his head slightly lest he ram it into the ceiling, oddly enough there was only a few patches of heat that Hiei could see on the figure, the rest obscured in the same blue black as every other non living, cold thing here.

The pain luckily was ebbing away, leaving an agitating throbbing sensation in every inch of his body, though he could still feel tiny trickles of blood dwindling its way down his form. Abruptly the lights turned on making him hiss as he was forced to make his eyes adjust to the sudden change.

"Well, little Hiei, our guests have arrived so what do you say?" Elder Toguro's voice was as irritating as always, though now it held even far more sadistic enthusiasm if that was possible. "I guess we can get started on our little game."

Hiei narrowed his eyes, hackles rising. "Go fuck yourself you sick bastard."

Karasu chuckled, "My, my you certainly have a mouth don't you? I'm shocked Kurama hasn't put it to proper use yet."

Red eyes snapped over to the Crow, eyes narrowing even further in disgust. So this was the bastard that wanted to use Kurama as a toy. No wonder the fox always shuddered whenever he spoke of him. The bastard was a fucking gothic freak with an air of utmost superiority along with one of the most formidable sadistic energies he's ever encountered.

The deep voice was a little disconcerting too.

Glaring Hiei settled for a growl, not even feeling as if he should dignify that statement with a response. The Fox was better than that, he would never put anyone in such a situation…well…after molding with Minamino Shuichi's body anyway.

Toguro chuckled and moved towards the immobilized jaganashi in fast, long strides. In seconds the man was directly in front of the little youkai, grinning down at him. "You're going to have to learn to listen to us now my sweet." Golden eyes blazed and suddenly Hiei found himself lifted off the floor by elongated fingers, the digits wrapped completely around him. The fire demon's arms were glued to his side, the pressure on his wounds making him grit his teeth.

Karasu took a few steps closer, sidestepping the pair before coming up behind Hiei, a hairs breath away. Skin prickling the demon kicked his legs weakly, aggravated at how he could barely move the limbs while shocks of trepidation resounded throughout him.

The Crow was suddenly a much bigger threat than the sadistic bastard before him. Toguro he could see and Toguro was predictable. Especially with his eyes so unguarded as they leered about Hiei's body. A child would be able to figure out the horrible plans he was about to do and while said plans terrified the young youkai he had been through it before. He could deal with it again, after all.

No way in hell could Toguro out beat the fifty bandits that he was forced to live with when he was a child.

But Karasu was hidden, standing behind him where he couldn't see, even the Jagan couldn't open and look. And because of that he couldn't look into his eyes, couldn't get a grasp on what he was planning. He was unpredictable and much more reserved than the man confining him, with enough twisted youki that made even the decades' old youko squirm.

"We're your new masters little one." The silky voice caressing his ear from behind made uncomfortable shivers flutter through the Forbidden Child's body, his demon heart jumping. A slender hand slid up the back of his neck, sharp claws ghosting over jumping flesh until they receded into his hair. The digits stroked his hair and subconsciously the demon moved into the stroking, like a cat begging for the patting to continue. "So you better listen to what we say Slave."

Fangs clacking loud snarls ensured as Hiei forced himself to behave, shoving his primal urges back into his mind. "No way in hell would I ever be your slave! Get away from me!"

"Now, now. That's no way to talk to your masters' Little One."

Hiei could hear the grin in Toguro's voice as easily as he could see it on his face and before he knew it there was a tug on his waist and somehow his pants came flying off. The buckles of his belts flew in every direction as the material was torn and the boy's bared body was met with the unforgivable coldness of the room. Hands groped at his ass, pulling apart the cheeks and a single finger traced the cleft making him gasp.

Kami! That shouldn't have been pleasant damn it!

"Hmm," gold eyes roamed over the tiny form that was now as naked as the day he was born. A smirk of pleasure filtered onto Toguro's face as he muttered, "You're positively gorgeous Little One." With a single fang bared he looked over one fine shoulder to glare into Karasu's violet orbs. "Mind your place. I get first dibs."

"No one gets any dibs you sick fuck!"

Karasu nodded and backed off, releasing the round butt to step back with Bui who had remained silent throughout the ordeal. Resigning himself to waiting for his turn the bomb manipulator leaned into the wall.

"I beg to differ my sweet fire baby," Ani cooed nuzzling into the thin, long column of a white neck. "In a few moments I'm going to stick my cock so far up your ass you'll taste it in your throat."

Hiei growled at the promise and tried to struggle, moving despite the sharp pains as he attempted to free himself from the fingers. Alas they were too strong for his agonized form that was already too weak to do much but wiggle.

The demon held in the gasp as sharp teeth suddenly imbedded themselves in his neck, burying deep into the side. Pain lacerated up and down his body as the fangs spliced the veins open and warm blood flowed out from the wound. Toes curling Hiei had no choice but to endure it silently as his life's blood was sucked out of him, the foul mouth latched on his flesh vacuuming the crimson warmth. The fingers clutched tighter, causing a gasp and his wounded arm twisted, the strong bone hidden within creaking as a tiny crack formed.

Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! It hurts…I can't make a sound but it hurts so bad! I can't show weakness in front of these lowlifes!

Toguro pulled back, taking a chunk of flesh with him that finally created a tiny whimper from his delicious whimper. The blood flowed freely now, quickly following the path of gravity over Hiei's shoulder, and down his chest and back. "My, my you taste delicious my sweet. Your blood is strong and thick, rich and succulent but at the same time so smooth and sweet," his eyes rolled back to his head and the stretched digits shifted.

Toguro's comrades cocked their heads, while the blood smelled absolutely scrumptious the sudden position Hiei was placed in was rather odd.

Hiei blinked through the pain, twisting and turning his head as he found himself laying horizontal in mid air, the fingers supporting him.

Dark eyes looking into his own, sadness and remorse filling them as the woman frowned softly. Her eyes were swimming with unshed tears and she didn't even bother to hide her anguish. The infant stared up at her, confused and filled with apprehension. What was going on? Her aqua colored hair was swaying in the strong winds, her lips quivering as she whispered to him. Begging for his return. Begging for him to survive and return…and kill them all. And right after her words he felt the pressure on his back and sides disappear, the support of thin fingers and small hands disappearing and the wind suddenly came flying past him…hurting his ears.

He was scared, so scared…

Yowling softly Hiei strengthened his futile attempts at freedom, his fear of being completely horizontal without a solid barrier under his back supporting him rising. In a way it was worse than this claustrophobia, it was why he rarely slept lying down. He had to at least be reclined.

Toguro chuckled at the sounds his little pet was making, the yowling and struggling along with the bloody drink making his hard cock nearly rip straight through his pants as he aligned the little one. Soon Hiei's legs were forced wide apart and Hiei's fear mounted when he heard the clip of a button being undone and a zipper being unzipped. He knew what was coming but he didn't expect it to happen this fast.

"I wonder just what type of demon you are Pet," Ani murmured quietly, hissing when the head of his erection caressed the crease between Hiei's butt cheeks. "I've never tasted that flavor of blood before."

Before Hiei could do anything his mouth was torn open in a silent scream when a long, steel rod was shoved up his ass. It was tearing him in two he was sure of it! Steeling himself Hiei breathed deeply through his nose, clenching his hands into fists and biting his lip to keep in the whimper when the fingers crushed his shoulders to get a better grip. Already his arms were dislocated thanks to the tightening of the fingers and his bones were shattered from the powerful grip but he kept himself silent. Electricity was flocking its way up his spine and his lower back muscles as Toguro repeatedly shoved and removed, shoved and removed with such a pace it put demonic rabbits to shame.

"Ah! You –ungurgh- you're so t-tiiigghhht," the brother snarled as he heaved himself in the tiny body. It was so hot, so tight, the walls were trying to force him out but that only added to the pleasure as they tightened around his most sensitive place. The heat was palpable and was almost overbearing but he managed to ignore it, biting his lip thanks to the feel.

The pain was growing with each thrust as he picked up speed and the claws dug into his flesh, making his blood pour faster, in larger, thicker streams. His heart was pounding and his throat was aching with the effort of keeping in the cry of pain but he couldn't…couldn't let it out. Couldn't let himself appear weak in front of the enemy. In order to kill them he had to remain strong…had to endure…

The silent pair against the wall shivered, their manhood's peeking up with interest. Hiei was cringing in pain while their leader was cringing in absolute bliss and the smell of Hiei's blood was intoxicating, making their desire for carnal pleasures increase. But it was not their turn to do so.

Narrowing his eyes Karasu glared at the thrusting Toguro before gazing at the constricting body of their captive. His face was closed off of all emotion but still the pain that clearly ran through every nerve was beautiful. He would have to get his turn, if he got the permission to touch or not.

Elder Toguro couldn't believe how fast his release was coming. When he first wrapped the little youkai up in his fingers he had been planning on torture and serious foreplay…but his cock refused to be denied. If he didn't take the fire demon right then and there he knew he would have been killed by his own primal instincts as his insides imploded from the pressure. An exaggeration it may seem to be, but that is what it felt like as his dick poked at the inside of the zipper.

And not even ten minutes in his new slave he was ready to blow, thanks to the heat and tightness. And even though he wanted to hear the screams that he knew Hiei could produce he knew he would have to wait for a waiter late to do it. For after two more thrusts that Toguro was sure Hiei could feel pulsing in his stomach he exploded, roaring his end as his seed decorated Hiei's insides.

The half breed winced at the feeling of the hot liquid coating his abused insides, only succeeding in making the pain worse. A few claws dug in between his ribs, creating more rivulets of crimson that pooled on the floor with the growing puddle he felt the fingers gradually start to unwind. The cock left his ass and even when the fingers released him completely and he fell onto the hard floor he felt no fear.

He would rather be dead than in that bastards hold after all.

Karasu stayed a few moments after Bui and Toguro left, the latter grinning satisfied with his clothing back in place. Taking a few steps forward the Crow observed the bruised face, contemplating about his next move. About how and when he should approach his Fox next.

But at the moment Hiei was gorgeous in the ever growing pool of his own blood, the red liquid contrasting beautifully against the pale white, battered flesh. His face was completely empty of all emotion as he stared unblinking at the ceiling.

You better work as I want you to Slave. Without your full cooperation I'll never get Kurama. And his dying form is all I need to keep living.

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