Summary: WIAWSNB AU, Dean is trapped in a world that is not his own, and new more personal daemons to face

Summary: WIAWSNB AU, Dean is trapped in a world that is not his own, and new more personal daemons to face. While Sammy desperately looks for his brothers soul. Can the brothers find each other before it's too late? Angst!Boys Hurt!Dean Protective!Sam

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Officer James Parkman was physically sick at the scene before him. 6 people of varying ages and stages of decomposition hung from the ceiling like meat at the butchers. The stench was putrid and seemed to hang in the air, the scent of death and shit surrounded his body, it was a smell that he would never forget. The warehouse was large and damp; James surveyed the area, anything to trying not to look at the scene in front of him. There was a suspicious looking red stain on the wall, and a small dagger on the ground.

"We got a live one" Parkman swung his head around, none of the people looked alive, they were covered in dirt and hung perfectly still. He watched as they pulled down a young man, his short hair sticking up at odd angles, the small parts of his skin that were not covered in grime, looked pale and even from this distance he could see the boy was in a bad shape.

Bending over to inspect the knife, he pulled on a pair of latex gloves and picked it up, it was surprisingly heavy, and there was blood on the blade. It was made of silver and had strange inscriptions on the handle. James felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle uncomfortably, and a shiver ran through his body. James jumped as a pair of green eyes shone at him from the blade, vanishing almost as quickly as they came. James stared at the knife, with a mixture of shock and fear on his face, he knew he should put it in the evidence locker, but there was something about it that he was drawn too and he couldn't give it away. He stroked it, sensing for a bizarre reason that it was agitated, but that was insane knives didn't have feelings.

"Your mine now, I'll protect you" Parkman whispered and pocketed it in his back pocket.

Deciding to forget the knife for a moment and do some work, so far they had found no clues as to who had done this, and by the smell of things it had gone for years without anyone noticing, so he doubted forensics would find anything. The boy had a family somewhere, and he took it upon himself to find them, he was someone's son, brother or husband and they were probably looking for him, and they deserved to know what had happened.


"Hello am I speaking to Mary Winchester I have news regarding you son"

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