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Chapter 2

Dean sat in a bedroom, he vaguely recognised it as his room from his childhood. There was a faded AC/DC poster on the wall, and all the signs that at some point a teenager would have lived here. In the corner was and electric guitar, he picked it up his fingers feeling the fret board, his fingers making the chord 'G' without him even thinking about it. Dean dropped the guitar, he had never learned to play, so how did his fingers know what to do? The setting sun made the sky pink, the clouds glowing, Dean stared at the setting sun, as it disappeared over the streets of Lawrence, Kansas. The houses standing up black against the last rays of the sun, he couldn't even remember ever seeing this before. The picket fences looked at him, they seemed to be saying "this is your life Dean, take it"

"Dean, dinner" a voice called up, breaking the silence

They sat around the table in an awkward silence, none of them wanting to discuss the fricking giant pink elephant in the room, preferring to just ignore it. It was John that broke the silence

"So where you bin boy" The harsh tone, made Dean jump.

"Erm… Around"

"You coulda been anywhere, you coulda been dead. Me and your mother had a big mess to clean up after you left –"

"John, calm down, he's home now"

"Oh yer, like that makes it okay Mary, like it makes it okay, that he fucking left us with a huge big stinking pile of shit to clean up. With the police coming round every other day, and him probably on some beach in Mexico, soaking the rays, while we sit and work out how we are gonna pay for all that"

"John, that's all in the past now" Mary's tone was firm and bore no sign of the tenderness she had used while Dean was in hospital.

The rest of the meal continued in silence, with John glaring at Dean, and Dean looking curiously back. What had he done to screw things ten times to hell?

Dean lay in bed, staring at the florescent stars on the ceiling, they almost seemed out of place in this room

"The angels are watching over you"

Mary kissed her son on the forehead, and Dean looked up at the stars on the ceiling, before closing his eyes

"Night, night Mummy"

Deans throat hitched as he remembered the night his mother had burned to her death. The night his childhood was ripped up, and then burnt for good measure, as the stars twinkled down at him, he shut his eyes, rolled onto his stomach and with the sounds of Lawrence filtering in through the window fell asleep.

He woke to the smell of pancakes. Sniffing slightly got out of bed, his hair was rumpled and wearing only boxers and tee-shirt he stumbled into the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, he saw the bruises on his face, remembering the last couple of days, his mom. Raising his shirt slightly he saw again his ribs jutting out from under his skin, each one defined and clear. He would have to get working out again, build up his body mass.

Reaching over to turn the shower on, he let the cool water flow over him, the water creating little streams across his chest and back. Each drop was cool on his skin, and soothed the bruises littering his abdomen, he unconsciously turned the water down further, until it was icy. Needles pierced his skin, but he ignored it, in this cool state he could hear something within him, something fighting to get out. The lights flickered and went out, and the water turned deadly cold, red light lit up the room, and there was a dark shadow flitering across the room.

He blinked and shook his head, immediately everything went back to normal.

"What the hell"

He turned of the shower, wrapped a towel round him, and walked into his bedroom. Hastily putting on clothes, he noted they were too big, jogged down the stairs and he was just about to leave when-

"And just where do you think you're going" Dean, turned to the sight of his mother, even in a night gown she could look terrifying. Dean's cheeks turned red.

"Erm… Library" Dean looked hopefully at his mom, he didn't have the guts to lie to her.

"You know, I don't really care where you go Dean just don't lie" Mary's face had fallen. Dean looked at the mantle, seeing the birthday cards.

"You caught me, I was gonna go into town you know buy a present" Mary's face lit up.

"You don't have to do that." The smile on Mary's face stretched from cheek to cheek "Whatever happened those years you were gone you've changed Dean, ignore your father, he'll come round" Mary smiled and turned around back into the kitchen. Dean headed towards the door "Wait before you go, come over here, eat. You are gonna waste away."

Dean turned, whatever was going on would have to wait, he could never resist his mom's pancakes.

"Where's Dean Honey" John said gruffly to his wife

"He's gone into town, said he was gonna get me a present"

"And you believed him?" John said with one eyebrow raised "that boys feeds you more crap everyday, probably gone to find the local dealer, get high. Here's me hoping we could have a good birthday as a family"

"I think he's changed" Mary said softly

"He can't change"

The doorbell ran, preventing Mary and John from having a fight. Through the glass Mary could see the familiar silhouette of Sam, she hurried to the door and opened it, immediately she was engulfed in a bone shattering hug.

"Mom its been too long"

"Its only been three months Sam"

"Still," Sam said pouting. "I heard Dean was back in town" Sam said his body straightening up, looking over Mary's shoulder.

"He has gone into town" Mary said

Sam smiled, "only been here a few hours and has gone back to his old ways"

Mary rolled her eyes, the Winchester men were just the same.

Dean walked through town, deciding to get his mom a card and chocolates before heading to the library. A few people were staring, he realised he must look a state, un-ironed clothes and there were still bruises all across his face. Glancing in a shop window he ran his hand across his face.

"Winchester" A cool snarl came up behind him. Turning around Dean saw a man a little older than himself wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and faded jeans. He had his lips curled in a snarl. "Fancy seeing you here"

Dean stared at him bewildered.

"You run, Dean, you run fast 'cause you ain't welcome here anymore."

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