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All the gang was in the S.P. room after Kei gathered everyone because of Ochiai's "big news."

"Well..." Ochiai Kazuhiko started.

"Well?..." Narumi Shogo said, growing impatient.


"Kazuhiko, hurry this up!...Kenichiro was giving me a massage..."

"Narumi," Ochiai said.


"Shut up." Ochiai said bluntly, then quickly glanced at his favorite Kouhai, Koshiba Kiri, who looked as about to fall asleep at any second. He then looked away.

"Occhi, what is it?" Minami Kei asked with a pleased smile while eating Giant Strawberry Pocky.

"Well, I have been trying to advance our challenges for S.P., and...I-I found us one" Ochiai continued, now looking at Aoyama Kanako. Kanako blushed and turned away to continue reading.

"And? What about it, Ouschin?" Minamoto Iori asked, as he was trying to steal a Pocky stick from Kei, who was rapidly pulling away.

"Is there something wrong, Ochiai-senpai? ...This meeting is getting noisy..." Kiri softly said, indifferently. Ochiai lightly blushed, unnoticeable.

"Hey, MUSSY HEAD! Will you SHUT UP?! Kazuhiko's trying to tell us something important!!" D: Narumi yelled at the top of his lungs.

"I stand corrected...it is noisy...Naru-naru"

"How many times-- SENPAI!! Call me Senpai!!"


"What the- with-- will you-- GRAHH!"

"Narusy, stop being mean to me's Kirity! Or else me will have to call me's Emily to come here...again!!" Iori fought back. He thought of Narumi as evil. Actually, he thought everything that bothered Kiri was evil. -- Ha, and Kiri couldn't care any less.



"HUH? Oh, yeah, Kazuhiko. Tell you Iori he could just-- "

"SHUT UP." He said as Narumi's ears were burning with fury. "Anyway, you children just wasted 2 minutes of our time. Be quiet and behave yourself. Never you mind, Narumi! ...Anyway, we just got an acception invitation for a challenge for S.P."

"Well? Then who's the model this time?" Komatsu Taro asked nosily. "Ooh, is it that girl Yamada? Or maybe Hanamoto-san? Yes, yes. Hanamoto-san is very ugly and her hair is so-- " his mouth was covered by Seki Kenichiro.

"Taro-tard" Kiri said as she answered for her Ken nii-chan.

"S-sorry!" Kenichiro answered for Komatsu.

"Ochiai-senpai's trying to tell us something. Ochiai-senpai?" Ochiai blushed like mad when Kiri said his name. 'Che! Whatever...' Narumi thought.

"A-as I was s-saying..." he kept choking on his words but finally caught up. "We got ourselves a challenge, one that could really boost our popularity. ...but..."

"But...what? asked Narumi.

"But...we have to travel to get there"

"And so? Where is it? Hokkaido? Or Okinawa?"

"Uhm...it's...in the Philippines" Ochiai finally confessed. Everyone's eyes widened for a second. Everyone except for Kiri, whose face remained indifferent, that is. Then Kei broke the silence.

"Hooray! Foreign country! Airplane! Snacks!"

"W-w-w-whoa." Narumi was still in shock.

"Aw, I thought that maybe we could go to New York this time. I mean, who doesn't love America?" then Iori started crying. "Oh, but if me goes anywhere, KIRITY goes with me! ...Right, Kirity?" Then he gave off a n-n;; look while she just ignored him and slurped her juice box.

"I wanted to go to Hawaii!" Komatsu walked out of the room dramatically. Then Kiri finally spoke up.

"Oh well. I've been there once when I was ten. It's very beautiful. But i only know my aunty and someone else named...Gerald Anderson?" Suddenly, everyone's jaws dropped.

"Gasp! K-K-K-K-KI-CHAN! Y-y-you know..Ge-ge...H-he's..." Kanako was so startled with the thrill. "Ki-chan! Gerald Anderson is currently a famous actor in the Philippines! He is also courting a famous actress, Kim Chiu!" everyone stared and was surprised at how much Aoyama just talked. "I-I-I read m-magazines...too..."

"Oh...kay?" Ochiai said and Kanako blushed. Ochiai then took the invitation and read it. "Anyway, it will be held during a show called...WOWOWEE?!"

"WOWOWEE?! What kinda name for a show is that..." Narumi mumbled so no one could hear him. But he was laughing on the inside.

"Ooh! Me was on that show once! Me went there with Kirity and met Gerasy! Ah...and I saw Toni Gonzaga-chi!" Iori had hearts in his eyes. "Oh, what beauty!"

"Yes, yes. Will everyone please just settle down." Ochiai stated rather than questioned. "Anyway, I already emailed then telling them every one of us would be there. They said they had heard of us, so that's how we got in. We leave a week from now, so that's next Friday. Be at the airport at 7 p.m. sharp. Meeting adjourned."

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