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"Kanako-chan, all day I've been thinking about how to repay you for breaking your glasses, and I've got it. I'll be your glasses for a week. That's right, you get Kei's special treatment." Kei said, smiling.


"Yes." Kei had a big grin on his face. "For now, I serve you, Kanako-chan."

"N-No, Minami-senpai. It's fine, really!" Kanako insisted before bumping into a wall.

"Hahaha! You're funny, Kanako-chan. How about I take you to lunch?"

Kanako decline, but Kei dragged her along anyway. He took her by the wrist.

"This is my favorite place. They have really tasty sweets~"


"You can call me 'Kei'," he smiled.

"Kei-kun, it isn't healthy to only eat sweets…" Kanako's shyness was slowly fading.

"Eh? But food is boring." Kei frowned.

"Then maybe we can try something sweet first."

"Sweet food? Like?"

"W-Well… Like honey chicken? Maybe…"

"Honey chicken? Well, I guess I could give it a try, if you share some with me, Kanako-chan." Kei ordered. Kanako looked down and blushed.


"Diem…" Billy stroke her face with the back of his hand. Diem stood still, staring at the night sky. She didn't answer. "Diem."

Still no answer.


"What is it, Billy?"

Still, her eyes were fixated in the blanket of stars. There was just something about stars. Four breaths separated the girl's question and the boy's reply. Billy couldn't resist anymore. One year, three months, twenty-five days, and four hours. Billy resisted to (an estimated) one-year-and-a-quarter of excusing himself by not touching Diem. Not even once.

Adding on to the one year, three months, twenty-five days, and four hours, were the extra eight years Billy wished he could have stayed close to Diem forever. This comes to show that Billy can wait nine years, three months, twenty-five days, and four hours, without laying a single finger on Cha Di-Eum.

But not a second longer.

"B-Billy?" Diem said. A tingling feeling shocked her body as she hesitated. His arms were wrapped tightly around her arms and her waist. She felt Billy's chest against her back and shoulders. Billy has grown strong and healthy – into a fine young man. "What are you doing, Billy?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Bill closed his eyes. Didn't she know? He wanted to be Diem's composure. He wanted to steady her momentum.

"Billy?" was the only word Diem knew at the moment.

"I care about you." It had been too long. Impatient Billy couldn't wait for Diem anymore.

He held her and caressed her like he had been hoping to ever since he was eight and a half.

"I know you do, Billy." Diem whispered. "I care about you, too."

"No, Diem! What bothers me the most is just staying like this… Hurting…"

"Billy, I'm confused."

"I'm tired of hurting, Diem." Billy clutched his chest again. "And I can't just go on like this forever. It has been long enough. I need to know." He took her shoulders. "It's now or never."

Billy kissed Diem. It was simple and passionate and sweet. It was Diem's first kiss.

"B-Billy!" She pushed him away.

"I'm tired of just being your friend. I love you, Diem."

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