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-Very Out Of Character

-Before people start thinking, "Bella…motorbikes…Ha! As if!" She does like motorbikes. New Moon…She likes the rush of speed, like once she got used to Edward running, it's exhilarating.

-Also, the reason Charlie would go along with this is because he's a new cop, he hasn't experienced any road crash yet. He's still quite naïve as to road dangers.

-Edward isn't going to be a 'Player' type guy. A bit cocky at times, yes, but not a jerk. He does mature from when he's younger- yes, there will be a little Edward! CUTE!

Revving to Go

Bella and Edward, age: 10

One of the greatest noises in the world would have to be at the motor truck carnivals, the screaming of little kids and teenage girls on rides, roars of cheering, the adrenaline pumping rock music, the engaging, out there voice over the loud speaker yelling, "Let's get ready to…RUMBLE!" signalling the thunderous roaring and revving of motor bikes and monster trucks.

But that's just my own opinion, and I wasn't your average 'play with Barbie's' girl growing up, I had a passion for the fast, and the furious.

And that's where this story starts, my summer with my dad in Forks.

I was ten years old, and had reluctantly ended up back in the rainy, cold, boring town of Forks. Yes, Forks Washington is beautiful and peacefully quiet, but…I hated green, I hated water- just ask my mother how hard it was for her to get me into a bath when I was little- and silence made me want to scream.

It was when a family friend, Jacob Black got me out on the go carts at the Forks Summer fare that really got me addicted to the taste of wind in my face. Best of all, knowing that it was me that was controlling it all, I loved the feeling, knowing that it was me making me move this fast.

Charlie, my Dad, who was new on the Police Force, signed me up into the local junior motorbike racing club, thinking it was a good way to toughen me up, as well as help make me enjoy my 3 month stay here a bit better. I wasn't one to not show my distaste of Forks.

It was a good way to make friends, he'd said, it had good social aspects. But a friend wasn't exactly all I gained; along with that I picked up competition and a boy in my division that happened to be known to me as "The Enemy".

Unfortunately, that boy also grew into a "family friend" and we started seeing more of each other than we'd liked- everywhere.

His name was Edward Cullen.

Now let me take you back to those times, ten years old, not a care in the world about what people thought, and just enjoying the exhilaration of the ride- some would say the 'good old days', but I'm not really sure if that's what it is yet, I think I'm still figuring that out for myself, fifteen years later.

Next chapter will be up VERY soon; this is just a little introductory type thing to see how this story will be received.

So…tell me what you think!