Well here is my second story. I hope it will become as popular as my first but I doubt I will even get half of the reviews that The Future Begins has gotten due to the crossover. This chapter is exactly what the title says it is. It will explain a few things and make the crossover viable and plausible. After this chapter I will begin with the real story with dialogue and action and I have a plot for it already that will stretch far into the future chapters. Well, anyway, enjoy.

The vast chamber inside the mountain began to shake and rumble. Statues and pillars crumbled and the walls started to cave in, many of the first few rocks instantly showering near its entrance.

"That's our only way out!" A dragonfly by the name of Sparx shouted in anguish as he watched the rocks piling around it. A black dragon hatchling named Cynder began to make a rush towards it. She stopped and turned towards the small purple dragon hatchling that was collapsed on the floor.

"Come on!" She shouted at him, her eyes gazing on his form. "Now's our chance!"

The purple dragon looked up at the black one, she looked determined to save him but he didn't feel like he had the energy to stand. "Just go!" He shouted back to her.

The black dragon rose up on her hind legs slightly and stamped back down on her forelegs. "Get up, Spyro! We're not leaving without you!" Her voice was steady and her resolve steadfast despite the falling rocks around her.

The dragon fly buzzed around the chamber, avoiding falling debris. "Usually I would say ignore her, but she's making sense this time." Spyro's secret feelings for her and his fear of her being injured because of him gave him the strength he needed.

He slowly brought himself onto all fours, but as he did so it was too late. The falling rocks completely sealed the passage. He cried out in dismay, "Oh no...We're trapped!" Spyro, Sparx and Cynder all looked at each other, grim expressions on each of their faces, they realised that they were not going to get out of the mountain with their lives.

Spyro lowered his head in despair. Everything he had done up to now; rescuing the dragon guardians from their imprisonment, stopping Cynder from releasing the Dark Master from his prison and returning her back to her true form; regaining his powers to defend his race from the now imminent release of the Dark Master; all of it for naught.

The words spoken to him by the ancient dragon known as the Chronicler, prior to coming to the mountain of Malefor, echoed in his mind. Ride out this storm... and live to fight another day...

Spyro looked up at Cynder, a new determination in his eyes. "Get close to me! Now!"

Sparx and Cynder reacted to Spyro's words. Sparx flew close to his head and Cynder walked up to his right side, looking over her shoulder as she did so. They huddled tightly around him.

Spyro began to call upon his energy and formed a cloud of amber light. It spread out from his centre, engulfing Sparx and Cynder. Once they were bathed in the amber light it began to solidify in a blinding flash.

The light became an impregnable crystal that froze the three in place, preserving their bodies for an unknown amount of time. As soon as the crystal was complete the chamber collapsed, pillars, statues, iron chains, all filling in the space untouched by the crystal.

Outside, the mountain itself began to cave in from the top where the dragon head structure formed the entrance to the chamber. A thick, dark cloud began to shroud the summit, it shifted and swirled as it grew.

The cloud began to solidify and shape itself. It wasn't long until it took the shape of a large purple dragon. Its eyes scanned the horizon carefully as it stood on the now flat mountain summit. Malefor, the Dark Master was free.


After his release from convexity, the prison which had held him for so long that had been weakened by his once former servant Cynder; Malefor quickly began to spread his evil. His first task was to locate the crystal that had saved Spyro and Cynder's lives.

The crystal was designed to protect them for a total of three years and then release them safely to live to fight against him. Using his own powers, he made it so that the crystal would encase them indefinitely, until another dragon released them from their suspended state. He knew that none knew the location of the crystal so therefore Malefor also knew that they would remain trapped forever.

After that, he began to wage his war against the dragons that had imprisoned him. The guardians, one by one, fell to the power of the purple dragon that had mastery over all the elements, whereas any other dragon only had mastery of one, such as ice or fire.

The rest of the dragons knew that they could not defeat the Dark Master so most of them reverted to hiding. Only few were located and killed before Malefor grew tired of it. Using his immense powers over the elements, he fused the Dragon Realms into one land. This took a lot of his energy and nobody could fathom why he had done it.

In his weakened state Malefor left the land to recover and, after a century of hiding, the remaining dragons grew brave enough to venture forth from their hiding place. To their horror they discovered that all the intelligent species that had lived in the former Dragon Realms had been exterminated.

The only creatures left were the animals unable to communicate with the dragons on a sentient level such as deer and birds. The dragons were the only intelligent species left on a land that was now abundant with food and living space. They took advantage of Malefor's disappearance and began to flourish.

Millennia passed and the dragons began to evolve. They gained muscle mass and the difference between the males, which had been broader in shoulders and shorter in snout, and the females, who were thin at the waist, legs and arms, yet still powerful, and longer in snout, began to fade. Soon the two genders looked relatively the same aside from a few differences such as slightly wider shoulders for the males and a more angled face for the females.

Their life spans also changed. They began to live for much longer periods of time and some suggested that they were now immortal, except for injury or illness. They also grew larger. A typical dragon once took several years to reach their full size and then remained that size for the rest of their lives. Now however, it only took six months for a dragon hatchling to reach the size of an adult of old and even then the hatchling continued to grow.

They also lost many of their skills with their evolution. The dragons of old had conversed with many different species but, left by themselves, they began to lose their speech and were only able to communicate with their own race through growls and mental thought.

The dragons had possessed mastery over the elements. Blue dragons had mastery over ice, red dragons had mastery over fire, yellow dragons had mastery over electricity and green dragons had mastery over earth. Many other colours of dragons existed with their own unique powers such as black with the power of darkness and white with the power of light. Purple was the only colour that could master all of these elements and powers.

As they evolved however, the dragons began to forget their abilities and soon, despite the colour, dragons could only breathe fire. They, however, gained a different power to replace this loss. Under certain circumstances the dragons found that they could wield powerful magic but they neither mastered it nor understood it. The magic only surfaced when it was needed, never when called upon.

Purple dragons, a rarity in the past, became more frequent but, as their power was restricted to fire and the odd use of magic, they were not as revered as they once was and took their place as a common colour in the rainbow that made up the dragon race.

The dragons also lost their dexterity when they gained their new muscle mass and skills with tools, which they used to build the statues and large temples that they once lived in, were lost. Although incredibly intelligent and wise they were forced to nest in caves and groves but were content to do so.

The dragons were left alone on the land for a long time until, eventually, they began to come into contact with small creatures that, despite having four limbs, never walked on four legs. They soon discovered that these creatures were intelligent as they talked within their species and used tools to accomplish tasks.

The dragons clashed with the small creatures, which they soon discovered were called dwarfs, over such things as food and the dragons, which could not deny themselves, stole the dwarfs colourful trinkets and gold which reminded the dragons of their former lives.

This made the dwarfs resent the dragons although they never pursued them, only fought them off when they grew too close. As the land grew hotter, the dragons watched the dwarves retreat into the mountains to the south, which reduced the dragon's chances of stealing their gold.

The next species the dragons came into contact with were of a taller bipedal race. They seemed weak and fragile, yet their intelligence far surpassed that of the dwarfs. What really fascinated the dragons was this race's usage of magic. The race could call it forth willingly although the results were unpredictable.

After a particularly dangerous magic went wrong and destroyed most of this new race the survivors focused together and the dragons watched as they poured their energy into binding the magic in the land to words, which would control and give the magic boundaries. This act weakened the fragile race and they soon died out.

Soon after the 'grey folk', as the dragons called them, died out, a new race stepped foot on the land from across the ocean. They were like the grey folk but more elegant, and they were gifted in the use of magic, which prolonged their life but they were not immortal like the dragons now were. They paid no mind to the dragons and thought them to be mere animals. This caused the dragons to want to have nothing to do with these 'fair folk' or elves as they liked to call themselves.

The dragons returned to their solitude, constantly worrying about the return of Malefor due to the new species that had set foot on, what the Dark Master viewed as, his land. A mating pair of dragons were contemplating this when an elf killed one of them as if the dragon was game. The surviving mate roared in anger and its mind touched the elf's who then realised that the dragons were no mere animals.

This began a war which ravaged both species. The dragons banded together and attacked the elves who tried to reconcile their actions but to no avail. The ferocity of the dragons attacks forced the elves to actively fight back and a group of elves ambushed a dragon nest place in a mountain, killing all the dragons there and destroying their eggs.

The war raged for five years until an elf found a white dragon egg. He raised the dragon and the two became friends. With this bond the two acted as ambassadors between the two warring races and brought an end to the war.

After the war the dragons worked with the elves to ensure that another one would never envelope the land again. They formed a pact between the two races, making the elves as immortal as the dragons and linking select few by their minds and souls. The order of the dragon riders was formed.

This was the first time the dragons had interacted with a species since before Malefor destroyed their Dragon Realms and the other native species, such as the Manwersmalls and Atlawas. As such most of the dragons were uneasy with the pact and only few eggs out of the hundreds lain by one mating pair were given to the elves to be rider's dragons.

After two millennia another race, similar to the elves, but more rough around the edges, so to speak, were added to the pact. These humans, as they were called, became the fourth great race of the now named land of Alaga√ęsia.

It was one of these humans that almost succeeded where Malefor had failed. A human by the name of Galbatorix rose to power and slaughtered the dragons. As far as the three remaining great races were concerned only three dragon eggs escaped the slaughter, all captured by Galbatorix, and the wild dragons were exterminated.

One of these dragon eggs was stolen from the clutches of the black king and it found its rider, a young human by the name of Eragon. The dragon, a female whom Eragon named Saphira, which reflected her sapphire scales, and Eragon became dragon and rider and hope was brought forth for the dragons and the races that were under the iron fist of Galbatorix and his own dragon, Shruikan, a black male dragon that had also been stolen and manipulated with dark magic to replace the dragon that Galbatorix had lost.

Saphira had very limited hereditary knowledge of the distant past of her race and only mild urges and instincts indicated a past that was no longer remembered. A past where dragons 

ruled over their dragon realms and a past where they flourished within their own temples and sought knowledge like the elves constantly did.

This would cause problems for all those involved when, in the near future, she and Eragon uncovered something long forgotten, lost in the depths of time itself.

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