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SEQUEL to the one-shot SAY (ALL I NEED). NonCannon. "What if we're not meant to be with each other as well?" "So?" "Um…" "Then make a mistake with me." He whispered.

AN: I got nice responses from my one-shot. You should check it out before reading this. It's quite short, an easy read. It's "Say (All I Need)" a songfic based on the band, One Republic's song which is the title of the fic. As of now, it's Jasper and Bella but I don't know, it might change… we'll see.

This is in Jasper's POV from now on.

I was starting to find my heart again… maybe Jasper and me were the ones meant to be…

We broke apart from our kiss so I could breathe. We were both panting but I was still confused.

"I'm… I'm sorry Jasper… I…" he placed a finger on my mouth to silence me. "Shh… I understand. I'll wait until you're ready… for anything…"


"Just?" I asked.

Jasper grinned again, his golden hair falling on his eyes again. He bent down and whispered in my ear, "Just say." (Excerpt from my oneshot, "Say (All I Need)"

Chapter 1: Ponder First

Jasper's POV:

I glanced at Bella and offered a friendly smile. She smiled back uneasily but I know she was feeling very confused and guilty. She must be thinking about Edward. I decided to take her to my family's house in Forks. She didn't want to go home yet, probably wanting to be herself other than the charade she was playing. I offered to drive and promised to keep to the speed limit – Bella's speed limit that is.

She looked up at me and opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. Now she was emitting nervousness.

"You can tell me anything Bella. You don't have to be shy. I know we've never been the closest friends from before but I did regard you then only not as much as I do now." I said gently.

She looked up at me and gave a half-smile, "Jasper… about… you know…."


She nodded then sighed.

I thought for a while. Edward left Bella not because he didn't love her but because he wanted Bella to live a normal life. But I know, of course I would know how bad that was for Edward.

It was always painful to even get near Edward. It was like everything that he was, was removed from him and replaced with pain and anguish. Everyone opposed to his move but he insisted on it. Why must Edward be so self-denying?

He wanted Bella to be with him forever even if that meant changing her. He wanted her more than anything in the world. He loved her. No, he still loves her. Without Bella he was empty and broken. All his sorrow and feelings rolled off of him like a ball of glass shards cutting through him over and over and of course, I felt every stab due to my talent.

I looked at Bella and her face was expectant. Everything that Edward felt, she mirrored. She was empty and lifeless without Edward. But Bella, being selfless that she was, set all her feelings aside and decided to make everyone satisfied by displaying a show that she has moved on. She lived almost mechanically, like a robot. Everything was routine, like she didn't care anymore.

I wanted to bump both of their heads together and tell them that they should be together. I cannot stand seeing both of them live like they were walking pain with heads.

"Bella, it's really not any of our business to tell you how Edward is right now. All I can say is that he is in Europe right now. Please don't misunderstand my motives of not telling you how he is. What is between you two, stays between you too. I'm just here to make sure you're all right."

She nodded, "I see. That's fair."

So where do I fit in?


Aside from the guilt I felt for being the catalyst for the exodus of our family, I had another thing to be guilty for. Besides being one of the reasons of their separation, which I know in my guts that is temporary, Edward, would come back some day – I'm guilty for secretly wishing that Bella would pick me instead and move on. It's like everything's set up for me.

I cannot help what I feel for Bella, but I don't want a rift with Edward as well. He is my brother still. And I can't have Bella fall in love with Jacob Black, which if you think about it, he is the better choice among 

everyone – Mike Newton included and he's full human which is saying a lot. Everyone had their shot with her, got close to her except me. I wanted to try.

I remember asking Alice about this, and she says that she stopped looking out for Bella's future in respect to Edward's wishes. I know that she doesn't have the heart (figuratively) to deny Edward anything more, not when he was already miserable.

Alice… it did hurt when she said that she saw us separating ways. I thought that all my hope was within Alice's palms but she sadly said that I was falling in love with somebody else and someone else needed her as well.

"Jasper, h-how…why…?" Bella again was shy and nervous. But I had a hunch about what she was asking.

"I don't really know myself… Alice saw that I was falling in love with somebody else but she never told me it would be you… I just checked up on you that one night and everything changed.

"When I saw how you were and how you had nightmares every night, I felt how intense your pain is. You probably didn't notice that I sent calming waves your way in hopes of helping you. I didn't know that it was a nightly occurrence. When I felt your emotions, I was immediately drawn to take care of you. You were like glass, Bella. Like one word could break you. Incredibly fragile. I couldn't just leave you like that so I decided to stay longer.

"As days go by, I went on observing you yet hunted more often as precaution but guilt has overridden my thirst or at least the level of attraction your blood calls to me. It's not as strong as Edward's but strong enough to tempt me.

"Then guilt evolved to care and care evolved to love. I watch you move like a soldier bravely marching towards the cruelest battlefield of having to live through day after day of reality.

"And I was again pulled to you like gravity. There's just something about you that makes everything seem so right."

After my speech, she looked at me with a face I could not comprehend. She had mixed emotions of grief, confusion, awe… and guilt…

"Why do you feel guilty, Bella?"

She looked down on her lap. "Because Jasper… my heart is telling me that what you said about everything feeling all right when I'm with you is strangely what I'm feeling right now. yet… Edward…"

I stopped the car. We have already arrived. I touched her shoulder, "I know Bella. I feel guilty about Edward too but I can't help what I feel. All I can say is that, even if he comes back or not, I'm not leaving you unless you want too. If he comes back and you still want him, I will not stand in your way."

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, "But I don't want to hurt you as well."

As much as her words struck me, I forced a small smile, "Bella, don't worry about my feelings. Right now I want you to breathe and be yourself. Like in the song I wrote, get what you want and need, and what you need is rest, rest from all this pain."

I reached out and touched her face and she touched that hand with both of hers and looked me in the eyes, "But Jasper… let's suppose that we did try to be… together..." she paused and hesitated.

"Go on…" I urged her.

"What if we're not meant for each other as well?" she said slowly... sadly… torn…

I gave a half-smile and leaned in closer to her face that our noses were almost touching. I felt her heart beat race and her breath hitch. I moved my mouth near her ear and whispered,



"Make a mistake with me."

She jerked back startled at my response. "W-what?" she stammered.

I chuckled then moved to face her, locking her confused eyes with my steady ones. "Make a mistake with me." I repeated. "I don't mind. You're worth the risk. And if there's a possibility, even the slightest chance that we are meant to be, I'm not wasting it."

She looked shocked but she obliged me with another kiss with as much enthusiasm as the first then she froze and pulled out. I let her.

"J-Jasper… I'm still not sure of this… this is all too sudden."

I rested my forehead on hers and closed my eyes.

"I know." I said softly. "I'm here primarily to make sure you're okay and… I can wait."

I opened my eyes and looked deep into hers and a smile slowly formed on my lips.

"Remember what I told you…"

I traced her slightly open lips and leaned in closer to her, leaving an inch between our lips.

I whispered,

"Just say…"

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