I had not had a pleasant dream, the sound of gunfire had been ringing through my ears and when I had been awakened I entered a brief period of time where I was neither awake nor asleep and it was then that I heard them, it must have been a dozen people, whipering my name, 'John Watson, John Watson.' like a chant, then, through it all I heard a louder voice saying, "The game is afoot, come Watson." at this I awoke, petrified from my dreams, I let out a small cry, much to the shock of my friend, Sherlock Holmes, who promptly exclaimed, in that resigned voice I have come to know so well, "Oh for goodness sake Watson, whatever is it now? Come. You must hurry up, we simply do not have any time at all!"

With that he spun and marched out of my room, I lay still for a moment before slowly getting up and rubbing my eyes, I paused for a while with my head rested in my hands, briefly letting the horror of my dreams overwhelm me, before dressing hurriedly and following Holmes out of 221B Baker street and in to a hansom he had waiting.