I wanted to try out something a little more violent. I hope it's interesting to everyone. XD

Part One

It was three in the morning. Heavy rain outside made it difficult to see anything. It was like this most of the time where I live. It's either rainy or extremely hot. Sometimes to the point where it's hard to concentrate. You lose focus. And, everything around you seems to be melting in the heat of the day.

I received a call from the office. I was half awake, so I didn't understand the full extent of the problem. Someone had tipped off one of our officers. You know, gave him some useless information about a serial killer we've been trying to snag for the past year. Damn bastard gets away at the last minute. Doesn't leave anything behind. Just dead bodies. Anyway, turns out the tip was dead on. A couple of our forces were down there already. They had secured the place off so that slippery bitch couldn't get away. They called me to come down and help out.

About a year ago, I had just started out being a detective. I had nothing else to do than sit on my ass all day or help save the town from Eggman. I decided to let Sonic do his job and find my own. So, there I was. On my first case with a man we called Stewy. He was this big, stout cat that constantly ordered me around. He called me names: 'Dumb-fuck', 'Hedgie', 'Pussy'; anything he could think of that would insult me. I hated him.

Unfortunately, we were to check out a local residence that had been the scene of a brutal murder. I've seen plenty of dead people in my life, but nothing like this. This was inhumane. It was disgusting. I nearly vomited. The victim was a young girl, probably in her early twenties. She was lying naked on the bed. She had been tied to the post with yellow rope and duck tape. Her mouth had been sown shut. Her eyes were gorged out. She had cuts and gashes all over her body. Stewy laughed. He called her murderer a mastermind. No traces. Whoever killed her was defiantly experienced.

The next day, Stewy went missing. He turned up about a week later, dead. Just the same as that poor girl. He was hung from the ceiling by a large meat hook lodged in his chest. About a month after we found him, the Commander issued me a new partner. 'Fresh meat', he said. He was a short, skinny, white hedgehog. He was named Silver.

I'll admit it: I'd rather have to work with this kid than that fat cat. But, he was too naïve and retarded at times. I couldn't tell if he was playing me for a fool. Then again, he might just be an idiot.

Fate took him from me too. He's still missing, but we haven't pursued his case. To tell you the truth, no one really cared. A few weeks ago I received yet another new partner. He was a black wolf. He didn't talk much. The office called him Meat, seeing as how he was a carnivorous animal.

When I got down to the killer's hideout, my partner was already there. He was shivering in the rain and wrapping his coat around him. An officer walked over to us and explained the situation. The killer was inside. They sealed off all the exits, but there was a good chance he was already out of town. He told us they had found a series of tunnels underneath the building. The paths stretched in every direction and it would take days to figure out where they led.

Yep. He was gone. The killer had escaped. Again. Damn, sometimes I wish I was still fighting with Sonic. At least Eggman never ran off like this.

Meat and I, along with a group of officers, breached the building. It was an old hospital that was once used to house tuberculosis patients. It was off limits and anyone found inside would be arrested. A perfect place for a sicko like this to hide, huh? Each room was filled with its own gruesome scene. Some were more violent than others. We dusted for fingerprints, took pictures, all that shit. We found nothing. Not a single damn trace.

I continued to look though, by myself on the third floor. I don't know, I guess I was so desperate in getting this guy in jail that I refused to give up. I tried to open the double doors at the far end of the hall, but they were locked. A spark of hope went through my mind. He might be in there. I kicked the door down, gun drawn and pointed at the darkness. However, when I flipped the lights on, I didn't find the murderer. I found Silver. Alive.

He looked terrified. I figured he thought I was the killer. He relaxed when I untied him. I asked him if he was alright. He had a few cuts and bruises, a sore neck, and an injured wrist. He told me he hadn't eaten in a few days. After he had nourishment he began to tell me what happened.

It was a regular day after work. He was tired, as always, greeted his girlfriend, and watched a bit of TV to calm his nerves. He had fallen asleep while flipping through the channels. About an hour later, he was woken by a loud noise coming from the kitchen. When he looked over he was blindfolded and struck on the head with something hard. A bat, he supposed. He awoke sometime later. At first he didn't realize he was alive as the blindfold still remained on his face.

The poor kid stared crying. He told me everything that he saw. The way the killer tortured these people was inhumane. He beat them, raped them, stabbed them. He did anything that he knew would bring harm to them. After he was done, Silver said he hung them from meat hooks. Buckets were placed under their bodies to catch the falling blood. He didn't know what the bastard needed it for. When it came his turn, the blindfold was removed. He still remembered what he looked like.

Now we have a lead. We have an appearance. It'll be much easier to catch this guy now. I wished we found him soon. Maybe I would've been able to save someone.

Regardless, I left the room to give Silver time alone with the officer and artist. I decided to meet up with the others in the basement. It was cold, and there was a soft breeze flowing in from one of the tunnels. A few of the officers had followed it, but it didn't lead to anywhere important. All other exits had been sealed off. Most of the tunnels down here were paths to storage rooms.

I don't understand. If he had no way to escape, then where could he have gone? We did another search. Meat and I were on the second floor. He checked in the rooms to our left, and I to our right. I looked everywhere: under the beds, in the closets, outside the window, and in practically ever corner of every room. We found nothing. They found nothing. It was too strange to pass up. When the sun rose, I volunteered to stay the remainder of the day. Silver said he felt better if I was with him, since we had known each other for a while now.

We were strictly told to stay in the lobby. Silver sat on the couch they had provided while I scanned the bulletin boards for anything of interest. Some of the papers were dated ten years ago. Others were almost as recent as a week. My mind was in a jumbled mess. This person was a mastermind indeed. Had he changed the dates?

I noticed a calendar near the entrance. It was the current month, the current year, and the day was circled using red ink. It said: 'Visitation'. He must've been expecting us. Perhaps he took Silver as a hostage to lure us in. This could all be just a trap. I looked at him. He reacted like a normal survivor would: eyes cast down at the floor, arms wrapped around himself, shivering at the memories. He didn't seem to know anything. He was just a poor victim.

An hour later Meat brought him breakfast. I was too busy to eat. I was seated at a table in a room near the lobby. It had a large window so I was able to see what was going on, and to keep a close eye on Silver. I studied the calendar as well as some of the notes I had taken from the boards. I was comparing the handwriting. They matched. The next thing I had to figure out was why. Why would someone do this? I leaned back into my chair, shaking my head. I didn't know. I couldn't understand it.

The day dragged on like this. I was stuck in that room, thinking. Silver had fallen asleep. Meat was helping the other officers carry out the body bags. We were trying to clean up a big mess until I realized we were making a bigger one. He wanted us to stay here. He wanted to distract us. Why? Because there was another murder taking place somewhere. Most likely, he had escaped through one of the windows, possibly even dressed as an officer, to sneak back into the city.

I tried to get hold of the Commander. The phone was dead. When I asked one of the officers, I was arrested. They accused me of being the murderer. Silver was awake by now, watching this. He had given them my description. It was my face he described. Ironically enough, everyone that had been murdered, or at least had their faces in tact, had known me at some point. They said it was too much of a coincidence and threw me in jail.

Silver's going to regret this when I get out.