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Kuwabara finally poked his head from behind Yusuke and said cusiouly keeping an eye on what direction his sister's hands where. "I can... I can... But you have to promise that if I tell you how, you won't try to kill me, no matter what I say."

Shizuru thoght for a second before letting her head drop clearly not having any other choice. "Tell me." she finally said. Kuwabara sighed in relief.

They were all standing huddle in a circle behind a large garbage can, besides them was Hiei who refuses to be a part of all the none sence and stood clearly just a foot from everybody else.

The wind was blowing and the sky was dark grey with no visible stars.

"Okay, we are all ready, right?" Kuwabara asked not really expecting an answer back. "I've never done this with this many volunteers. This is going to be a challenge. There is a total of nine and we are going to have to get through the door in under five seconds."

"This is not a game, we can get in serious trouble if we fail." Kuwabara continued. "If one falls, just jump over he or her. Forget about the fallen comrade. Remember that if we slow down our pace for someone we will be waisting valuable time THAT WE DON'T HAVE. Whoever fell will just have to manage on their own. I am not prepared for this nor did I bring my equipment, so we will have to improvise. Listen up, there are three doors with an electronic and key lock with heat, motion sensitivite, pressure sensitive, and laser security alarms set between each with four cameras temporarily on night vision, if it sences light it will convert itself to a average security camera. We need to get past all of them. If we fail to untrigger just one and it gets set off, the cops are going to be here in just under two seconds. Belive me... That is not enough time to run. So be allert and prepared to do your job when the time comes. If something goes wrong don't be afraid to improvise. If you get cought and become a prisoner, don't give away names, locations, plans, or positions. UNDERSTAND..?"

He got a couple of nods.

"Ph..." Hiei laughed a little to himself, not really wanting to take Kuwabara seriously.

"Little brother, it worries me that you know all of this." Shizuru said.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?" Yusuke asked exited, adrenaline already pumping through his veins.

"Um... I'm going to go over there and you all wait for my signal."

Kuwabara ran behind yet another garbage can right besides a door behind the building, pick-lock opened it and typed in a code on the key pad, automatically making the door to slightly open. He signaled for all of them to run over.

Once all inside, and the door was firmly closed, and a loud thundering noice shoots out of the sky.

"Okay, sis, go get whatever you are here to get." Kuwabara said in a hushed voice. "We'll wait for you here."

"But what about all the security alarms and cameras and all that you were telling us about?" Botan asked confused.

"I was kiding about all of that." he said shacking his head.

"I am going to kill YOU!" Shizuru once again was reaching to get a hold of Kuwabaras neck, but eveyone was holding her back.

When a a big flash appeared in the sky. Visibly seen from the high ceiling windows going around the whole shop. The sky cracked once more, and everything went dark around them, including the street lights outside.

"What happened?" Yukina asked holding on to Kuwabara for protection.

"The electricity went out." Kurama answered.

Kuwabara reached to open the door they had snuck in from, firmly pushing it, but the door wouldn't budge. "The door is electronically opened." He said turning around to the rest, Yukina was still holding on to him by his jacket.

"What does that mean?" Botan asked.

"We need to find another way out." Yusuke said.