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What if you change one detail? What if you change one tiny thing? Change one chromosome? Instead of being XY, it was XX? How would the story change if Kira was girl? How will Kira live her life?

Infinitesimal Change

Phase one:

False Peace

Chapter One

Heliopolis was where it all started for a girl named Kira Yamato. This space colony was place where her eyes were opened to the truth: you can not hide from who you are. It can't be wished away. There was no way around it. She was running from herself, since most people thought coordinators were monsters. She wasn't a monster. If she wasn't a monster, then she was someone special, right? She didn't, however, want to be anyone special. She wanted to be normal, but her destiny was no where normal. She was heading to greatness, even if she wanted nothing to do with it. She went to Heliopolis Industrial College. This was where her story began.

Kira was typing away on her lab top as people passed her by. Her green and yellow robotic bird, Tori, sat on top of her computer screen. Kira's auburn hair flowed down to her middle back. Her orchid eyes shined in the false sun light. Kira was beautiful, but she never really played with it. She was shy. She didn't want to be in the spot light. That involved being active. She was lazy, but she did what was important. She never gave up on a friend, however. She was loyal.

"Hey Kira!" Tolle, a classmate, called. "Kira Yamato!" He was with Miriallia, a fellow classmate. Tolle and Miriallia were close, and some would call them boyfriend and girl friend. Well they were, but they wouldn't admit. They were also very good friends with Kira. "Here you are! Professor Kato has been looking all over for you."

Miriallia had a kind smile. She and Kira could talk forever about girl things. "He said," Miriallia started, "if we saw you to send you over to the Morgenroete Lab."

"What!" Kira spoke. "Again?" She sighed. It was all because she was a coordinator. She was the best student in her class. She could have dumb herself down, but that wouldn't be right. "I wish he would just leave me alone." She moaned.

"It's not surprising the Professor favors you." Tolle said. "After all, you are number one in the science department in your class."

Kira stared at him for some bit. Sometimes, her Professor favored her too much, but that was quickly forgotten. The party of three were shocked by what they heard on the news. Zaft and the Earth Forces were in yet another battle, which followed many other battles. It was even close to Orb this time. Orb was a neutral nation, but neither side cared about that. Orb was just in the way.

Athrun was never the kind of person to worry about a mission, even if people think that he did. Attacking a Neutral Nation was nothing to be stoic about. It was a major problem to say the least. It would brake the treaty that they had together. Nicol would stick up for him, but that didn't stop Dearka and Yzak from messing with him about the mission. I wonder how she is doing. Athrun thought. I wonder where she is as well. His red Zaft suit didn't help, since it matched his face. He always turned red, whenever he thought of her. She was the first girl he ever kissed, but that didn't matter. Athrun was engaged to Lacus. Kira, where are you? Kira was the only girl that Athrun ever got close to. Not even his fiancé, Lacus, got that close to his heart like Kira did.

"So, what is Professor Kato researching at Morgenroete?" Tolle asked. He was curious. Morgenroete was apart of the Orb military. That was where Orb, made it's technology, or rather tested it. It was unimportant for most people.

Kira never stopped walking. She had no idea really what she was working on. She never really wanted to know. "Hmm…I think he may be developing some sort of new operating system." She uttered.

Both Tolle and Miriallia were both taken back by her answer. What kind of person had no idea what she was working on? "May be…..? You don't even know what you are helping him on?" He asked. He knew of Kira laidback personality, but this was too much. She could be helping the Earth Forces, or even Zaft, and she would never know.

"That's is topical Kira." Miriallia frowned.

"I am just a student. He doesn't give me any details!" Kira whined. She looked rather cute as she tried to make a defense. She didn't want to look imbecilic.

Just then, three girls trod down the same street. "I am telling you. It's not what you think!" Flay hollered back to her friends following right behind her.

One of the two friends answered backed. "Then what is it?"

"None of your business!" Flay blustered back. Her red hair flamed her face perfectly. Her silver eyes glistened in the false sun light. It was easy to see why Flay was the most popular kid in school. She was beautiful. She was proper. She could handle the limelight. She was perfect. She could do anything. Kira looked up to Flay, even if Kira was older. Flay was something Kira would never be. She was something Kira desired to be. Kira wished she could proper like her.

One of Flay's friends waved at Miriallia and Kira. "Miriallia, Kira! Did you hear the big news?" It was rather boring news (if you ask me).

"Huh." Kira responded. She played with her fingers, which was she only thing she could do. Kira was nothing compare to Flay (in her eyes).

"What is it?" Miriallia asked rather impatience.

"Flay got a love letter from Sai!" Flay's friend answered. Tolle looked rather uncomfortable, being the only guy. He never understood these things. Miriallia gave her you-got-to-be-kidding look as her mouth was wide opened.

"Come on! This has nothing to do with Miriallia," Flay started, "and her friend." Flay had no idea who Kira was. Kira was some girl, whom Flay had seen around with Miriallia. She was nothing more then that! Kira was a no body to Flay.

Kira sunk. Flay doesn't even know I exist! To add to that, Flay got a love letter. A letter….from Sai…. Kira was never any good with guys. Well there was Athrun, but he didn't count! He was her best friend. And she had no clue how he felt about her.

"Flay, why don't you just say yes?" The same friend from before asked. "He's not that bad." She had her hands on her hips. She wasn't giving up.

Flay wasn't backing down. "I said enough!"

Zaft solders made their way through the empty space to Heliopolis. They had one thought on their minds. The Earth forces was developing mobile suits on the Neutral Colony. They had to capture the mobile suits. It was like walking on thin ice. One wrong move, and they would be in trouble. "We have arrived at block six maintenance hatch."

"We will now commence with the entry plan." The gated started to open. The space seal was broken, and objects were sucked in. Zaft was in. There was no stopping them. It was inevitable. The mobile suits would be their's.

The door to Kato Lab opened. Kira, Miriallia, and Tolle entered. Sai was in plain view as he was bent over the desk. He held a power cord in his hand. His glasses reflected what was in the desk. "Hi! I see you finally gave in, Kira." Sai said.

Before Kira could answer, Kuzzey cut in. "Hey…I thought it was just suppose to be Kira." His dark hair was the opposite color of his tan face. He liked Kira. She was beautiful as well as smart. She was great all way around, well, in his Kuzzey's eyes.

"You got a problem with us being here, Kuzzey?" Tolle growled back.

Sai didn't pay attention to the growling boys. "The professor added this, too." Sai handed a Kira a small disk.

What have I gotten myself into? Kira sweated. "Um.. Thanks, Sai." She was only a help to the professor, because she was a coordinator. If she wasn't a coordinator, she wouldn't be here right now. Kira wished for that. She dreamt of being normal, but coordinators weren't normal. They were far from normal.

Miriallia took notice to a person in the corner. They were eyeing her and her friends. "Who is that?" Miriallia asked. Kira and Tolle turned their attention to the stranger, who eyed them like a hawk.

"Oh.. That's the guest of the professor's," Sai paused, "who was told to wait here." He fixed his glasses.

Zaft Solders glided down shafts in Heliopolis. They planted bombs in various places in the shafts. A unnamed solder began to talk. "Hurry up, Athrun. We are ten seconds behind schedule." Athrun silently nodded. "I can only imagine the look of shock on their pacifist faces, when those bombs go off." Athrun remained silent.

Athrun never wanted to go to war. It's not like I was hopping for war….Yet I'm fighting in one. He thought. His mind flashed back to Kira. She had wisdom beyond her years. She didn't, however, want to use it. Athrun knew of Kira's wish to be normal, just to blend in. Kira, where are you? What would you think of me as I fight in this war of ours. He knew Kira hated even the thought of war.

Zaft ships in space charged toward the Neutral colony. It was time for the beginning of the end. Heliopolis could do nothing as the red alert started. The neutral colony's words were lost on the incoming Zaft battle ships. The treaty, between their nations, meant nothing at this point. Their words were on empty ears.

Heliopolis could only launch the defenses they had, which wasn't much. The Earth Forces on the colony knew they had been found out. They just couldn't understand how. They were careful. The Earth Forces started to move. They had a lot to lose. They mobilized their forces. It only took seconds. The bombs went off, and all the Earth forces solders outside the Archangel were killed.

Kira and her friends were forced to the ground. Miriallia fell into Tolle arms. Kira kept her cool as her mind started to race. What was with that quake? Kira thought to herself. They would have been in complete darkness, if it wasn't for the emergency lights. Kira took notice of this. This has to be bad, but the question is how bad.

The stranger in the corner never looked stressed. Could it be…?Kira started to sweat. What is going on? It was getting rather hot in the lab. She placed her hair behind her ears. "What in the world is going on?"

Kuzzey appeared next to a door. "Hey, there's an emergency exit!" He blustered. His eyes, however, never left Kira. She never moved from her spot as she looked around. I wonder what's she's thinking about. The dark hair boy thought.

The door slid open to reveal people of all sizes and ages following the orders of maintenance workers. "Don't panic."

"There's still room in the shelters!"

Miriallia wasn't fairing to well. Her hands went to her mouth. Why were they heading to shelters? Was it really that bad? "What's going on here?" She asked, not wanting to know the answer. It had to be bad.

"Excuse me, Sir, what happened?" Tolle asked. "What is going on?"

The Worker turned back to see them. "I don't know!" He snapped. "All I know is that we are being attack by Zaft."

"Zaft." Kira Uttered. There went her normal life. Zaft was attacking. Coordinators were attacking. Why were they attacking a neutral nation? Her mind was getting away from her. Her nerves started to get to her. She was a coordinator. What did that make her? She just wanted to be left unnoticed. She wanted to be on the side lines watching. She didn't want to be in this game. It didn't look like her life was heading in that direction anymore. Destiny was throwing her into the game with force.

"Apparently, mobile suits have penetrated into the colony!" The colony wasn't stable as the citizens felt every attack. The crowd started to get restless, and they stared to push. There was no way to calm down the people.

Tolle held Miriallia close as she hanged onto him. He wasn't going to let anything happen to the girl in his arms. Just than the stranger dashed off. Kira called after them, but it didn't do any good. Kira made a choice at the last second. She ran after the stranger. "Kira, where are you going?" Tolle called after her, but Kira didn't stop. "Kira, come back!" He hollered.

Running in a skirt was no easy job. Why did I even wear this?…O yeah, my mom made me. Kira spotted the stranger in front of her. "Wait a sec!" Kira was able to catch the stranger's arms. "You shouldn't be going this way!" Kira yelled.

The stranger turned back as they ripped their arms from Kira. "Get away from me!" They blustered. "There is something that I absolutely have to confirm."

Kira stared. "What is more important then your life?" Kira asked, but before she could get an answer, there was an explosion. Their arms went up to protect their faces. The stranger's hat went flying off. Kira and Mystery girl (the stranger) hair went flying as they tried to keep their balance. That was when Kira saw it. "You're a girl?" Kira asked.

"What the hell did you think I was?" The girl asked. She eyed Kira. "You are a girl, too!" She glared at Kira. "Just because we're girls doesn't mean anything."

"I know." Kira rubbed the back of her head. There was nothing that she could say that would make this better. Kira rotated back to where they came from. "Now, we can't go back!" Kira whined.

The girl seemed to snap. "It's your fault! You shouldn't have followed me!" She growled. She wasn't having a good day.

Kira was worried. This girl was different then she was. This girl had a spine unlike Kira, who couldn't stand up to anyone. "You never answered my question."

"Hm." The girl responded.

"What do you have to confirm that is more important then your life?" Kira inquired. Kira eyed her curiously.

"Do you know the testing site at block D-13?" The girl asked. Kira nodded. "I need to see what's in there." Without another word, Kira took off to block D-13. She had an idea to where it was, but she could be wrong. "Are you sure you know where it is?"

"Not for sure, since it's a restricted area. I never needed to go there?" Kira answered. "There is it!," she said as it came into sight.

In big letters, block D-13 laid in front of them, but there was no way that they could get into the door without a code or a personnel card. To Kira's surprise, the girl started to type away on the control board. The door glided open. Kira was behind the girl, who was a couple inches smaller then her. Their mouths dropped. "N-no way…!"

In front of them, there were two mobile suits, which did not belong to Zaft. Heliopolis was developing weapons for the Earth Forces. The girl fell to her hands and knees, as Kira just watched. "I can't believe this!" The girl cried. "Why?" She paused. "Why did you betray us…Father?" She hollered at no one in particularly.

Kira didn't know how to react. Her Father? What did he do? Kira blinked. She had no idea what to say to that, but it didn't matter. There was another explosion. When they looked down, there were three solders firing at the enemy. Upon seeing this, Kira took the other girl's hand and took off. She was looking for a shelter, but most were full to capacity. What were they going to do?

They came upon their last hope in this part of the block. A voice came from a speaker. "We are full capacity, so go try somewhere else." They were shot down again.

Kira had to do something! "But she's a girl!" Kira spoke.

"You're a girl as well!" The girl blustered to Kira. What is she getting at?

Kira couldn't tell her the real reason. She was a coordinator, and she was pretty sure the mystery girl wasn't. Kira, therefore, would have a better chance then the girl to make it through this. It didn't matter that they were both girls. "I'm begging you."

The shelter replied, "We will take her, but you h-"

"What about you?" The mystery girl asked.

"I'll be fine. Go!" Kira answered as she press the button.

"There aren't any shelters left!" The girl said as the door shut on her.

Kira turned away from the shelter and took off. "I guess I have to go outside." Kira jumped to a lower level. Her skirt blow up, and she pushed it back down. It wasn't the time of place to worry about who saw her butt. She hid under some supplies. There in front of her was a woman, who was about 25. She was about to be shot in the back. She's going to be killed. "Behind you!" Kira cried. The Lady reacted in time. She rotated in her position and shot the Zaft solder. Kira came out from her hiding place.

Murrue stared at the girl as she came out of her hiding place. A kid? Her eyes stayed on the girl. What is a girl doing here? She didn't have time to think as a bullet came inches from her head. "Follow me." Murrue said.

Kira didn't need to be told more then once. She looked over the ladder. I have tp climb in a skirt! Kira moaned. She never knew, when she woke up today she would be in gun fire. I want my normal life back! They were climbing on one of the mobile suits, when a lone Zaft pilot was right in front of the women. He took aim in the air (thanks to his jet pack). He missed them, however. Murrue took aim, but the Zaft Pilot wasn't as lucky. The dead solder went flying backward. His blood was everywhere around him.

Another solder cried out. "Rusty!" He was enraged. He came rushing forward. He shot Murrue in the right arm, which caused her to drop her gun. He took into the air with the help of his jet pack. He was ready to fire, but a certain orchid eyed girl stopped him in his tracks. The solder still had his gun on Kira. His mouth widened. His childhood friend stood right in front of him.

"Athrun." Kira muttered. Sweat ran down her face. She wanted to cry. The only man Kira was ever close with was in front of her with a gun pointed at her and Murrue. The only man she ever kissed was just as shocked as she was.

Athrun didn't know what to make of this. The girl he loved with all his heart was inches from him. What was she doing here? Why was she with the Earth Forces? Was she an innocence bystander? He wanted to take her in and kiss her, but first, he was engaged to another woman. Second, he was on a mission, and he couldn't do that. Life wasn't fair. He didn't know what to do. His day wasn't going well, and now Kira was in front of him. What was he going to go?

Kira cut the speaker off. "I know! I know! I'm a girl, too, but just take her!" Kira snapped. She was a girl, but gender didn't make a person who they are. Kira was a girl, but so what? She was a coordinator as well, but that didn't mean she was in Zaft. The door to the shelter slid open, and Kira pushed the girl inside. "Get inside!"

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