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Phase 14:

A country at Peace

For punishment, Kira was stuck in the brig when she wasn't training. Her training was worse than before as Ryu wasn't happy when she disobeyed a direct order. He had ordered a few nights in the brig to show her what happens when she disobeyed, and she had learned something. She never wanted to spend another night in the brig. She was going to have nightmares for the rest of her life, if she wasn't already scarred.

There were other people in the brig, but she was the only Zaft personnel. There were three Earth Forces soldiers and one other, who Zaft felt was a threat. She didn't know why Zaft kept them here, let alone alive, but they added to her nightmares. One of the Earth Forces soldiers had been seriously wounded, and though Zaft had stabled her enough to be in the brig, Kira could hear her cry in pain at night. It made her soul cry, but she did not shed a tear here. She did not want to show weakness here.

The other Earth Forces member was insane, if she had to guess. He cried out in pain and screamed out random things, which made Kira wonder what had happened to him. Had he been torture senseless? Did Zaft make him go crazy? Kira wasn't sure if she could fight for someone who would do that.

The final Earth Forces prisoner stay back against the wall and he was staring at her. It creepied the hell out of her and every time she looked, he was staring. She didn't know if he knew it was creepy or if he was trying to study her. The non-Earth Forces prisoner just stared into the Darkness as if he was waiting for his death. If he had spoken, Kira didn't she heard him.

She leaned back again the cold stone of the cell, thinking. She wondered if she made the right choice by joining Zaft, but she knew it was too late to turn back. There was no changing what had happened; she wasn't the same person, when she first joined.

"So what is your name?" the creepy man asked. He had tried on multiple to take to her, but she never talked back.

Kira glanced over to him. She herself had not spoken to anyone besides to Ryu and that wasn't often. She tried to speak to him as little as possible as he always made her look stupid.

"She will not answer you," said the non- Earth Forces prisoner, which shocked Kira at first. His voice was young, but he sounded wise.

Kira turned away. He was correct: she would not speak to them. She wanted to speak to Athrun, but she hadn't spoken to anyone of her team. Heck, she hadn't seen any of them since she said good bye to Dearka, and she knew this was because of Ryu, who had order no one see her. No one dare go against him.

The creepy man, who Kira had learned was called Nickolas, was eyeing her. "Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the eye candy, but I'm interested in why an Elite Zaft pilot in here with her." He smiled.

"It would be unwise to insult or tease a Zaft Solder."

Nicolas turned toward the non- Earth Forces prisoner, whose name was still a mystery. "You're no fun."

Kira stared out the corner of her eye to see that he was still staring at her. She wanted to yell at him to stop but that would only make him talk to her more.

"I do not recall prisoners have so much fun." There was a pause. "Maybe, you need more punishment."

Everyone one, who was able, jumped at the sound of the voice. Kira had not expected him to return so soon as she knew his time schedule. She could always tell when he was coming, and he was too early.

"Ms Yamato," Ryu said as he stepped to her cell. The other prisoners stepped back as far as they could. They had heard of him and none of it was good.

Nicolas stared at her with an intense look. Kira didn't know what to make out of it. "Yes," she asked. She could have sworn everyone jumped at her voice as they had never heard speak.

"I think you have learned your lesson. Let's go," he said as he opened her cell. She stepped out and followed him. She didn't say a word, but she was glad he had let her out.

Kira stared at the screen in front of her. She knew this was operation Spit Break, but this wasn't the target she was expecting. The target was Alaska, which was different than she previous thought. "What is this?" she asked Ryu, who sat across from her. "Why is Zaft attacking Alaska? I thought it Panama."

Ryu looked up at her. "I know. No one, besides a select few, will know the true. Not even our soldiers will know."

There was a look in his eyes that Kira could not place. "And I am one of the select few?" She couldn't understand that, but she knew she was special as Waltfeld had told her so. She wished she could speak to him, because he was one of few who she felt herself around. He would know what to do.

"Yes," he said, looking back to his computer.

"Why?" There was no reason why she should know about this.

He looked back up at her and glared .He hated when she asked questions; she just needed to say yes, sir. He disliked when people question him and he hated when she did it. She didn't need to know. She just needed to follow what he said no matter what, but he doubted she would do that. "You do not need to know," he snapped. "Besides, you will not be in that battle."

Kira shook her head. He was angry and she had made him so. She knew she should stop, but she wanted to know. "I don't understand why you are showing me this then?"

Ryu stood up and closed his computer. "Neither I or you will attend this battle because I believe it is a mistake. I do not need my charge dying, when I have bigger plans for you," he stated. He stared at Kira as if to expect her to say something, but his glare had silence her. "Patrick Zala is an idiot. This failure will teach him."

"You want this to fail?" Sure, she was not a fan of Patrick Zala and she knew he hated her, but he was Athrun's father. She didn't want anything to happen to him.

"This will turn ugly."


"Enough, you do not need to understand," he snapped. "Stop questioning. Just say yes." He walked pass her and took the data from Kira, who only stared. "Maybe this was a mistake to show you." He stared down at her, holding her in place with his eyes. "Keep this to yourself, which I shouldn't have to tell you, but I am unsure of your ability to do what is required."

Kira felt like she had overstepped making her look like an idiot. "Yes, sir."

He turned back to the door. "Zala and his team have chased the Archangel to Orb, and we believe there are still there."

She knew she had been in that cell for a while, but she didn't think she was in there for that long. "What?" She paused to trying to catch her emotions. She was worried about her friends. "Orb is neutral. It would be foolish for them to hide that ship." She knew it wasn't impossible that they were hiding the Archangel as it was made by them.

"And a break of treaty. We aren't sure they are, but we can't assume they are not. I need you to help them sneak into Orb to find out."

"Yes, Sir." She understood why he had asked her. She was from Orb and she would know a great deal about Orb, which could help them. "And of my request for transfer?" Before she was punished, she had asked to be transferred. He told her he would have to think about it.

"It has been approved, but Team Zala needs you to help them with Orb." She didn't know if she would be able to help them hurt Orb and she didn't think she would let them. "I think the best idea would be to sneak into Orb. If Zala has any brain, he would suggest that. If he doesn't, then I knew he was an idiot."

Kira narrowed her eyes. "You have a low opinion of everyone don't you?"

Ryu turned to her and stared as to answer her question.

Athrun was pissed. Who in the hell did Orb think they were? Did they really think they could fool them? The Archangel had to still be there, because they would've known if they had left. He shook his head. He wasn't going to let his anger show, because that was Dearka and Yzak's job.

"Are they trying to make a fool of us?" Dearka aside as he leaned against the wall.

"I-" Athrun started as the lights started to blink.

"What's going up on?" Nicol asked, looking up.

Yzak glared. "Why are we going up?" They were located in a Zaft submarine.

"A guest perhaps?" Dearka asked.

"We don't know need anyone else," Yzak snapped. "We can take care of the legged ship ourselves." He narrowed his eyes.

Nicol took a deep breath. "You should never turn down help," he said as he felt the submarine go back down. Judging by the little time spent at the surface, it must have been a single mobile suit. Who would send a single mobile suit out here, he thought. It could be Kira! Though he did not regret what he said to her, he had been worried about her. The last one to have seen her was Dearka and that was when she was off to see Ryu, who was pissed that she had disobeyed a direct order. He didn't know what had happened to her, but it couldn't be good.

"Back to business," Athrun stated. "I'll have Carpenteria put pressure on them, but if the situation isn't resolved soon, we'll have to sneak in and investigate it ourselves."

"Sneak in?" Nicol asked. He never expected Athrun to suggest that.

"What are you so scared of?" Yzak yelled. "All we have to do is attack and we'll find the legged ship!" He stepped toward Athrun, almost in his face. He was pissed and he was tired of listening to Athrun. He should be in charge of this mission not him. He was better suited for the job. "If you would listen-"

"Why would anyone listen to you? You're talking about taking on an entire nation. If we initiate such a blatant attack, we'll have a diplomatic crisis." All turned to the door that no one realized opened. Kira, still in her pilot suit stood at the door. "Do you really think it would be wise to attack an entire nation with only four mobile suits, which can't really move efficiently in Earth's atmosphere? Did you forget your inability to move in the sand?"

"Yamato," Yzak sneered. He always switched to last names in anger.

"I would agree with Athrun, and lucky for you, you have me. I know my way around Orb," Kira stated. "Let me know when you are ready." She stated as she turned around and headed out the door.

Athrun watch her leave, and he hated it. He never wanted her to walk away from him, but he knew he had to let her ago as it wasn't right to try to keep her to himself. Sure, he wasn't sure if she telling him the truth when she told him she didn't love him, but he would try to give her space, even when he didn't want to. He took a deep breath.

Dearka straightened himself up and walked to the door in a hurry. "Seems like a plan. Let me know are well." He left the room, which Athrun wanted to stop. He didn't want Dearka around Kira.

Mu stared at the screen. Orb was asking a lot of them, but he knew they were offering a lot. They were repairing the Archangel and were hiding them from Zaft, which what everyone needed. They wouldn't be attacked and they can rest for once.

He knew what Orb was looking for when they wanted the Archangel's data, but he didn't know how much help it would be. They had built the ship, so they already knew all of the Archangel's secrets. He assumed it was the battle experiences they wanted, because they wanted to see how they were able to survive with only two fighter jets. Though not many knew, Orb would soon find out when they searched the Archangel Archives. There was a copy of the O.S. that Kira wrote for the Strike, but it wouldn't do anyone any good without mobile suits. Plus, it was written by a coordinator for a coordinator. Mu wasn't sure if any things besides a coordinator could be able to use it.

"You seem distracted."

Mu looked up and smiled at Murrue who stood in the doorway. "I am. Just wondering if we're making the wrong choice." He shook his head.

"We don't have much of a choice." She took a seat across from him. "Though Badgiruel doesn't like it, she understands it had to be made."

Mu shook his head. "When she agrees with us, you know it is a bad sign."

Murrue took a deep breath. "I think we should try to make contact with Alaska and see if they will send someone to meet us once we leave Orb. I don't think we will last much longer."

"That team is probably waiting for us," he stated, staring at a map of the area. There were many places that they could be hiding, and there was no way they can last against them forever. They needed help. "I'm not sure if they would come."

"What makes you think that?"

The picture on the screen changed. "Just a feeling. I'm not sure if we really matter to the Earth Forces. I think if we were, we wouldn't be in this situation."

"What are you talking about?"

"The Archangel is nowhere near being properly staffed and the only defenses we have are two fighters. Now, tell me, does that make sense? How can we win a battle with such odds?"

"You doubt the Archangel?" Murrue didn't like when anyone doubted the Archangel.

Mu stood and turned away from her. "No, I would never, but we cannot doubt the ability of Zaft. Whole fleets have fallen before them. How can one ship last with two fighters?" He didn't like the idea that the Earth Forces was just throwing them away.

"We were headed directly toward Alaska. We wouldn't need them."

He took a deep breath. "It was stupid for them to do so. There was no way to guaranteed that we would make it. It was a risk and as you can see, it didn't turn out good," he stated, shaking his head.

"I have thought about that before."

He turned back to her with worry in his eyes. "And there's a part of me that's glad Kira isn't here. What do you think HQ would do if we brought them a coordinator?"

Murrue wasn't stupid. "They wouldn't like it." She doubted they would look pass letting Kira touch it in the first place.

"I'm being to wonder what I'm fighting for." He didn't believe all Coordinators were bad. They were fighting for their lives as well.

"I know what I'm fighting for," Murrue stated as she stood up. "I just don't know if it's the same thing the Earth Forces is fighting for." She hated that she was starting to doubt everything.

Mu closed the computer and crossed to the door. "Same here." He turned back and smiled. "I have to meet with some of Orb's techs. Not sure how much help I'll be."

"Don't doubt yourself." She had started to believe that Mu was able to do anything, even win her heart.

Kira found herself in a lone corner of the Submarine as she collected her thoughts. She was going to help Zaft sneak into her country…Did she have a right to call Orb her nation? She betrayed her country, didn't she? She left it behind to fight for a different nation. A nation she barely knew. What was she thinking? She knew she wasn't, when she made the choice to join Zaft.

She took a deep breath as she thought about Orb. Would they be that stupid to hide the Archangel? It would be stupid to piss of Zaft, but at the same time, she already knew they were stupid as they allowed the Archangel to be built on Heliopolis. That mistake cost people their lives, and she didn't know if she could forgive Orb for that.


She turned to see Dearka coming down the small hallway with a smile on his face. "Dearka," she said. "Hey." She hadn't seen him in a while and she knew he was worried. He may be a jerk, but he was a jerk with a heart. He cared.

"Just hey?" He stopped a few feet away from her. They were shadowed in a blue light; the corridors weren't as well lit as the bridge or the living quarters. There was no need for that. "I hadn't seen you for what weeks? And you can say is hey? No, I missed you?"

She could see the worry on his face. "I'm sorry." Kira didn't want to talk about it just yet. Those faces and voices still haunt her.

He stared at her for few seconds before taking a breath. "Are you okay?"

"I am fine," she stated.

"With everything? I know Ryu had disciplined you."

"Yes, fine. It wasn't anything I didn't deserve." she stated, forcing a smile. She didn't want to talk about how she was. "So how do you know the Archangel is in Orb?" She needed to change the subject.

"You're the only one who calls the legged Ship by its name," he stated. He crossed to the wall behind Kira and leaned back. "The name is interesting."

Kira hadn't really thought about it, but she knew the Archangel stood for something: hope and strength. "It is, and if you don't respect your enemy, you won't be able to beat them." She believed if you doubted your enemy, they would surprise you. That was why the Archangel was still there and why Andrew Waltfeld was not.


"So why do you believe Orb is hiding the Archangel?"

He shifted. "There is nowhere else it could be. There's no way a ship of that size can disappear. Orb has helped before and there's no doubt they would be doing it now. We just need proof."

It would be unwise to attack a nation like Orb without proof. "Then let's find a way to prove it."

"You have an idea of how to break in?"

"It's easy to get into Orb. It's difficult to get to the places we need to see. They won't hide the Archangel in the open." She knew the one place where Orb would be sure to hide the Archangel, but the question was how they were going to get in.

He put an arm around Kira, who let him do it, but she was still in his arms. It felt wrong, but she knew she couldn't have what she really wanted. She couldn't have him if he was someone else and until that changed she would not let herself fool herself. This was why she was leaving.

"Kira?" He had noticed her behavior. "Are you okay?"

"I'm leaving after this mission." She couldn't lie to him, when he was being here for her. She leaned against him so she couldn't see his eyes.

"What?" His eyes got big.

"I can't be around him," she admitted.

Dearka knew who she was talking about, because he had seen it, when Athrun had ripped him off her. They both had feelings to each other, but he had no idea of how far each went. He pulled her into a hug, a deep hug. "He's engaged." He knew people couldn't help how they felt. "I don't see that changing." He knew Athrun didn't love Lacus, but he had no choice.

"I know."

He took a deep breath. "You think I can transfer with you?" he asked. He could use a change in scene, and he would like a break from loud mouth Yzak.

"I don't think Ryu would like that." Kira separated from Dearka and looked up. "I don't know what he had planned, but he had planned something."

"I don't like him."

"I don't think anyone does," she stated with a weird face with funny tone.

He laughed. "I know this isn't funny, but you said that funny!" He spoke louder than Kira cared for. She didn't want people to hear them, because she didn't want anyone to know she was leaving. She knew of one person who would not be happy. "And your face was adorable."

"Adorable, really?" She started with an eye brow raised. "I can beat you."

He pushed himself away from the wall. "I would like to see you try," he stated as he turned to her and kissed her on the forehead. He pulled away and smiled. "Let's get going."

Miriallia took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself. Being in Orb, she knew they were safe, and she had nothing to worry about besides her parents. Their parents were given permission to see them, and she was worry what her parents would say. She knew they wouldn't be proud of her or think she was doing the right thing. They have brought her to Orb for a reason. They didn't believe in the same thing that the Earth Forces did and she knew she didn't either. Maybe, she could just leave. Was that even possible? Would she be allowed to leave?

She looked up when the door to her and Flay's quarters opened. It was Tolle, who could always bring a smile to her face. "Hey," she greeted.

He took a seat at the end of the bed. "I'm thinking of speaking with Kira's parents."

"What," she said sitting up. She was worried about meeting her parents, and she would hate to meet with Kira's parents. They must be worried about Kira, but what good would it do if they met with them?

"I think they would like to hear it from us." He was looking down at his hands.

"That's she is in Zaft?" Miriallia asked. She was sure they knew. "The Yamatos have to know." But as she thought about it, it was possible they didn't know. How would they know? Not everyone on Heliopolis had survived and some of the life pods weren't recovered by Orb; however, they have to be a list somewhere.

"You could be correct, but I still think it would be wise to speak with them."

She moved closer to him. "And how do suggest we do that?" Sure, they could speak with their parents, but they weren't sure if they would let them speak with Kira's parents.

"I have already asked Captain Ramius, and she says she will see what she can do. She understands why I want to speak with them."

Miriallia had always liked Captain Ramus. "Let's see."

Five figures popped out the water in full scuba gear and toward a couple of shadows on the shore. They looked as if they were just about to go fishing, but they were there to meet the figures. One figure broke apart the others and walked over to the fishermen, who looked at him. "Zala," he said as he held a bag in his hands.

"Yes," Athrun responded as he pulled off his goggles and the scuba suit from his face.

The fisherman knew better than to ask questions and just handled him a bag before walking off with the rest of the fisherman. "Good luck," he stated, walking away. As the fisherman disappeared from sight, the rest of the scuba divers revealed their faces.

Kira pulled her hair from the suit. "Let's getting going," she stated as she looked in Athrun's direction, avoiding looking into his eyes.

Athrun reached into the bag and pulled out 5 packets. He handed each to a person, keeping one to himself, but when he got t Kira, he held on to it longer than the others. She took it without looking at him. He kept back the painful expression. "Hurry up everyone," he looked to each person. "There are clothes and Ids in each packet."

She looked around as the guys started to undress and was startled that no one paid attention to her. They didn't seem to care that they were changing in front of her, well maybe Nicol did. She noticed a light blush on his face, and she didn't blame him. She wouldn't change in front of them either, especially Athrun. Sure, he had seen her naked, but she didn't want him to see her naked again. He had no right. Kira glanced around, noticing a large boulder, and moved behind it.

"Kira!" She heard Dearka mock. "You don't want to change with us?" He laughed. She didn't respond, and she could hear the groans from the others, but she couldn't hear Athrun. Dearka knew the truth that she wouldn't like him that way, but he enjoyed teasing her, which was something that made her smile.

"Shut-up!" Yzak yelled.

She unzipped her scuba suit and slid it off slowly as it was stuck to her skin. After she had freed her upper body, she let the suit drop and stepped out of it. Standing almost naked, she opened the packet and reached inside. She pulled out a green jump suit and slipped into it. The fabric felt cold as she zipped it up. Taking a tie, she put her hair in a messy bun. Afterward, she putted out her fake ids and studied them, wondering how they looked so real.

Stepping out from behind the boulder, she eyed the others, who were waiting for her. "What are we waiting for?" She asked, with a smile.

"You, Princess," Dearka said as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "You so pull this off better than we do."

Athrun watched, as he tried to keep back a glare. "We should get going," he said. It came out louder than he expected. "We got things to do." He didn't want her to be alone with him as they seemed to be getting closer, even if Dearka was a total jackass. "There IDs cards won't get us everywhere." He took a deep breath. "But in any case, we've got to get some data on the legged Ship."

Kira felt her eye twitch. She hated that they call the Archangel that; it had a name, and they should respect it enough to call it by its name.

"Yeah," Yazk smirked. "And I would like to see how they were able to last for so long."

Athrun had remembered what Kira had told them about: the spots where the ship would mostly be. "Kira and I will sneak into Army Faculty, while-"

"Athrun," Nicol started, with worry in his voice. "I think-"

He stated at his best friend, knowing why. "Enough. There's a reason." He took a deep breath before turning back to the rest. "The rest of you will deal with the Morgenroete Corporation."

"Okay," Both Yzak and Dearka responded. Yzak didn't care whose team he was on as he was doing something, while Dearka was worried. He knew Athrun was up to something, and he wasn't sure Kira could deal with it.

Kira narrowed her eyes at Athrun, as she didn't want to be alone with him. She wasn't sure she could handle it. As Yzak and Dearka turn to leave, Nicol stared hard at Athrun as if he was telling him something with his eyes. Nicol took deep breath and followed Yzak and Dearka, who was glancing back.

As they disappear from sight, Kira started to walk away, knowing she didn't want to talk, but that couldn't be the same with Athrun. "Kira," he said.

"No, we have a job to do. We can talk another time." She didn't look back.

"When? You have been avoiding me," he stated. There was something in his voice that broke her heart, and she wanted to fix it, but she knew it wasn't her job. "And we can talk as we work."

She shook her head not wanting to fight with him and climbed up the cliff as he followed behind her. "Kira!" he yelled.

As Kira came to the top, people and buildings came into place, and she lost her breathe. She had only been to Orb a few times, but she had fallen in love with the homeland. Before she had wished to visit it again, but it wasn't under these circumstances with her betrayal. She tried to look at her betrayal a different way. She wasn't hurting Orb, but rather the Earth Forces.

When Athrun arrived next to her, he looked around at the crowded street. "I have always wanted to see Orb."

Kira turned to him. "Really?" She knew when they first met at the Academy he had stated it before, but she wasn't sure he was serious when he said it.

"Yes," he answered, looking back at her. He loved her violet eyes and he could look into them forever.

"Well, here you go," she stared as she gestured around them. "But we have a job to do." Kira walked in the direction of the Army Faculty, knowing where it was located.

"Kira," he stated trying to catch to her. He knew he was idiot, but he had to try. "Wait!" She was speed walking and he had a hard time keeping up with her, without running.

"We don't have time," she stated as she walked around people.

"I am sorry." It just came out as he wasn't able to keep it in.

Kira stopped and looked back. "For which time," she asked. He had been asshole a few times.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her into a quiet alley, away from the people. "For lying to you, about not telling you about Lacus. I should have."

She pulled her arm away from her. "Yes, you should have," she said. "You, we, shouldn't have done what we did." She looked at him.

"I don't regret making love to you."

"Athrun," she warned.

He took a deep breath. "I made a mistake and I will fix it. After that, I will win you back."

She stated hard at him. "That isn't what I want to hear." She turned away and walked out of the ally.

"Kira," he muttered. "I am sorry for hurting you. And I want to be with you no matter what anyone says. I will tell Lacus the truth." He followed after unsure if she heard him.

Miriallia took a deep breath as Tolle and she were waiting for the Yamatos, who had surprisingly agreed to meet. She didn't know what they were going to tell them, but they were going to talk about Kira. She played with the zipper of her orange jumpsuit, which she had to wear when they weren't on the Archangel. "Are you sure about this?" she asked Tolle, as they sat in the sun. She looked toward the fence, which they weren't allowed pass. "I know they agreed, but it could be a mistake." Kira was where she was because of them, even if they didn't do much. They were the reason why she piloted the Gundam in the first place.

"I believe they want to as well." Tolle leaned back against the table. "They're worried and they want to find out anything that they can. I know my parents would if I was in Kira's situation."

"I know," she stated, knowing he was right, but she hated waiting. She wiped the sweat off her brow and smiled. Closing her eyes, she leaned back. It has been awhile since she had been in the sun and she missed it.

"Hey, guy!"

Tolle and Miriallia turned to Cagalli, who seemed happy unlike before. "Hey, Cagalli. How are you?" Miriallia asked.

"I'm better," she stated as she sat down next to them. "So have you spoken to them yet?"

"Not, yet." Tolle responded as he leaned back. "Still waiting." He liked the tomboy Cagalli, but his nerves would get the better of him.

She took a seat next to Miriallia and looked toward the sky. "You mind if I wait? There is something I want to ask them."

Tolle look back. "Really?"

"When I was lost at sea, I met someone I want to ask them about."

That got Miriallia thinking, because the report that Cagalli gave didn't mention a person. What was she hiding? If she stayed, they would find out soon enough. "You can stay."

Tolle looked at both before turning back. Narrowing his eyes, he noticed someone coming to them. After a few seconds, he noted that it was Kira's parents. "They're here."

The three teens stood up and waited for the Yamatos to arrive. Once they have seated, the teens took a seat across from them. Mrs. Yamato smiled as she sat, but Mr. Yamato had a hard expression on his face. "Thanks for seeing us," Miriallia said.

"Thank you for wanting to speak to us," Caridad Yamato stated with a sad look in her eyes. "What can you tell us about our daughter?" Her worry was written on her face.

Tolle took a deep breath and explain everything that happened since Heliopolis. "I know it isn't much."

Miriallia was thinking as Tolle spoke. "Come to think about it, we haven't really seen the Strike in battle since Space. I wonder why. We know she's on Earth."

Tolle look back. "Last time we have seen her, she was with Andrew Waltfeld, but she wasn't in the final battle. Maybe, she's hurt."

Caridad took a deep breath as she wished no harm would come to her daughter. "She's strong," she stated even if she knew her daughter was a crybaby.

"Or maybe, she isn't with that team anyone," Tolle stated. Maybe, they though she would be too emotional if she battle them, and Zaft wouldn't risk losing her to them.

"I think she's still them," Cagalli stated, as she remembered her time with Aegis's pilot.

"Why would you say that?" Tolle asked with a questioning look.

Cagalli glanced toward Kira's parents. "Do you know Athrun?" She asked ignoring Tolle.

"Who is that?" Miriallia asked.

"When I was lost at sea, I ran into the Aegis pilot, whose name is Athrun." Cagalli recalled the conversion that they had. She didn't know Athrun's last name, but he was the reason why Kira left. If Kira didn't know him, she wouldn't have left. So who is he to her?

Haruma Yamato, who had remained silence so far, took a deep breath. "Yes, we know Athrun." He looked toward his wife before looking back down. "Athrun Zala," he paused as he reached for his wallet and pulled a picture of two teens. "Kira and Athrun met at the Lunar Academy, when they were younger."

Caridad eyed the photo as her husband placed it on the table. "They were very close," she smiled. She always joked with Lenore Zala about them becoming in-laws, though their husbands thought they were crazy. "Inseparable."

"Dating close?" Miriallia asked. She picked up the photo that Mr. Yamato has placed on the table; Cagalli stared at the photo as Miriallia held it.

"They were too young for that," Mr. Yamato stated. He took a deep breath as he stared at the teens.

"You said Zala, right?" Cagalli asked. "Isn't the Plant's Defense Chairman named Zala? Patrick Zala?" She had heard about him and she didn't like what he heard.

"Yes, he's Athrun's father," Caridad stated as she took a deep breath. "He has changed since his wife's, Lenora, death, and I worry for Athrun."

Tolle looked over to the photo as it was passed back to Haruma. "How did she die?"

"She died on Junius Seven," Caridad stated. "She was a good friend and mother."

Tolle and Miriallia glanced toward each other as they were stating to understand Kira's mind set doing her time on the dead colony. They also felt like shit as they realized that they made Kira fight her best friend. "You have met Athrun on that Island. What did he say?" Tolle asked Cagalli.

The blond turned to him. "He stated he was the reason why Kira left."

Haruma looked down to his hands. "I have always thought he had too much control over her." He sounded angry. "He almost convinced her to follow him to the Plants." He took a deep breath as he stood.

Caridad look up to her husband. "Are you alright?"

"It's time to go," he stated. "We have somewhere to go."

She nodded before turned back to the teens. "Thank you for telling me about Kira and I hope she comes back." She smiled a weak smile.

"We have to convince her to come back!" Miriallia stated. "We can do it!" Cagalli closed her eyes, shaking her head.

"Not if he is with her," Haruma stated.

Miriallia glanced to Tolle, wondering what she would do if she was fighting against him. Maybe, she would do the same thing that Kira did. "We can try."

Kira walked ahead of the four boys, as they spoke to each other. It was also impossible to sneak into the Army Faculty or Morgenroete, but Kira wondered if she could hacked her way in; however, she wasn't going to try. It would be crazy to try as the security was insanely, because even if they could hack their way in, they wouldn't be able to sneak pass the guards.

She glanced back as Nicol and Dearka took a seat on a bench. Yzak stopped a couple feet pass them and stared. Kira glanced back at Athrun, who was watching her. He had been keeping a close eye on her the whole time as if she was going to disappear.

After walking a few yards away from the guys, she stood at the fence and gazed. She watched the Orb Personnel as they worked, hoping she wouldn't see anyone knew.

"Kira," Athrun stated as he walked to her. The rest of the team was deep into conversion, trying to come up with something.


"You know, if you like we can take a detour to your parent's home."

She turned to him. "Way to change the subject." Seeing her parents was the last thing on her mind, and she wouldn't want to see them anyhow. She didn't know what she would say to them.

He shrugged. "We're in Orb and I thought you would want to see them." He glanced back to the others. "We can jump them off and go see your parents."

"No," Kira turned away. "I don't want to see them."

Athrun knew how close Kira was to her parents. "Why not?" he asked.

"I would ask why in the hell did they make me a coordinator," the first generation coordinator stated, looking down. Putting her hair behind her ear, she walked away.

He hated how she sounded. "Kira," he called as he followed. She glanced back, but she kept walking. "Please stop."

She paused in her steps and turn around. "I don't want to talk about it."

"You can talk to me, Kira."

"No, I can't." She turned back and her heart stopped. There in the distance were her parents… What were they doing here? They weren't part the military.

He followed her eyes. He saw them, her parents, who even at a distance looked sad. "Kira."

She heard him and wondered how many time he was going to say her name. Each step her parent took away from her she felt weaker. She wished she could speak to them, but she knew couldn't. She was too far away from them, and there was doubt they wouldn't know her if they saw her.

Farther in the distance, she noticed a few more figures: Miriallia, Tolle, and Cagalli. So they are here? She didn't want to know the Archangel to be here.

"Kira?" Athrun asked.

"Nothing," she answered knowing what he was asking. She stared at them as they walked in the same direction of her parents.

"You knew what I was about to ask." He smiled.

"I-" she started but she didn't finish as her friends turned in direction. As their eyes met, she knew they recognized her, because they stopped on a dime. She could see their faces and she couldn't breathe. She didn't want to see them again. "I..h-have to go," she stated as she turned to leave.

"Kira," he stated as she rushed out of here. "Kira!" She disappeared down the hill, causing everyone to jump. Dearka didn't say anything and chased after her, even though Athrun tried to call him back. He turned back and glared at the figures coming toward him.

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