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Narrator: This is the real story of Spiderman 3

Narrator: This is the real story of Spiderman 3. Sandman and Vemon did not do bad things, like they want us to think in the fake story. They just loved Mary Jane.

Sandman:Will you marry me?(giving her a sand ring.)

Mary Jane: No, Help! Spiderman!

Sandman : Thankyou for saying yes.

(Vemon grabs MJ from Sandman.)

(Vemon gives her a gooey dress.)

Pastor: We are gathered together to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony.

(Spiderman swings in one window and accidently misses Mary Jane and swings out the other window.)(and he keeps going that way crashing into other buildings.)

Pastor: I now pronounce you man and wife. Now...

(Spiderman swings back and grabs MJ. Spiderman sets her down.)

Narrator: Meanwhile...Harry never became green goblin 2.

Harry:Wow, look at this cool surf board!!And pumpkin stinkbombs!! I am going to Hawaii!

Narrator: Instead he stayed in Hawaii and married a Hawaiian girl.

Hawaiian girl:Hola!

Narrator:Now back to Spiderman.

Peter Parker: Will you marry me? (Sandman and Vemon are hanging off a cliff.)

Mary Jane : Yes! (Sandman and Vemon fall off the cliff.)

(Wedding bells chime.)

Narrator:So Mary Jane married Peter Parker and they lived happily ever after until more bad guys came. The End.