Hellsing—The Dead Sleep

Disclaimer—I have no legal rights or ownership towards "Hellsing," which is beyond awesome. I am just an obsessed fan with a crazed imagination, having-no-life and access to a computer. After reading you will probably think I am sick.

Rating—Pg-13 to M for language, sexual comments and of course, violence.

Chapter Title—The Reason

Synopsis—The body of Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing is found on the battlefield but the corpse has secrets of its own.

Author's Notes—As discussed at the end of the Purgatory chapter, this alludes to a future HellsingXVampire Hunter D crossover entitled Derelictus, which hopefully will be written. Alucard and D are my favorite vampires, and after reading a few very decent fanfiction I decided on writing one of my own. Of course, my fantastic and inspiring dreams help me as well. I am trying to finish this so I can turn my complete attention in Two-Faced but especially The Dying Rose, which are coming along nicely. I want to post both at the same time, so everyone will be satisfied.




The Reason


The answer was simple.

"I'm pregnant."

At those two words, both bayonets clattered to the floor. His mouth dropped as soon as the confession escaped her lips. "I am so terribly sorry, but could you repeat that, Sir Hellsing?"

"I am pregnant," Integra huffed impatiently. "Certainty you are not that hard of hearing, Paladin."

Watching her rant, he raised his hands as a sign of peace at the angered, recently pregnant and expecting mother and a Daughter of Hellsing. This gestured seemed to calm her as she repeatedly ran her fingers through her hair and rubbed her red-rimmed eyes, as if Integra was desperately trying to hide her embarrassment and the tears brimming to life. Inhaling a deep breath she said, "Anderson, please I want your word—on the Pope's life, your orphaned children, the bible—whatever you hold most dear—that you will not breath a word of my condition to anyone, especially Maxwell."

"The Archbishop?" Reluctantly he asked, "Maxwell isn't the—"

"No," she quickly snapped. "Never!"

"Very well," he paused then at once curiosity seized him and he asked meekly, "May I know the identity of the father?"

Silenced seized her tongue and she seemed unwilling and unable to answer, but somehow Integra managed to whisper, "None other than—it is Alucard."

At once he voiced his disbelief, "Impossible!"

"Obvious not," she noted as her lingered on her otherwise flat stomach.

Anderson heaved out a long lingering sigh. Granted when he had thought he had heard the worst, most damnable confession, here was one to top the bar and beyond—especially from this woman, this mother and Daughter of Hellsing. Part of him wanted to discard the priestly collar; however it was moments such as these that defined a man's worth and more importantly, the value of his soul as he set aside pride for another's salvation—Protestant or not. However there was one question that nibbled at his brain and he finally asked, "Answer me this, Sir Integra—was this of your will and choice?"

Integra inquired with a raised brow, "Are you asking if he forced himself and his seed on me?"


She paused before answering, "No…I had—I had a moment of weakness."

"And he seized it," growled Anderson, wanting to kill the vampire a thousand time and in a thousand ways.

"No…" Integra sighed deeply before replying, "This is a very precarious position. I want to kill it, this thing. Feel somewhat obligated to kill this abomination—I don't know, or more important why it happened but it is mine." Turning to him, worry creasing her brow. "Whatever it may be—angel or demon, it is mine own. My child."

Smiling lightly Anderson removed his robe, slipped its warmth around her shoulders and the Paladin held her, as he would a sibling. "Such a child should not be punished. You have my word," he promised. Hoping to spark another conversation he queried with sudden apprehension, "What about Alucard, the father?"

Several measured beats of silence followed.

"He suspects and after tonight, he'll know," Integra said.

Knowing full well of her intentions he stated as-matter-as-fact, "So…you are running away—from England and especially from him. The child will never know. Must not. Innocence should not be polluted by this truth. Then again, maybe there is a purpose for this particular moment. Retribution and salvation."

"For whom?" she asked.

"Who can say," his eyes lifted up towards an unseen heaven and the entity watching them, "God works in mysterious ways."




There, it is done. I hoped you enjoyed it and if you are interested in Derelictus, please inform me. Originally I was going to have Integra wake up after her autopsy as a vampire, but after reading and watching Vampire Hunter D, I just would not and could not. In addition in Bloodlust, Yvette, the Blind Seer of The Covenant foreshadowed the beginning of Derelictus and I wanted to use it to its full advantage. In summary she said, "Salvation lies in the future fruit of your womb. Careful as to who sires it." It is Damien—or just D.