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It was the happiest moment of my life. My Edward was here with me, and he had no restrictions. Everything I needed was laying in my arms, shedding the tears I provided for him. This was my personal bliss, and I was so reluctant to move that I used my power to make Ronald think he was late for a haircut.

Edward knew all about my power. I had told him in the time we spent holding still. I ran my fingers through his hair and rubbed his head the whole time. He giggled intensely when he heard Ronald's thoughts about his haircut.

"Oh, Bella," he mused. "I knew if you ever became one of us that you would have an extraordinary power." He paused, stiffening a little. "My family is on their way back here."

The Cullens! I had forgotten their existence completely in the last 20 minutes, but the mention of them made me even happier, if ever possible.

"Are you ready to see them?" he asked eagerly.

"More than anything."

He smiled crookedly and kissed my neck before he got up and outstretched his hand to help me up. I took it and just as I stood, Alice bolted through the locked door, with the doorknob that had broken off in her hand. She discarded it and in a flash was squeezing me so hard that if I was still human, my ribs would be crushed. I squeezed back, as happy to see her as she was me.

"Bella!" she gushed into my shoulder. "You were amazing tonight! You really were! I missed you so so so much Bella and I'm so glad you're here!" She spoke so quickly that even with heightened senses I could barely make it out. I guess it was because I wasn't used to being around my kind.

"Oh, Alice," I rocked her. I then saw the rest of the family, one by one, walk through the door. Jasper was first, followed by the rest. All of them wore different expressions. Emmett looked like he might burst with excitement. Rosalie was hesitant, as if she didn't know exactly what to do. Esme looked as if she would burst into tears she was so happy, and Carlisle was giving Edward a sly, I-told-you-so look.

Jasper approached me, his hands in is pockets, and he was looking down, ashamed.

"Bella, I-"

"Ssh…" I interrupted, lifting up my hand. "Jasper, I don't blame you at all for what happened." I said gently.

He looked into my eyes. "Really?" he questioned.

"Really," I smiled reassuringly, and his entire face lit up. Before I realized it, he had closed the space between us, and held me in a tight embrace. I was shocked! This was the closest he had ever been to me, but I liked it. This was so much better than him avoiding me as much as possible. I could finally have a relationship with my brother.

Not even a second after he let go, Emmett scooped me up in his arms, pinning mine against my sides so I wasn't even able to hug him back. My legs dangled under me, probably 2 feet over the ground.

"You're not as light and delicate as you used to be, little Bella."

"Is that a fat joke?" I asked, feigning mockery. He burst into laughter, along with everyone else, and planted a wet, slobbery kiss on my cheek before putting me down. Even Rosalie cracked a smile.

Rosalie. When I was on my feet again, she approached me tentatively, almost shyly. I felt exactly the way she looked. Then a wave of calm went through me. I was confused at first, but I then remembered Jasper was in the room. Rosalie seemed to loosen up a bit too, but she was still hesitating. I never thought she, of all people, could do that.

"I-I know you didn't do this to yourself. Alice saw everything, and kept it from us because she knew this would happen." She said slowly.

I turned to looked Alice, incredulous. Edward glared at her as if he wanted to kill her.

I looked back to Rosalie, and she started to fiddle with a lock of my hair. I stood perfectly still. "You really look beautiful," she said honestly, and hugged me briefly. "I'm glad to have you in my family."

Wow. I was going to have to get used to this.

Esme clung to me as quickly as Alice did. "Welcome back, honey." Carlisle did the same. As soon as everyone was done with their greetings, Edward was at my side, arm around my waist.

Carlisle took the hint. "We'll leave you two alone now," he smiled, and led everyone out. Alice picked up the doorknob, attempting to stick it back on the door, but having no luck, did her best to close the door without it.

When we were alone, Edward took both my hands in his. "What now, my love?"

I beamed. I still couldn't believe I had him back. "There's always room on the private jet for you and the family." I smiled at the thought of my family.

He looked down at me, skeptical. "You want us to come on tour with you?"

"Only if you want to." I bit my lip.

He took my face between both his hands. "I've been so long without seeing your face that I couldn't bear to part with it even for a minute. Of course, I want to come."

He bent down, and kissed my lips, and everything was right.

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