Summary: A Gossip Girl style web site is posted to keep track of the Ducks, and it may create more problems than it reports on!

Author's Note: I've been reading/watching a lot of Gossip Girl in the past few weeks. If you're not on the GG bandwagon, get on, it's really wonderful, in that fantastic horrible guilty pleasure way lol! So this happened. Because you know I'm not writing enough stories, lol!

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Duck Watch

Chapter 1

Well, here we are, ready for another year at this hell hole also known as The Eden Hall Academy. And here I am ready to report on another year of excellent drama. Let's face it, ever since those Ducks showed up last year everything's gone a little nuts. You all know the rules, if you see anything that you think might interest me, email it on over! Let's dive right in.

Looks like everyone's favorite goalie pair is on the rocks. She does know what she's giving up by refusing to sleep with him right? They were spotted fighting again out by the stables. At least those nerdy equestrian girls are good for something. Take a page from the book sweetie, sometimes you have to lose to gain.

And speaking of a certain tall blonde too pretty for her own good but doesn't quite know it goaltender a certain tall dark defenseman was spotted looking longingly at her with those big brown eyes of his. Get in line, she's taken. But while you're waiting feel like using those muscular arms to keep me warm?

Same defenseman's partner in crime was seen circling the figure skating team and then chatting up its newest transfer member, another cluelessy pretty blonde. Looks like those two have a type. New girl better know what she's getting into with a Bash.

The perfect couple continues to be perfect. Yawn. They were caught bickering about some nonsense and then making up in a chem lab. Seriously kids, this is a boarding school. You have dorm rooms, use them. Or at least do something vaguely interesting.

Our super cutie captain seems to have shed his eco freak gf over the summer. They were seen shooting each other dirty looks at breakfast this morning. We all know she can mount a successful campaign. Hope he didn't hurt her too bad, because those dimples won't save him from the wrath of a woman scorned, adorable though they may be.

Seems the freshman girls have already latched on to the speedster. The boy can't go anywhere without a giggling band following him. Too bad for them he's only into what he can't have…namely other guy's girls. He was seen eyeing the girl half of the perfect couple. Yeah right, that'll happen.

And what is it with the tall overly focused one? He could rule this place if he cared about anything but hockey. Only sighting so far, dissecting new plays with Captain. Wretch inducing boredom. Use those perfect WASP genes of yours, and hook yourself a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend if you swing that way.

Alright well, things are just getting warmed up, after all, it's only the first day. Hope every one enjoyed it, I know I did.

Julie Gaffney walked back to her dorm room, ready to lie down after a long and horrible first day of school, and groaned audibly when she found a schrunchie around the doorknob. Did Connie really have to be having sex with Guy now? She sighed and walked down a floor to where the boys resided. She'd nap on Portman's bed. He always let her. She knocked on the door.

"What up Catlady?" Dean Portman answered it.

"Can I steal your bed? Connie and Guy are fornicating," She rolled her eyes, "And I'm totally wiped." He nodded. "Thanks I love you!" She said and fell down on the bed.

"Why aren't you with the boyfriend?" He asked.

"Don't ask," She growled. He sighed as she quickly fell asleep her chest rising and falling. Why had he been such an idiot and skipped out on the first two months of school here last year? Back during that first summer with the Ducks, Julie had been into him. And he was really into her. But unfortunately for both of them, the summer had ended before either got up the courage to do anything, and the next time they saw each other, she had not only become completely hot, but she had this boyfriend. As far as Portman was concerned the guy was a complete tool who had spent the last year trying to have sex with her as if that was all she was good for. What he liked about Julie was that in addition to being hot she was smart, funny and not like other girls. She was pretty much a guy with boobs, and that really turned him on. "I'm trying to sleep stop staring at me." She mumbled and rolled over.

"Sorry," He laughed and sat down at his desk.

"Check it out," Connie giggled to Guy looking at her laptop, "Portman's in love with Julie, Luis is in love with me and Adam might be gay."

"Adam's not gay," Guy said, "And Portman is in love with Julie. Are you reading that stupid Duck Watch site?"

"It's so funny," She cooed, "You know she calls us the perfect couple." He nodded. Awesome, as if still being with the same girl you'd dated since you were ten was pressure filled enough, complete strangers commented on their relationship, calling it perfect. Connie leaned over and kissed him. She was perfect, that was for sure. But that was part of the pressure, she was the perfect girlfriend, the perfect student, and he well, wasn't, but she expected him to be.

"I should probably go," He stood up. She looked at him and frowned.

"We only did it once," She sighed, he kissed her, "Are you mad at me or something?"

"No," He laughed, "It's just it's the first day and I don't want to fall behind on homework already." She smiled. "I'll see you at dinner."

"OK," She nodded.

Fulton Reed couldn't quite believe that she was here. Tammy Duncan had always been something of a mystery, with her cool manners and her easy walk. And she was walking next to him, with a smile on her face that he couldn't quite understand. He was babbling on about school, and friends, and how good it was to see her again and she wasn't saying a word.

"Is this why you asked if I wanted to hang out?" She asked. He smiled. "Because I would have said no."

"Why'd you say yes?" He asked stopping. She smiled that cool collected smile of hers.

"You can't figure that out yourself?" She whispered. "That's too bad." She walked away just glancing over her shoulder for a minute. The whole girl you'll always want but will never have thing was tiring for her, but he ate it up. He always had. And now that they were in school together she'd keep playing the part. She'd keep running until he either stopped chasing, or finally caught up. Either one worked for her.


A cat curled up in someone's bed, just not hers or her boyfriend's. Careful kitty, wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

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