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Chapter 14

Here it is! The big night we've all been waiting for. I'm all decked out in…oops! I can't tell, then you might be able to identify me, lol. Can't wait to see how everyone turns out.

The Cat was already spotted actually wearing a dress for once. Don't know who helped her pick it out, but my money's on a certain socially pushed out little skate skank since there's more skin peaking out than she's ever strictly allowed before.

Perfect girl dressed to the nines as always, her date, well, she'd never have let her boyfriend go tieless, but since her date isn't her boyfriend, well, it's more acceptable I guess. Given the tone of his chest, well, who's to argue that having those top few buttons undone is the best plan?

Our Super Prepsters can't wait to show off their new relationship. Of course his ex fling seems to be none too pleased. That's what happens when you tell a hook up you just want to be friends sweetie, he moves on to girls who would never hook up with someone who was just their friend.

Captain taking his ex as his date. No better way to get revenge. And as for one of the other tips of his little love triangle? He's going with a certain tile floor worshipping everything but girl. Maybe he's hoping she'll open her legs instead of just her mouth. And someone should tell her that you can't dance on your knees.

And as for The Skate Skank? If she shows tonight she's got balls of steel, and even I'll give her a point. Of course, crossing the captain is dangerous and sleeping with two best friends in the span of two weeks is downright fatal, at least to your reputation.

No time for questions this evening, I'm too busy curling my hair, and doing my makeup to pay attention to you. Oh don't whine, have fun tonight!

"Annie," Annie looked over in the bathroom at the homecoming dance, to see Carlyle Walton and a few of her hanger on cronies, "Hi."

"Um, hi," Annie said. She felt more shy than usual staring at endlessly popular Carlyle, with her soft brown curly hair and big friendly but deadly smile. "The dance is great, you did a really great job like always."

"Mm hm," Carlyle smiled, "So I hear you're with Adam now?"

"Yeah," Annie nodded confidently. After all, Adam was her boyfriend, just because he'd slept with Carlyle before they had even met didn't mean anything, "We started hanging out because of tutoring. He mentioned that you two hung out a lot this summer."

"We did," Carlyle smiled. Annie crossed her arms. She was from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, she'd dealt with much bitchier girls than Carlyle Walton. She'd navigated middle school underneath Blair Waldorf's radar. She could handle this. "Good luck with him." Annie looked at her. "I mean, it's like hockey, hockey, hockey with him, and his father, ugh," She smiled. "I'm sure you'll be fine."

"I'm sure I will be," Annie said flouncing out, on her own two feet. If that was Carlyle's idea of breaking her down, she could handle it.

"Hey beautiful," Adam smiled, taking her hand as she got back into the ballroom.

"Hey," She smiled and kissed him. "You want this right?"

"Want what?" He laughed, she shrugged, "Want you?" She nodded, "More than I've ever wanted anything." They kissed, "And that includes the NHL."

"I rank above hockey?" She said. He laughed, her eyes were so big and bright.

"Absolutely," He smiled. "I really like you Annie. I think I could even love you." She blushed and smiled as he kissed her again.

"You're staring again," Julie said standing getting a drink. Portman smirked. He couldn't stop looking at her body. Her long limbs accentuated by the simple blue silk mini dress.

"I can't help it," He laughed, "You look," He smiled, "Well, let's just say I am having very bad thoughts."

"Save them up," She grabbed his loosely tied on tie and pulled herself close to him and then kissed him, "Use them tonight."

"Have I told you I love you yet today?" He whispered.

"Nope," She smiled.

"Well I do," He said, "I have the coolest," He kissed her, "Hottest," they kissed again, "Most amazing girlfriend in the world."

"Ditto," She smiled. "This year is going to be awesome."

"Julie!" Connie came bouncing over, looking next to perfect in a simple black sheath dress.

"Hey," Julie said and hugged her. "Where's Luis?"

"Out getting some air," Connie smiled.

"Air?" Portman raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, metalhead," Connie looked at him, "Air, because Luis doesn't do drugs, and even if he did, he would tell me."

"Be nice," Julie said circling her arms around Dean's waist, "I love him."

"Oh my God," Connie squealed, grabbing onto Julie's arm, "She actually showed up!" Both girls stared at the door where Tammy had just walked in.

"Good for her," Julie said with a shrug. "Tammy!" She waved. Connie hit her. "What?"

"I think we're not talking to her," Dean said. "You know by order of Captain and Captain's Muscle." Julie rolled her eyes as Tammy waved sheepishly back.

"Hey man," Luis said seeing Guy standing outside sucking down half of a joint.

"I wouldn't talk to me if I were you," Guy said, shaking his head.

"Look I wanted to apologize," Luis said, "For how it happened. I just," He sighed, "I've always wanted her."

"I'm telling you right now," Guy looked at him, "If she sheds a single tear over you, I'll kill you."

"That's fair." Boy truce, how cute!

Tammy glided across the room feeling every eye on her and not in the good way. She also heard people whispering. Julie's affectionate wave was quickly shut down by a withering glance from Connie and a colder one from Portman. This was a bad idea.

"My aren't we ballsy," The same bleach blonde whore who'd left Fulton's room, wearing a horrible low cut green halter dress. J.Lo wannabe party of one? "I'm surprised you didn't transfer."

"Oh my God what is that," Tammy said, "Oh, that's just your hair, oops." Emily grabbed onto her head.

"Hey Em," Fulton came behind her, "You OK over here?"

"I'm fine, baby," Emily kissed him slowly, Tammy's face turned red.

"Hey Tam," Fulton smirked. "You look," He actually looked at her. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a white, how ironic, princess seamed cocktail dress and her long blond hair was pinned up, "You look beautiful."

"Thanks," She whispered, "Have a good time."

"Tammy," He sighed as she walked away.

"You doing OK?" Charlie walked over once she sat down, she shrugged, "I'm sorry."

"You shouldn't be," She sighed as he sat down. "I should be. What I did was terrible Charlie and,"

"Yeah it was," Charlie sighed, "But I wasn't better."

"She's pretty," Tammy said nodding over towards Linda. He smiled, "Are you two,"

"No," He laughed, "She told me repeatedly that I was an idiot and that she would do me the service of not making me go to homecoming by myself, but after that we were strictly not speaking." Tammy laughed, "You look beautiful."

"Thank you," She nodded. "So do you forgive me Captain?"

"No," He said, "I'm not there yet."

"OK," She said, "But when you are, maybe we can be friends?"

"Maybe," He nodded quietly. She smiled. There was a chance for her at home.

So there we have it. Things are sort of cleaned up, but who knows what could happen in the future, and there are some burning questions:

Can two perfect boys really come to a peace treaty about the perfect girl?

Can a bad boy forsake a true skank for the sort of skanky girl of his dreams?

Can best friendship turn to true love?

Can a former nerd claim the Queen Bee thrown that she seems to have been destined for, especially with a prepster king on her side, and a competitor waiting to strike?

Only time will tell, and until we meet again, you know you love me!

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