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Summary: Lucas Scott is dark, brooding and extremely protective of his family. So, he's determined to keep gold-digging, gorgeous Brooke Davis away from his sister's husband, even if that means seducing her himself...

Rating: M for sexual situations, language and some violence.

Forbidden Seduction

Chapter One - I Shouldn't Love You

Brooke identified the person who had come to stand behind her chair long before his large hands came to rest lightly on her shoulders. Her heart rate quickened a little before she forced herself to relax. As she turned her head, her smile stayed in place. It wasn't easy to keep control around Nathan James, the man she secretly loved, but she was pretty confident that she qualified to take a master class in hiding her true feelings.

Brooke Davis' flirty attitude had caused a lot of drama over the past few months. Nathan James was her best friend and had been ever since they were in elementary school. He was there for her when she hit puberty and when she started her first period, even though he thought it was kind of gross. And when she had found herself falling hard for him, it was too late. He had already fallen in love with good-girl Haley Scott. But, being the slut she knew she was, that didn't stop her.

Brooke didn't purposely mean to be a slut, but she kind of was. With her beautiful big hazel eyes and full, pouty lips, men were hooked. And she loved the attention.

Haley Scott – now Haley James – was truly breath-taking. Brooke was deathly jealous of her. Haley had the man she loved, the family she would die for and of course the money. There was no doubt about it, Brooke Davis was a gold-digger. She would sleep with men for their money, but deep down she longed for someone to hold her at night, instead of fuck her. Ultimately, she wanted someone to love her.

Brooke firmly steered her thoughts away from the self-pitying direction they were drifting. 'Reality Check, Brooke Davis' she told herself, 'Heart's get broken most days of the week!' Brooke wasn't always so negative and she wasn't always the slut she was now. But after the man you are desperately in love with marries someone else, you create a protective shell...you have to, but there were days when Brooke could go a whole day without thinking about Nathan James.

"So, this is where you have been hiding, Brookie" Nathan bent down and brushed his lips against her flushed cheek. She sighed and lent into him slightly. She had a flicker of hope but she knew in her heart that to Nathan she would always be good old Brooke – the slightly eccentric, bitchy, skinny brunette from next door.

As Brooke lifted her chin a moment later, her serene just-good-friends look still plastered on her face, her unwary gaze connected head-on with the enigmatic stare of Lucas Scott, who was standing, laughing with a group of guests on the other side of the room.

She stiffened and her smile dropped into a scowl.

In Brooke's opinion, Lucas was the definition of plain rudeness. With some men she might have suspected that the entire brooding man-of-mystery thing was made just for effect, to make people notice him. But Lucas Scott didn't need to make the effort.

He was noticed anyway.

Of course he got noticed. He was tall, lean and rampantly male, and if his body looked half as good without his clothes – Brooke shook her head rid of all those thoughts. He was rude, obnoxious, boastful and well, plain sexy. His strong, masculine features were memorable; collectively, they were nothing short of perfect. And that was before you even touched on the subject of the force field of raw sexuality that he wore.

Their eyes connected for a brief second before Brooke broke the gaze quickly. She looked down into her lap. His eyes really were the darkest blue she had ever seen. There was no love, no anger, just coldness. That man, she thought, wasn't happy. He was cold, hard steel.

Lucas Scott, the brother of perfect little Haley, bothered her. From the way he walked into a room as if his owned it, the way his voice was raspy and incredibly deep. Even the fact that his incredibly well cut tailored suit didn't have a crease in it got under her skin. She knew it was irrational, and it probably made her a weirdo, considering the freaks she slept with, and considering that just about every other female she had met drooled when his name was mentioned, she found his brand of arrogance and raw in-your-face sexuality a total turn-off.

"What's up, Brookie?" Nathan's voice broke her from her trance.

"Up?" She asked, and turned to look at him.

"You sound... I don't know..." He studied her. "Cranky." He decided.

"I was just thinking about your brother-in-law."

"Lucas!" Nathan's eyes automatically scanned the room before she found the tall figure. Their eyes connected and Nathan smiled tensely before looking away. Everyone knew that the millionaire business tycoon, Lucas Scott, was fiercely protective of his little sister and Nathan could never rid the feeling that the slightly older man could read his mind.

"You have to admit..." She started. "He makes no effort whatsoever."

Nathan looked at his best friend. "Effort to do what?"

Brooke pursed her lips into a disapproving line. "To...just...be a decent man."

Nathan chuckled lowly. "Decent? I think you'll find that a lot of women he's been with find him...decent." He smirked.

Brooke rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I mean, sure he's got a...good face but his manners need some work." She said and Nathan nodded slightly. "He always gives me the impression that he's looking down his nose at me... at everyone...but then I suppose he thinks he doesn't need to be polite to ordinary people like us." She said sarcastically. "God, he thinks he's the best!" She finished.

Nathan nodded. "He kind of is though." He said quietly.

Brooke stared up at him with wide eyes. "Do you know how pathetic that sounds?!"

Nathan shrugged. "Look, his loaded with money, he's not bad to look at, his apparently well-mannered when you get to know him--,"

"Ha!" Brooke cut him off. "He's an arrogant ass and that's that." She finished stubbornly.

"Jeez, you really don't like him do you, Brooke." Nathan eyes her curiously.

"He doesn't like me." She countered.

Nathan looked startled. "Oh I doubt that." His eyes moved from her brunette locks to his wife's brother. "He probably hasn't even noticed you, Brooke"

Lucas' nostril's flared as he watched Brooke and Nathan closely. His eyes slid towards his sister, who had been talking too loudly and brightly all afternoon, and he found that she too was watching the couple. As he watched she turned her head and he was sure he caught a glimmer of tears in her eyes, and it angered him considerably.

Whatever was wrong with his sisters' marriage, he would have laid odds that the brunette-headed little witch was responsible. What was her deal? Lucas wondered as he angled his blonde head a little to one side and once again studied her slim figure.

If asked to classify her look he would have called it sexy and completely his taste. No wonder men got confused around her! They didn't know whether to kiss her or protect her. He, on the other hand knew exactly what he wanted to do to her. He wanted to shake her and tell her to have a little more discretion when she looked at Nathan with big, hungry eyes.

Lucas had known for months that Brooke was in love with Nathan. But surprisingly, he was the only person who did! Her friends and relatives seemed completely unaware to the intense misery behind that brave, dimpled smile. He had suspected at the time that if you had taken away that smile, she would be screaming inside.

He was neither a relation nor a friend to Brooke Davis...In-fact he had no time or interest for her at all, as long as she respected his little sister's marriage, but she didn't.

She would look, but not touch. And there was no law against looking. He had done some of that himself. On every occasion since, when their paths crossed, he had kept a watchful eye on her.

Nathan James was not the husband Lucas would've chosen for Haley. He was too weak in Lucas' mind – but Lucas accepted that his wishes were not the ones that counted. The younger man was the one that Haley wanted and what she wanted, he wanted.