Forbidden Seduction

Epilogue - Heaven was needing a hero

I came by today to see you, thought I had to let you know.
If I knew the last time that I held you was the last time;
I'd have held you and never let go.

It's been 4 years since Haley James-Scott died while giving birth to her son, Jamie Lucas James. It's been 3 years since Lucas Eugene Scott proposed to Brooke Penelope Davis and they got married. It's been 4 years since Rachel came home and remained clean. It's been 3 years since Nathan James accepted his son.

Nathan misses his wife everyday.

Brooke misses her friend everyday.

Lucas misses his little sister everyday.

Haley James was a huge part of their lives. A kind soul who could touch any-ones heart. Her goodness was overwhelming - something Nathan told her everyday before she died. Strangely enough, her death has brought the three even closer - even after death Haley James had a way of bringing the three people she loved the most together.

Their loss was heaven's gain. Something they all agreed on.

Oh, it's kept me awake nights, wondering
I lie in the dark, just asking why

"Auntie Brooke? Can we go to the park?" A tiny voice calls out and a 28 year old Brooke Davis turns around, a big dimpled smile etched on her features. She picks the little boy up in her arms and twirls him around as he erupts in a fit of giggles.

"Of course we can." She smiles and puts him down.

Little Jamie looks up at her with big-doe eyes, "Will uncle Lucas come too?" He asks hopefully.

Her face lightens at the mention of her husband, "Why don't you ask him, buddy?"

His face lights up as a huge smile appears. She doesn't need to tell him twice as he runs off - his tiny feet making little 'patting' noises as he runs down the corridor, looking for his favorite man in the whole world...apart from his Daddy of course.

"Uncle Lucas! Uncle Lucas!" A 30 year old Lucas Scott almost falls over as a tiny figure comes crashing into his body.

"Hey little man," Lucas smiles his handsome smile - one which still makes Brooke's heart flutter, even after five years.

"Me and Auntie Brooke are going to the park! Please come, Luke! Please!" Lucas can't help but smile at the hopeful and pleading expression on his nephew's young face. His eyes wander behind the boy as they land on his wife's beautiful face. He smiles warmly at her, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"Oh really?" He grins as Brooke laughs slightly, "Okay mini-me, let's go."

Jamie pouts, "I am not mini, and I am not you!" He laughs, "And I'm also not a little man."

"Oh?" Says Lucas with a grin, "So what are you then?" He asks before picking the boy up effortlessly and smiling at his giggling face, "Are you a big man?" He asks in a low, masculine voice.

"Yeah!" Jamie squeaks, "Like you!"

Lucas and Brooke laugh, "Just like me," Lucas smiles before Jamie runs off.

"Hey baby," Lucas whispers, kissing his wife gently on the lips, "Let's go." He smiles and pats her bum playfully and she giggles, running after Jamie like a little girl. Lucas' eyes wander to the little boy,

He's Haley - full of joy, energy and love.

And Lucas knows that Haley would absolutely adore him.

I guess heaven was needing a hero,
Somebody just like you.

"Higher!" Jamie shouts with a smile as Lucas pushes the swing and Brooke stands in front of Jamie, holding her arms out as if to catch him.

"Lucas!" Brooke squeals, "That's too high!"

Lucas rolls his eyes, playfully, "Aunt Brooke's such a drama queen!" He laughs and Jamie nods vigorously - kicking his legs and pushing himself forward but getting frustrated when he can't get high enough.

"You're not going high enough!"

Lucas raises an eyebrow, "You can't go any higher, buddy! You'll reach the sky!" He laughs and Brooke smiles.

"That's what I want!" Jamie cries, slightly annoyed and the two grown-ups stare at him.

"It's not high enough!" Jamie cries, a tear rolling down his cheek, "My Daddy said that my Mommy was in heaven, and that heaven was in the sky! I want to see her! But you're not going high enough!"

Brooke's heart breaks as she connects eyes with Lucas and sees that he's just as heartbroken, he immediately stops pushing as the two walk over to the sobbing boy and kneel down either side of his swing.

"Hey, hey, hey," Lucas wipes his tears, "Don't cry, buddy."

"I want- I want to see my Mommy!" Jamie sobs.

Brooke lets out a sigh, "I'm sorry baby boy, but you can't. One day you will, I promise."

Jamie pouts through his tears, "All my friends have Mommy's. Why don't I? Did she not want me?"

Lucas picks Jamie up and places him on his lap, "Hey, listen to me," He tells him, looking into his tearful blue eyes, "Your Mommy loved you very much, I know she did. But, she went to heaven before you could even meet her."

"But that's unfair! I want her to come back! Will I ever see her?" He asks, hopefully and Brooke purses her lips, how does she tell a four year old that he'll never see his Mommy?

"Maybe," She settles for, "Some day."

Brave enough to stand up, for what you believe
And follow it through..

"Hey man." Nathan smiles when his son runs into the room. But, Jamie doesn't smile like he usually does - he just walks straight to his room - only acknowledging his father with a small nod. Brooke and Lucas follow, Lucas' arm tightly wound around her waist.

"Hey," Nathan mumbles, "What's up with Jamie?" He asks, an eyebrow raised.

Brooke sighs, "He's upset. He wants to know more about Haley."

Nathan's heart tightens at the mention of his late wife. He's now 30 years old and he's never loved another woman. Never even came close. He's never been on a date, he's never made love to another woman. He just goes to work and comes home. Sure, he gets lonely sometimes, but Jamie fills the void in his heart - the void that no other woman could.

He runs an agitated hand through his black hair, "I can't, Brooke. It's too hard."

Lucas sighs, "Look, man - I know it must be hard raising a kid, I mean - I'll have to go through it one day and maybe I'll understand it more but-"

"-But there's the difference!" Nathan raises his voice, "Your kid will have a father and a mother. Jamie doesn't."

The couple look down - Lucas shuffling his feet and Brooke biting her lip, "We're sorry, Nathan" She smiles faintly, "I know it's hard."

Nathan nods, struggling to not cry, "I miss her." He admits - his voice hoarse.

"I do too, Nate." Lucas purses his lips into a thin line and surprisingly pulls Nathan into a hug. Brooke smiles - they've become like brothers these past few years and she couldn't be happier with the way her life was turning out.

She has Lucas.

She has Jamie.

She has Nathan.

But, she doesn't have Haley.

And that still hurts.

When I try to make it make sense in my mind
The only conclusion I come to;
Is that heaven was needing a hero
Like you.

Jamie sits at his small desk, ruffling his sandy blond hair in concentration. He picks up his spiderman pen, opens up his little diary and starts to write... a hobby he seems to have inherited from his uncle. Jamie - as young as he is - loves to write, so he does...

My name is Jamie Lucas James and I am four years old. I have big blue eyes and sandy-blond hair. I have three important people in my life. My daddy, Nathan, My uncle, Lucas and my auntie, Brooke. I love them all very much.

My auntie Brooke Scott is the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Honest! She's pretty. She told me that when she was younger, she hated my uncle Lucas. That made me sad. But, then she said that they fell in love. That made me happy. I know she's beautiful because my uncle Lucas tells me so, and he tells her so all the time. He even said that he can't keep his hands off her, and they kiss all the time! My Daddy isn't happy when they kiss in-front of me. She has a really cool clothing company called 'Clothes over Bro's' I love her very much and I would never make her cry, because that would make me cry. My uncle Lucas and my auntie Brooke are married and Brooke's also my godmother. Brooke told me that she loves my uncle Lucas and that got me wondering if my Daddy loved anyone.

My uncle Lucas Scott tells me that he loves me very much. He plays basketball with me and teaches me how to write poems. He's very handsome and when we go out together, lots of women give him looks that I don't understand. I asked him why and he said that I would find out when I'm older. Then he told me that it didn't matter, and that he only had eyes for my Auntie Brooke, because he says that my auntie Brooke is the most beautiful girl in the world. I agree with him. My uncle Lucas has blond hair - just like me. My Uncle Lucas is also my Mommy's brother, but I don't know my Mommy. She left when I was little. I'm not sure where she went though. Maybe she went on holiday. Yep, she went on holiday. She'll be back soon. My Uncle Lucas is the coolest man ever. He's married and he tells me that he loves my Auntie Brooke with all his heart. That makes me happy.

My daddy, Nathan James, is my hero. He's also my best friend. He plays with me all the time and he teaches me all about basketball. He also tells me that I'm too young to have a girlfriend, but when I do, I have to treat her nicely, because he said that my uncle Lucas never used to be nice to his girlfriends. But, I don't want a girlfriend. Girls are icky. Yesterday, I wondered why my Auntie Brooke and Uncle Lucas loved each other when my Daddy didn't love anyone. So, I asked him. But, he got upset and told me not to mention it again. But, I did. After a while he gave in and started to tell me about her. He said her name was Haley and that she was Lucas' sister. He told me that she was beautiful and that she loves me with all her heart. He told me that she only wants what's best for me.

Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I pretend that me, Daddy and my Mommy are together. When I pretend that, I feel the happiest I've ever felt. My Daddy says that Mommy is in a special place called Heaven, what's heaven? Maybe it's a holiday camp like Butlins. Maybe, I can visit her soon. Yeah. She'll be back soon.

I have to go to bed now.


Jamie puts the pen down and lets out a deep sigh before hearing Nathan call up to him to go to bed. He puts his diary away and climbs into his spiderman bed. Soon he's asleep and he has that dream - the one where Haley, Nathan and him are all together again. It makes him sad in some ways, but hopeful and happy in other ways.

He just wants what every 4 year old wants..

A family.

You're such a part of who I am,
Now that part will just be a void,
No matter how much I need you now,
Heaven needs you more

"I love you," Lucas whispers, placing a tender kiss on her forehead.

Brooke smiles, wrapping his arms tighter around her waist. She lets out a deep, content sigh as the young couple stare at the fireplace that illuminates the dark living room. "I love you too, hubby." She turns her head and smiles at him.

Lucas smiles too before placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "You think Nathan and Jamie will be okay?"

Brooke nods, "Yeah," She whispers, entwining their fingers, "They have eachother. I know Jamie needs a Mom, but I guess one day we're gonna have to stop grieving and start living - for Jamie's sake."

Lucas nods, holding her closer. He still misses his sister everyday - one of the reasons why he keeps Brooke so close. He doesn't want to lose another woman he loves - that would destroy him.

Suddenly he sits up, turning her and pulling Brooke into his lap. He kisses her hungrily, and she inhales sharply - slightly stunned by his forcefulness. But, she soon relaxes when she feels his tongue gently slip into her mouth. She lets out a small moan - he tastes the same as he did all those years ago - a taste she's become fond of.

"You're everything I have," Lucas whispers, tenderly kissing her neck.

Brooke closes her eyes and entwines her fingers in his hair, "This just keeps getting better and better," She whispers, their heads leaning together, their eyes locked.

Lucas throws her his charming smile and picks her up in his arms - making her squeal and giggle.

He smiles at the squirming woman in his arms and she grins up at him with a dimpled smile and says:

"I can't wait for what's happening next."

Heaven was needing a hero,
And that's you.

I know this isn't the best I could do but I really wanted to get this story finished. I hope you liked it and thank you for all the great reviews!