Here we are, celebrating Nat's 17th Birthday at Club B3

Hello my fans! This Mysteree101 once again with my second NBB fic! I had major fun writing this and I hope you all enjoy! Luv Ya!

The NBB Tango

On this hot Puerto Rican night, family and friends gather to celebrate Nat's 17th Birthday at Club B3. Mr. Wolff left hours ago but not before he told the kids to behave and not to drink any alcohol. Little does he know that Alex knows the owner very well, so all of them are having an unlimited supply of mocktails coming their way. The lead singer decided to have his celebration on a three-week vacation in Puerto Rico.

Everyone is here tonight. The club is decorated in a Naked Brothers Band theme. Nat is dressed in a black shirt with a skull on it and trunks, Alex is wearing a red and white T-shirt and blue trunks with his traditional red, white, and blue doo-rag, David is wearing a blue and white T-shirt and black trunks, Thomas is wearing a brown T-shirt with a monkey on it and black trunks, Quasimm is wearing a yellow shirt with red trunks and Rosalina is wearing a silver halter-top with khaki shorts. Suddenly the lights turn off and a bunch of candles on a big cake with a picture of Nat on it.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes, my fellow Americans-" Alex began with his arm around Juanita's waist.

"Get on with it Alex!" Juanita said.

"All right, all right! I have prepared a speech for this monumental night. But it's too long and this cake looks oh so good, so long story short, happy birthday man and many more to come." Alex said holding up a glass full of milk. "To Nat."

"To Nat!" Everyone cheered.

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Nat. Happy Birthday to you!"

The birthday boy then blew out his candles and everyone cheered.

2 hours later after the party in the club…

No one except two fourteen year olds by the name of Alex and Juanita were in the club eating leftover cake.

"Don't you think that Nat would be upset when he finds out that we ate the rest of his cake?" Juanita asked as she took a bite of the cake.

"He probably won't. Plus, I'm a growing boy so I need my energy." Alex said.

"Growing boy? You're 14, 5'5 and shave once every three months. Growing boy." Juanita countered.

"Yeah, well, you're 14, 5'4 and hot so there!" Alex said taking another bite of cake.

"That made no sense." Juanita said.

"Which part? The part about you being hot?" Alex asked.

"No, I like that part." Juanita said leaning in.

"Me too." Alex said following suit.

The two teens kissed and broke apart.

"You're a great kisser." Alex said as he took another bite of his cake.

"I know." Juanita.

"You know that I think you're a great kisser or you know that you're a great kisser?" Alex asked.

"Just eat your cake." Juanita said laughing.

Meanwhile in the pool area…

Nat Wolff stood at the edge of the pool and put down the towels that the hotel gave him, took off his shirt and jumped into the hotel's private pool. A few seconds later, he rose to the top to take a deep breath. Who knew that a simple birthday party could be so muscle tightening? thought Nat.

20 minutes later, the door opened and in stepped Rosalina DiMeco in a pink and gold bikini.

"Oh, Nat. I didn't know you were going to be here. I'll just…" she turned around to leave but,

"It's okay, I was just about to go." Nat said as he got out of the pool and grabbed a towel.

"You don't have to go." Rosalina said.

"Nah. It's cool, besides the pool is good and cold." Nat said as he walked up to her. "So go on and jump in."

Nat then gave her a light push into the pool. She landed ungracefully into the pool while Nat laughed his head off.

"Very funny Nat. Hilarious." Rosalina said when she got to the surface.

"It was. It truly was." Nat said.

"Yeah? Well so is this." Rosalina pulled Nat's ankle out in front of him and he fell into the pool.

When Nat came up to the surface Rosalina was laughing as she swam around in the pool.

"Wasn't that funny?" She said as she swam closer to him.

"Very." He said as he swam to her.

"I thought so." She said as she swam towards him.

Now, they were so close that the only place they could move is away from each other. His deep brown eyes were starring into her light brown ones. The two hearts beat faster, the world around them disappeared, and love with a mix of lust filled the atmosphere. Impulse, adrenaline, and hormone soon took over as the two teens slowly, but surely, closed the gap in between them.

The kiss was hot and full of passion as tongues battled for dominancy. Her hands gently caressed his face as he pulled her body close to his. He tenderly ran his hands through her hair as the kiss deepened. And then, without warning-

"I'm sorry." Rosalina swam to the edge and got out of the pool.

"Rosalina? What's wrong?" Nat said as he put on his shirt and followed her out of the pool area.

"Nat we can't do this." Rosalina said as she walked away.

"Why not?" Nat asked as he gently turned her around.

"We just can't. What about the guys and the media?" Rosalina said.

"So, the guys knew it would happen sooner or later and as for the media, who cares?"

"I do."

"Rosalina. I know that you feel the same way about me as I do about you. You can't just stand there and tell me that you don't." Nat said holding her hands.

Rosalina looked away from his gaze and just stood there quietly.


Silence followed.

"Fine." Nat said monotone. He dropped her hands and walked back to the hotel.

Rosalina turned around. "Nat."

But he was already in his room at the hotel.