'You have got to be kidding me! Could Yashiro have promised that I would act in a worse role?! I bet he just consented because Kyoko will be acting the female lead, which wasn't saying much.' Ren was feeling pretty sorry for himself at this point. The role he had to play was the lead in a horror mystery that was sure to be a huge hit because it had all the best. The only problem was that his part was a combination of his cruel past and the love and jealously that he still needed to experience! It would be impossible to act the part!

"Cut! Okay, this the deal Ren: either you act like you're getting paid to do, or we stop now and you go work for some other director that actually accepts that kind of crappy performance! You are dismissed for today so that you can think about it long and hard!" The director was indeed picky, but Ren couldn't really blame him since he was trying to coast his way on his acting skills and not even trying to understand the feelings. He sat down a little ways away from the set and started to brood on whether he should take the risk that he gets taken over by his past, or reject the deal altogether. Of course, he really wanted to reject, but it would hurt his reputation, and after he worked so hard to build it, he had to determine whether the possibility of getting exposed and ruining his life or the certainty of having your reputation hurt would be the smartest move to make.

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