Kyoko was helping cleaning a hall for her love me work when she heard a startling scream coming from the main entrance. It nearly blew her off her feet it was so loud. She rushed to see what was going on and saw Ren standing in the doorway, which was odd considering that celebrities were supposed to use the back entry. That thought hadn't occurred to her though because she was so caught on the sight of Ren's new attire.

Two hours earlier...

'Now, where would Kyoko be right now? Hmmmm' Kuon wondered as he walked to his car, but just as he was about to open his door, he caught sight of his reflection. 'Hmm… I think "Ren" needs a new wardrobe, first.' He hopped into the car and went shopping. He even stopped at a hair dresser to get his hair back to blond. By the time Kuon had finished the transformation, it was like he was a whole different person, which wasn't that far from the truth. After his make-over, he had headed to LME to look for Kyoko.

And now we're back to the current situation of screaming fan girls over Ren's new look. Kuon lifted his new sunglasses and scanned the crowd. He was hoping Kyoko was there, but he wasn't shocked when he didn't spot her. He sighed and went straight toward the hall that led to Lory's office. 'Wait! Why would Lory help me? All he cares about is Ren. And I'm a threat to Ren. Maybe I should ask someone else…' Kuon looked around the room like he might find the answer somewhere among the screaming girls still flocked around him, and spotted a shocking pink color from the corner of his eye. 'There she is! What luck!' A smirk lit across his face as he closed in on where Kyoko had been watching the scene.

Kyoko wondered why he was heading her way, but didn't stay to find out because that smirk on his face meant trouble. It wasn't his normal gentlemanly smile, and it wasn't his emperor of the night smile, either. It was like some strange mix between the two. She wasn't really pondering over it, though. She was just heading toward the stronghold that the "gentlemanly Ren" would never enter, the girls' bathroom. She was sprinting faster than she ever had before and the hallway zipped by her, but he was gaining. Surprisingly, the fan girls weren't that far behind. Then the safe haven was in sight and she made it just in time. The door closed just in front of Kuon, but Kuon paid no mind and just marched right in.

Kuon wasn't wearing his smirk anymore; he was down-right angry that Kyoko had run away from him. He grabbed Kyoko who was still in shock and waded through the unbelieving fans until they made it into a lobby down the hall.

"Why the hell did you run away from me?!" Kuon yelled at her.

"…" Her eyes didn't even fit on her head anymore, and he started to wonder if they might pop.

"I'm waiting…" he said, even though you could tell from his tone that he wouldn't be for much longer. Then he noticed a sudden change. Kyoko's eyes had gone back to a normal-for-her size, but she was glaring fiercely and the air had gone colder. Kuon turned around to see what was going on and saw Sho. 'Great! What the hell is he doing here!?'

Bad chapter, I know. Not sure how to explain his clothes, so I'll leave it up to your imagination. Any ideas for why Sho might be randomly there? I realized that I hadn't thought of an explanation. I just thought it would be interesting to see a Kuon vs. Sho full-on battle…