Pulse racing, I stepped up to the plate.
Anxious, alone, left before too late.
Spoken in riddles, not one I understood.
The woman with the blonde hair;
She did all she could.
But when fate deals you a hand
it's not right to reject it.
You live you die; it doesn't matter, you accept it.
"Bad Wolf"
Two words I'll never know the meaning of
but if I save the world, who cares what I've been dreaming of?
If I wake up and this was never true
I'll always remember that man
The Doctor
I'll always remember you.
- Donna Noble


My first Doctor Who fic is a poem – defiantly not what I expected! But I got way inspired by the last episode! Review? Tell me what you think about my sucky poetry? (There's a reason I don't right it much!)