Note: This is a dedication to the earliest Wammy's House generation. For those who don't know, A and BB are characters from Another Note, a Death Note prequel novel. You won't need to have read the novel to read this story, though; the only thing you ought to know is that A and BB were the first two successors to L... and that BB is a bit touched in the head. xD But he's adorable! I assure you. :)

This chapter here is the prologue, a look into the far future. Apr├Ęs ceci, l'histoire commencera -- after this, the story will begin.

"Love Lies Bleeding"
The Serenade of Bells


We are the boxers in the ring;
We are the bells that never sing.
There is a title we can't win no matter
How hard we might swing.

Pictures of you, pictures of me,
Hung upon your wall for the world to see.
Pictures of you, pictures of me,
Remind us all of what we could have been.

- Pictures of You, The Last Goodnight


There I lay: dead, and heartbroken.

Perhaps it is my "soul" that remains here. I'm not sure. I exist in the form of some vague consciousness, something invisible. I make no noise as I sweep across the grounds I used to know, following the friends I used to love. Still love. I'm still trekking in the footsteps of L -- still hovering over BB's shoulder. Their paths have diverged so greatly that it's a pain to keep track of them both, but I do. After all, there's not much else I can accomplish, being only this vague consciousness.

It's been years.

BB died some time ago. It was his own ambition that killed him, like I always knew it would. I knew. And I always knew he was insane, because, believe me, I know insane -- but I hold no grudge against him. I've been looking for BB ever since, for I think he may be a drifting soul as well... and wouldn't a reunion be so touching? I've been ringing the bell. I'm waiting for him to come.

Right now, I'm watching L. He's dying. He's dying in the arms of that Kira boy, the one who had also killed BB. I've been watching for a long time, always knowing that this was Kira. But L didn't need me to tell him, because he knew, too. He knew. It was only that he was outmaneuvered, and that could not be helped. Lawliet always had a weakness in dealing with the supernatural -- in dealing with illogical things.

I drift over to Lawliet, and if I had been something corporal, I would have been kneeling by his head. I put my hand (or at least, it would be a hand) over his eyes, and close them slowly. I wonder what he's thinking, and what he's seeing, as he dies. I wonder if his soul is leaving his body, and if so, I hope we find each other.

I ring the bell.

From the Author: There you go: the prologue. And as an added note, despite the title (and overtones of death), the story isn't meant to be flat-out depressing/violent; it's a story of childhood. I chose the title because "love-lies-bleeding" is a type of Amaranthus, a garden plant, and A's real name (that I made up) is Amaranthine. Love-lies-bleeding just refers to her name.

Why A? Well, because the story will end when -- spoiler! -- A dies. But you've already deduced that, huh? You clever person, you.

Thanks for reading! Review at your pleasure. :)