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"Scott Sperm and James Egg"

"-My coffee is cold ".said Lucas Scott as he entered his office on the top floor of the Scott Davis corporation building.

Scott Davis Corporation was currently on the 13th spot of Fortune 500 .Lucas Scott was at it's head and every head had a personal assistant.

Haley James had landed that job a month ago .You would think that working for one of the richest company on Earth was fun ,you got to go to parties and meet celebrities. But to Haley James being Lucas's Scott personal assistant was hell.

Excerpt of Haley James notes on her boss and his associate

"My Job at Scott-Davis"

()Lucas Scott (Boss) a.k.a Egomaniac or Manwhore()


-Likes expressos from Starbucks

-Said Starbucks is 2 km away from work

-Makes me WALK to go and get it



-Likes to call at 3 a.m

-Cocky as hell

-Jumps everything that has legs

-Has already been accused of sexual harassment

() Brooke P. Davis a.k.a Bitch()

-Gossip says she slept with Egomaniac


-Egomaniac's "best friend"

-Called me fat and ugly(DID SHE SEE HERSELF?)

-Ok...Ok..Fine !She is gorgeous ...

-Hired me

-Has great fashion sense

-Huh she is also the fashion director...

THIS PLACE IS THE HELLHOLE...Too bad I really need money.

Of course sleeping with him hadn't helped either and Lucas liked to remind her that she had been a mistake and was absolutely not his type. Good then had thought Haley because she didn't date stuck up manwhore. Actually she didn't at all but that was another story.

-"Go warm it up yourself."Haley said evenly standing in the doorway of his office her hands on her hips. She didn't care about how she talked to him. She was actually surprised he hadn't fired her yet. Lucas raised a perfect eyebrow and sighed looking at his rebellious employee.

She did nothing like the other employees ,she wore jeans and tank tops to work and she dared talking to him like that... So whý hadn't he fired her yet? That was Brooke's fault. She had hired Haley because she knew Lucas wouldn't sleep with her. This wasn't the first time he had an assistant and all the other times had ended up badly usually with a sexual harassment accusation. And she had been right. Haley wasn't blond or leggy. She was short and a little plump and she sure as hell didn't adore him. So he wouldn't have slept with her if...

-"What are you staring at ?"Haley snapped. She hated when he zoned out like that. That meant he was checking someone out.

Lucas lowered his gaze quickly., he had been caught. Pff he wanted to fire her so bad but then he would be in Brooke's bad books and that was a thing he couldn't risk.

" James I don't believe this is a way of talking to your boss. Who is your boss in this room? Right... It's me. So you will adress me with respect when we are at work but" He smirked "...when we are at The Four Seasons like last week you can call me whatever you want."

Haley's nostrils flared ,she picked up the coffee and threw it on Lucas eliciting a scream from him. What the hell? Didn't he say that the coffee was cold? Haley smiled satisfied.

" Stop bringing that night up ok? We were drunk. It's not my fault Brooke was serving so much alcohol."Haley said annoyed.

Lucas laughed trying to wipe away the coffee marks .He walked over to his mahogany white IKEA closet. He opened it and got a suit out of it. He had started bringing extra suits to work a month ago...

" Drunk eh? That's not what I remember . I remember you screaming my name! "His voice tried to reach a high pitched sound."Lucas! Oh! Faster! Faster!"

He undid his shirt exposing a set of washboard abs and looked at it smiling at the coffee marks on it. Haley tried not to stare. She wanted to slap him. First because her voice so didn't sound like that and second because how the hell did he remember that?

-"Fuck you Mr.Scott ,it was a one night stand."Haley screamed.

Lucas smirked again .She was sexy when she was mad. Sexy? What the hell was wrong with his mind? Last time he had found her sexy ,he had been drunk and the red dress she was wearing was wow...But today even in just her jeans and tank top he found her sexy. He really needed his coffee. Fortunately his insanity moment quickly passed.

"-You already fucked me remember? 6 times...But unfortunately for you like you said we were drunk,because in real life I would never even have looked at you before you lost at least ten pounds and then I don't even know if I would ."Lucas said coldly.It was time for her to understand who was the boss. Maybe now she would get it. Just 'cause he had slept with her didn't mean she could disrespect him.

Haley stared at him wide eyed .It's not like she didn't know that's what he thought but hearing him say it ,was... Hard. She hated him.He was the worst kind.

-"Thanks for the compliments .I think our collaboration will stop now. I quit."She said furiously leaving the room. She knew that Brooke would make him call her back and apologize so she smiled. But she was wrong...He never called.

Lucas watched her leave amused .She would come back ,they always came back. She needed the money . Of course after one week ,two weeks a month he had to agree she would never come back . And that was a pity because Brooke was going to kill him .

And of course it would have been the end of their story if a Scott sperm hadn't met a James egg that drunken night and formed THE 100 MILLION dollar baby...

All that to say Lucas got Haley pregnant...

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