"Selfish and Greedy"

Lucas wasn't the kind of guy to lose sleep over a girl but then again Haley had never been just a girl. She was different from the start. Feisty and…impossibly stubborn which brought a smile to his lips. And he had to admit that she was one of the best assistants he had ever had and then he had to get her pregnant… the idiot.

Well when he thought about it, it hadn't been such an idiotic mistake after all if that baby was going to be the key to his contract. Haley was going to be very hard to convince but he believed it was worth it because even tough he was a year too late, Lucas had finally understood that there was something with Haley. Something between them… Tension? Chemistry? Huh…

He couldn't quite name it yet but he knew they had something that would make them look like the believable family he wanted to look like. That something would fool even John Walkers into signing the hundred million dollar contract. Once again Lucas smiled. He really needed to sleep tomorrow would be a long day.

Thanks to those happy thoughts he finally at 5:03 AM drifted to sleep.


The line was ridiculously long. Almost on purpose as if everyone had got up today and decided they really really needed a job. That's what Haley had waked up doing.

After leaving Winter in the care of Bevin promising to be back in an hour to feed her daughter Haley had headed for a local Employment agency.

That was 2 hours ago and she was still waiting for the women to call her number, number 365 but the board was flashing the number 350 in red prints. She sighed. This was exhausting and absolutely poin..

And then she saw him… He was gorgeous with really dark hair and tall…and he was number 372…He smiled at her and she automatically loved his smile, it was kind of like LucASS's. She pinched herself. How could she say things like that?

Gosh should she go up to him? Or? She got up resigned and walked up to him. What did she have to loose? That's right nothing. All he could do was reject her, but at least it wouldn't be as bad as what Lucas had done:

Get her pregnant

Get her to quit

Send her money and make her feel cheap

Give her a person to love unconditionally… Wait! That wasn't bad…

She flashed her most winning smile or at least she hoped it was.

-"Hi I am Haley." She said shyly.

-"Hi I am Nathan "he said smiling and he held out his hand"Want to get out of here?".

And Haley nodded because she needed this. A gorgeous guy. Time for herself.

So she didn't care that she was going to loose her spot in the queue or that Bevin had been ringing her non-stop and that Winter must be really hungry right now or that she really needed a job.

No just today she wanted to care about her and only her.

It sounded awfully selfish and irresponsible but it had been too long.

Too long since she didn't have to just be carefree and enjoy what life threw at her.

In this case … Nathan that she knew nothing about…

Wait until she heard he was a Scott…

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