Fastest One Alive Race

Chapter 1: Conspiring Against Common Foes

In quite a dark room, a rich wealthy man Royalton sits anxiously waiting for his clients to arrive on the scene, as he placed a suitcase on the table, Eggman enters the scene with two members of his Super Special Search and Smash Squad, Scratch and Grounder, along with an unofficial member Coconuts coming into the room. The four immediately sat down in their seats, and at the other end of the table, a large shadowy figure sits down in its seat.

"What's this all about?" asked Eggman to Royalton, "We don't normally do these kind of things, you know."

"I know that" replied Royalton, "but what if I could propose to all five of you, a race of all of our foes, where we can take each one of them out?"

"And just how the heck are we going to get our of our enemies in one place?" asked the shadowy figure in the back.

"With a race of course" replied Royalton, to which he then propped open his suitcase filled with money, "In the event that I can not join you three in stopping my arch nemesis Speed Racer from exposing my operations, I'm giving you five all the money you'll ever need to build the most dangerous racing course on the planet."

"But how we'll know if that blue hedgehog will accept a challenge?" asked Scratch.

"Oh, I know your foes very well indeed, they can not stand sitting in second place, next to a hunk of junk like the Marc 6" laughed Royalton.

"And neither will the Flash, I'm assuming" said Gorilla Grodd as he revealed himself from the shadows.

"We're teaming up with another monkey?!" cried Grounder, "But we already got one on our team!"

"Yeah!" added Coconuts.

"But this new compatriot of yours is highly intelligent, I have documented several episodes of your failures with my spybots" replied Royalton, "I'm sure your inventor Dr. Eggman would like to see a few clips to see how many times your robotic monkey friend, and you two have failed."

"Oh no, that won't be necessary, we'll take another monkey on our side" said Grounder as he gave a smile to the rich industrialist with him and Scratch giving the thumbs up.

"Good, good" said Royalton, "in the mean time, while I know I may sit in a cell with my lawyers, trying to get myself out of my predicament, I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress."

After Royalton got up of his seat, and left the scene, Eggman was a tad bit fuming at Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts for their repeated failures, but welcomed their newest teammate Gorilla Grodd.

"So when do we get all of our enemies into one place?" asked Eggman.

"Don't worry" replied Gorilla Grodd as he held what seemed like a security card, "leave that everything to me."

A few months went by since the meeting, and like Royalton feared mostly, was that his arch nemesis Speed Racer had won the race he attempted to do his best to fix. Speed happily carried the trophy that he had won from the hard race, which Royalton had attempted to literally steal from him as he held the trophy in his hand, the media went in a frenzy trying to get a close up.

"Yes folks, we have here, the fastest thing alive!" cried a journalist on the television screen.

Yet at that very moment, a certain blue hedgehog was just passing a particular television with also Tails, Knuckles and Shadow with him.

"What the heck are these people talking about?" asked Sonic as he was watching the news displayed in a window of a television shop.

"Sonic, didn't you hear, some guy named, er, I think Speed Racer just won a major race" replied Tails.

"But how can a hunk of junk, such as his car be faster than me?" asked Sonic as he was shocked that the rest of the media was quite in a frenzy with journalists on the televison screen trying to get a one on one interview with Speed, "That guy is such a pushover."

"Oh great, here we go again" sighed Knuckles as he turned away.

"Listen to me blue one" said Shadow, "if your thinking of challenging that fellow, then you got another thing coming, perhaps I can take the title of the Fastest Thing Alive away from you."

"Is that a challenge Shadow, then you're on" replied Sonic, "first one there to challenge this Speed Racer fellow is a rotten egg!"

"And just what kind of a mess have we gotten into" sighed Knuckles as he shook his head, to which he then turned to Tails, "come on, we got to follow them."

Meanwhile, while the two hedgehogs were heading to where Speed Racer was, a certain superhero known as the Flash was quite busy in a coffee shop with Batman and the Green Arrow having a simple cup of joe. The Flash was busy putting in quite a lot of sugar within his coffee, which Batman and Green Arrow simply shook their heads in disbelief.

"Flash, you need to lay off the sugar" said the Green Arrow as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Sometimes it's not always good to drink so much of that stuff" added Batman.

"Lighten up already" said Flash, "I can handle this sort of stuff, besides, when you have to keep up with the title of the Fastest One Alive, you got to handle stuff like this."

"I'm not so sure if you are the Fastest One Alive" said the manager of the store as he was busy at the counter with a few cashiers, which he then turned up the volume of the television, "because that Speed Racer fellow now retains the title."

"What?!" cried Flash as he spit coffee out of his mouth which went right onto poor Batman and the Green Arrow.

"Nice one" sighed the Green Arrow as he got up to clean himself.

"So, you're going to challenge this Speed Racer?" asked Batman to Flash.

"Maybe, hold that thought" replied Flash as he sped out in quite a fast manner.

"Me, and my big mouth" sighed Batman as he took another sip of his coffee.

Meanwhile, back at the champion event for Speed Racer, Pops Racer was quite protective over his son trying to protect the media.

"Sir, can I please get through so that I can have an interview with your son" said a journalist as he tried to get through.

"Sorry pal" said Pops, "but the only way you'll ever be getting through, is that you got to deal with me."

"Pops, I don't mind the interviews" said Speed.

"Fine, go have your glory" sighed Pops as he stepped aside.

"So Speed, how does it feel that you're now the Fastest One Alive?" asked the journalist who finally got through.

"It's nothing much, I guess" replied Speed.

"Nothing much, I could beat that hunk of junk of yours, any day of the week" said an unfamiliar voice.

Suddenly, the journalists turned toward Sonic the Hedgehog who was busy at the catering table, scarfing down his favorite chilidog while Shadow watched in quite disgust.

"And your name would be?" asked the journalist who was interrupted.

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, and I'm the one who deserves the title of the Fastest One Alive" replied Sonic as he gave an arrogant smirk to Speed.

"This is my challenge?" laughed another unfamiliar voice.

The crowd of journalists then turned to the Flash who had finally arrived on the scene.

"I don't believe that a little pest like you has the title of the Fastest One Alive" said Flash as he came right up to Sonic, "I can beat you, your black hedgehog buddy, and that hunk of junk with my hands tied behind my back."

"Then it's a bet then" said Sonic.