"Al, did you get the directions to the nearest town?"

"Yeah, I got them from that nice lady over there." Alphonse pointed his finger towards the person he was talking to on the other side of the road and Edward almost choked when he saw the scantily clad woman. "She was really friendly and when I told her that I was traveling with my older brother, she said we could visit her anytime!"

Edward didn't know what to say at first. He took a deep breath and it looked like the fight of good vs. evil was on his face as he contemplated if he should tell his brother or not.

"Al…you do know that you just asked directions from a prostitute, right?"

Sometimes Edward couldn't decide if Alphonse was just naïve or stupid. He would never admit to these particular thoughts to his brother after everything they've been through in the past but Al had the tendency to give him reasons to wonder. And this was definitely one of those reasons.