At the first sight

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The fourth is a story,(to find at 'chapter' 10) where Jimmy get's exposed to the truth serum...and tells unvoluntary the citizens what he thinks of them...much to his own disadvantage.

The fifth story (to find on chapter 14):Stranded...but this time Jimmy is stranded with Libby and Betty, who find out that they CAN'T stand each other. While Jimmy has to put up with arising catfights, Cindy is stuck with Sheen and Carl trying to rescue them. Who will go insane first? I think that explains it

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The car rolledslowly along the road. A nine-year-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes looked thoughtfully outside the window. An unfamiliar surrounding passed his very eyes.

"Well that is it, Goddard…" he said quiet to his mechanical dog, while he patted his head.

" That's where we're going to live now…"

His mother turned her head and gave him a warm smile. "Sweetie I know you're sad, but I'm sure you will find new friends soon…"

She looked lovingly at her son. Jimmy nodded unsure, pressing Goddard tighter against his chest. At least he had one true pal with him. His father continued:" Yeah Jimmy, time to leave the things behind and show this Retrovillians what the Jimster can do, huh? Into a new life… I wonder if there will be ducks in our new life… "

His mother shook exhausted her head, while Jimmy hopefully asked:"Can I use them as genuine pigs?"


rang the strict voice of his mother.

"No experiments with the neighbors, is that clear?"

Jimmy nodded disappointed. But soon he remembered his old class. He hasn't been exactly the most popular boy… well from the rational point that was a logical consequence after all he'd done with them. He'd explained them, for science there are sacrifices to bring, but after he messed up with the hair of some girl, they wouldn't listen. Suddenly Jimmy shuddered…Girls… it was unimaginable for him, to think that one day his hormones would force him to actually like girls… but he was quite sure this won't happen to him.

"That's the way it stays, huh Goddard? Just the two of us!"

Goddard licked happily his face and barked in agreement.

"Honey, we're there!"

Jimmy got off the car and observed the area. In front of him was a very welcoming looking house. He felt immediately he was at home. His mother carried her suitcase to the porch and pulled out the key.

"We already brought the furniture and our stuff here, so all we have to do is to come in and start our live in Retroville…"

Jimmy couldn't help but laugh. How could someone name a town Retroville? He took a look at his new room. His mom has been very creative, for the whole room was rocket themed. He smirked at Goddard:

" Oh I could've fun here…"

As he watched outside he discovered a small wooden hut.


His parents told him he could have his own clubhouse…

"Well Goddard seems like the perfect place for a lab, what do think?"

Goddard barked satisfied and Jimmy started planning. But when he jumped on his bed, he heard his mother calling:

" Jimmy dear, come downstairs please! We want to get our neighborhood to know!"

Jimmy sighed. He had hoped he would have more time, before he met other people, especially other children. Nevertheless he obeyed his mother. They just left the house, when the discovered a men and a women across the street.

"Hello there neighbors!"

Jimmy's father shouted. The couple turned their heads, while Jimmy's family crossed the street. The woman looked a little confused, but also somehow…annoyed when she took a long look at them. Jimmy's mum introduced themselves.

"Good morning, we are the Neutrons! We just moved in here this morning… I'm Judy, this is my husband Hugh and here my son Jimmy…"

The women shook his mother's hand.

"Vortex, pleasure to meet you…I guess"

Her look fell on Jimmy.

"Well your son has just the same age as our daughter…" J

udy smiled brightly.

"Oh that's great! Huh Jimmy?"

Jimmy put on a fake smile.

"Oh...Yeah… great…"

He echoed. Of course his neighbors had to have a daughter. How much bad luck could a boy have? Probably his mother would force him to spend time with this girl, to get the neighborhood to know.

"Stupid girls, all they've got in their head are ponies, fairytales, dancing and clothes…"

he thought disgusted. Mrs. Vortex turned around and opened the door of her house.

"Cynthia! Get down please and say hello to our new neighbors!"

she yelled.

"Coming mom!"

came the response. Footsteps could be heard. The adults started a conversation. "Are these from the house across the street?" a young female voice asked. The adults didn't seem to notice. Jimmy sighed annoyed. Great, now he had to talk with some silly girl all alone…

His eyes widened. A really pretty girl with the cutest pigtails he'd ever seen stood in front of him. She wore a loose pink shirt and black pants and was a really adorable sight. His hands started shaking a bit and his thoughts went slower than usual. As their eyes met and he looked in her bright emerald eyes, his heart began to beat as fast as never before. They were so deep yet so brilliant and sparkling. High intelligence was hidden in these beautiful eyes. Tingles spread all over his body. A shiver ran through his spine. "What the hell is wrong with me?" he thought desperate, while his cheeks burned. In the last second he could suppress a dreamily sigh. He never felt something like that before. It was pure bliss.

Cindy has been doing her Tai Chi practicing, when her mother asked her to come down. She sighed. New neighbors? She had heard a few days ago, these new people had a son. Now she would have to talk to some foolish boy. Yes, he would be stupid. At least she was the smartest kid in school. She sighed again and stepped outside. Suddenly her 

heart skipped a beat. A quite smart boy stood in front of her. He had a very …unique hair shape, but somehow she couldn't help but smile. He was cute.

"Eww did I just think that?"

she asked herself. Nick was cute. Not some kid like that. But when she looked the boy in the eyes, butterflies rose in her stomach. She felt as if she'd been electrified. They were sapphire blue and deep like the ocean… and something told her that this boy was very special. It was something in his gaze that melted her inside. Intelligence lay in his gaze, curiosity, as if he wanted to analyze the whole world. Warmth, caring. Her heart beat raced as she stared at him. She felt happy, simply happy. He was adorable.

Jimmy felt, as if it was to warm at this place. He couldn't take his look from the girl. She was enchanting. Both blushed madly and smiled sheepish. Her smile was incredible, so sincere and beautiful…

"No, wait that's wrong… "

,his mind screamed all of sudden.

"Error…Error… Error…"

Something was overwhelming him. Everything was wrong…

"System Shutdown… "

Jimmy couldn't take it any longer. He glanced a last time at her, and then he turned around running straight into his house. At the same moment, he turned around, he heard a door slamming.

Cindy's thoughts went crazy. She felt how her cheeks got a crimson blush. Her lips formed a smile. A real smile, not like these she faked, when she played as innocent as an angle. This was her real self and the boy returned it with the most charming smile she'd ever seen

"That's wrong! It's just some silly boy!"

She had to do something. Her mind searched desperate for a solution, while her heart was filled with overwhelming joy. Without any warning she slammed the door. Confused she stood still. What had this feeling have been? For a few minutes she did absolutely nothing. She could still feel the butterflies in her stomach. Cindy shook determined her head. She was supposed to swoon over Nick. He was the coolest guy at school and she did her best to act like all the other girls fawning over him. Why she did so was clear… Nick was in! She tried hard to get his attention, because that was what girls were supposed to do. She never had felt anything like that for him… not a bit. It scared her. Nick could never overpower her; she was always master of her thoughts, emotions and actions. At least she was nine years old. It wasn't normal to feel what she felt right now. Something had grabbed her heart. And for the first time she was really, truly scared…

Suddenly she got angry. No boy was it worth to scare her. What the hell did this strange kid think, he was? No one would outsmart Cindy Vortex! And at this very moment, she realized that this boy was her worst enemy. He was THE enemy number one, the person she had to put down. Anger rose in her.

"Oh you will see, what's like to be my enemy!"

she swore. But when she went into her room, she peeked out of the window. And the damn butterflies returned…

Jimmy went straight upstairs and fell on his bed. He didn't understand what just had happened. There was no rational explanation for it. Never before had he such a feeling for a girl. His heartbeat still raced at the thought at her.

"Just some stupid girl, nothing more…. I don't like girls…think of something important… the lab…"

he continued eagerly with his plans for his lab. But from time to time he caught himself glancing through the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

"What the heck…? Agh! I don't like girls!"

he screamed. And he recognized that this girl was the worst. She brought him to act totally stupid. Jimmy Neutron wasn't stupid. "And you won't put me down!!" he yelled. He would show this girl, what he was made of!

But yet he felt his heart beating faster, whenever he thought of her…

Judy looked confused around as she heard a door slamming.

"But what…?" she asked. The other parents were just as confused as her. Mrs. Vortex shrugged clueless.

"Seems, as if our children couldn't stand each other at the first sight…surprise..."

she added sarcastically. Judy nodded slowly.

"Yeah… seems as if there was something at the first sight…indeed"

she replied knowingly.

"Well, time will tell…"

A little smile pulled at her lips, at this thought.

The End

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