Garfield the Loan Shark

Garfield the Loan Shark

This is the story of a cat, but this is no ordinary cat. This is the story of a no good, dirty rotten, fat cat.

Now one day in an ordinary neighborhood, in an ordinary house, this fat cat slept. His name was Garfield. He was orange with black stripes as black as his heart.

"Ring, ring, ring, ring." Went this fat lazy slob's alarm clock. A large fat paw came out of the kitty bed and crushed the alarm clock. Then this cat got up and stretched. He walked on over to his sleeping owner and slapped his face.

"Huh…Wuzzat… Garfield! Why in the hell did you slap me like that?" His owner John said to this bully of a cat.

"Breakfast now! Talk later!" That fat cat said. So John got up and made breakfast for his cat. After Garfield ate he walked towards Odie the dog, and shoved him against the wall. After that he went towards the door.

After Garfield got his fat haunch out of the kitty door, that fat cat walked on over to the side walk. He then went over to this mouse hole that was in the ground by the side walk. Now is a good time to tell the reader that this mouse owed Garfield some money. Garfield wouldn't leave the mouse alone until he gave him the money he owed him. Now this mouse was so disgruntled by all the intrusions that fat lazy cat had made. So the mouse left a trap for that fat cat.

When Garfield made it to the mouse's home, that very smart mouse flipped a switch and a hose appeared out of nowhere and squirted that fat cat to oblivion.

When Garfield got home he was soaked head to toe with water. Now he doesn't bother any one about money again.

The end

Moral: Never be a loan shark EVER!!