"No. No." Severus kept repeating as he sunk down next to his husband.

Suddenly though he noticed what he had in his panic missed. Luke's chest was moving up and down. He was unconscious but he was breathing. He tried to reach his husband's mind but he realized it was shielded.

He looked up and caught sight of Poppy who had been sent for. "Poppy can you come and check on him? He is alive but...."

Poppy had already been headed their way but she sank down next to Luke and ran a diagnostic. "Exhaustion pure and simple. He will be fine in a few days time."

Everyone in the room let out a collective breath of relief. There was no one there who did not know they owed him their lives. Luke had not only defeated Albus but he had also helped to bring down Voldemort as well. He may not be the child of the Voldemort prophecy but he was the child of the original prophecy.

Cornelius came to their side. "He will be hailed the hero of the wizarding world. There will be...."

Severus cut him off. "That will have to wait. I am taking my husband home to Bulgaria and our daughter. He needs time to recover. The world can wait."

Though Fudge looked like he might argue he did not. He knew that the man was right. If anyone was entitled to some weeks of peace it was Luke. He was also a father himself. He knew what it must have been like for Luke to be away from his infant daughter even for a few days time. The entire order was ready to head back. Though there was little doubt that much of the order would end up returning home to the UK now that it was safe, many would likely remain behind. Severus knew he and Luke would be back here soon enough. He had missed teaching and he knew with the link to the school, Luke would likely wish to.

Lucius watched as his friend picked up his son. "The portkeys are all waiting to take the order home. The inner members are all heading home with us."

Severus had the portkey put on his husband for he could not hold to it to tell. "He will rest better and wake up sooner I am sure with our little girl by his side."

Poppy had fed him a sleeping option to keep him out for she had known the portkey would not be easy on him. It would be better if he slept for a few days. They knew everyone at home would be as anxious as the world for news but the others could fill them in. No one would know the entire story till Luke woke up though. As they prepared to leave and he saw everyone coming with them he realized just how many lives would soon be changing thanks to the bravery of his husband.

When they arrived in Bulgaria the people in the manor came flooding out and Narcissa and Draco were in the lead. Cella was in her grandmother's arms. Severus was not surprised when Lucius took his son from him and Severus scooped his daughter into his arms. He had missed Cella no less then his husband had.

Narcissa looked at her son in her husband's arms now. "Please tell me he is okay. I can not lose my son."

Lucius shook his head. "He defeated Albus and helped defeat Voldemort. He is just exhausted. In a few days he will be back to normal I promise."

As they headed inside the truth of what had happened came flooding out from many sides. Rodolphus was holding his wife and daughter, kissing Lyra who was cradled in Percy's arms. The Lestranges and the Malfoys would all be heading back to the UK eventually as they both missed their real manors. Cassey and Percy had decided that they would not move on their own. They had accepted a wing of Lestrange manor as Cassey would inherit it one day. Percy wanted to return full time to his work for the ministry and it would definitely be easier then commuting from Bulgaria. Narcissa and Lucius missed their proper home and they knew that Draco and Luke would be returning back. Draco had no plans yet but they knew like his husband, Luke would end up back at the school. He was young enough to return for his studies but he would likely be teaching. The teachers who had been in exile would return to their posts.

Neville had a sobbing Luna in his arms. "I thought I would lose you Nev. I want to be your wife. I can't imagine my life without you."

Holding her close Neville realized it was safe for him to consider kids. "We will be married this spring as planned and start a family as soon as you want my love."

There was no word whether they would return. Likely not. Neville's mother was in a hospital here in Bulgaria and Xeno had been running his newspaper from here for two years now. The Malfoys planned on offering to allow the kids as well as his Gran and her dad to continue using Eden as their home. And any other members of their group who might chose to remain here in Bulgaria. The twins would return for their shop.

Carlos looked at Dean when they were heading in. "You know both you and Hannah have a place in our home when we return home to the UK. Always."

Dean hugged his Uncle and Aunt. "We would appreciate that. We are hoping to continue our studies but we want to be close to our families."

Some of the kids would return for they had another year, or in Luna's case two years left of school. Hannah had the twins and Poppy for family as well as Percy but she had been growing closer to the Zaibinis thanks to Dean. They hoped to marry one day but they were not as much in a rush as the others to wed. Catherine had kept her promise to step up as a parent for her twin's son since Caroline was not alive to see her little boy.

Severus looked at Remus and Sirius when Lucius lay Luke down in bed. "And you two and the twins?'

Sirius smiled. "Moody is already asking me to return as an auror and we'd like to be close to Luke and to Cella as well. We'll be moving back soon enough."

He did not need to ask why everyone seemed to know they would return. Everyone here seemed to have become a family in the few years they were there. No one could have doubted that Luke and Severus would lead the charge home. As beautiful a sanctuary as Eden was, it was no longer needed. They had fought hard to make the world safe for not only everyone else but for themselves and their daughter, others to come. When Luke woke they would take advantage of that. He just wanted his husband to do that, to wake and show him his amazing green eyes.

He kissed Luke and his daughter. "We are home Luke. Our daughter is safe and we can have the life that we always deserved. Rest and come back to us soon."


Three days the world reeled with the news of the victory and those in the manor and back home in the UK were celebrating and starting to plan their new lives. Some of the order had already headed back home to the UK though the inner circle were still there. They wanted to be there for when Luke woke and celebrate with him. It was the morning of the fourth day before any signs of life came from Luke.

Severus was sitting with his daughter in the cradle next to him when the baby began to fuss and Narcissa came in with a bottle. "Here Sev."

Before he could respond Luke did from the bed. "Give her to me. I want to nurse."

Shocked they watched as Luke started coming around and Severus was in tears when he bent down and kissed his husband. Narcissa went to tell everyone he had woken up. Severus was not sure it was a good idea that Luke be nursing even though he no longer had potions in his system but he was anxious to. He handed the baby to her daddy and Cella happily latched on to her daddy's nipple, erasing any fear from Luke that she would not want to nurse when he returned home to her.

The family flooded in and Draco came to his side first. "You have us all quite the scare. Dad told us the stunt you pulled. You are not a Prewett twin remember."

Luke laughed a bit. "I wanted to protect my family and I knew that there was a chance that I would kill anyone in the room. If not for Fawkes I would have died."

Slowly Luke told them what had happened when he had been up there. They were all amazed how he had finally been able to bring the man down. They had seen the kind of power that he had but even this was amazing. He had admitted that he had no idea if he would survive. He had in fact thought he had died. But Fawkes had appeared to him. He was not sure if the bird had healed him with his magic or had just returned him to his body but he knew he owed it to the bird.

Luke looked at his dad. "Great Grandfather Ajax has finally been avenged. He and Grandfather as well. I finally got justice for him."

Lucius bent down and kissed his son on the head. "Your grandfather and mine would both be so proud Luke. So proud of the amazing bravery and power."

He had not been alone when Fawkes had come to him in his mind. Ajax and Abraxas had been there again. He did not speak of it this time for the message had been for him alone. They had confirmed what his father had just said to him. They were extremely proud of the courage and the strength he had shown in both battles. They could not have asked more of them. Ajax has assured him it was not for avenging him but protecting the world that he was proud of his grandson.

Severus took his daughter for a burp. "The minister wants us to return home soon and for you to be presented. There are calls for you to be the next minister."

Luke snorted. "I am not even seventeen years old and I have more then enough on my plate. But I do want to return home and to the school once again."

Of course no one was shocked. They had all known that was where he would be headed. He was the heir of Gryffindor. His brother was the Malfoy title heir but the powers and the title of Gryffindor passed to Luke because of his powers. He had a bond with the school. It might be the first time ever that the headmaster of the school had not even finished school yet but if he turned down minister they were sure to demand it.

Luke laughed nearly at the prospect but he smiled. "Only if I shared the honours with my husband. I do not think I am ready for so much responsibility just yet."

Severus smiled. "I would be honoured to share the position with you and I believe we have convinced several of the others here to teach. Especially the old ones."

A number of the staff had been forced to retire by Albus for standing against him and some had fled. Severus, Minerva and Filius and Hagrid would return to their posts and Draco was planning on studying with his godfather and working towards becoming a potions master. Remus was going to go back to teaching DADA so if Luke and Severus did take over, he and Sirius and the twins would once again be living in the same building as them.

Luke looked down at his daughter who his husband had returned and at his parents. "I want you around for her. Are you coming back?"

Narcissa smiled and nodded. "We miss home. We will be at the UK manor. And you know most of the order will be close. You won't have to miss us long."

It would be odd for them all not living under the roof any more but they would be happy they swore as they would remain close. They spoke of happier news and explained some of the choices of the others. Luke really was not surprised to learn that Neville and his family were staying put here.

He had to ask. "Did we ever find Ron and Seamus and the kids?"

Lucius sighed and nodded. "Unfortunately Albus' men turned on them when he died. Arthur was still alive but the baby and the two pregnant teens were killed."

They had been planning on having the children adopted by good families. All children were innocent. The dads would have been dealt with after. Arthur was already serving life in Azkaban for his crimes after receiving a trial. Molly and her lover were still on the run and had left Germany.

Draco actually smiled. "You'll never guess but the poor little child bride of Bill, well Fleur has been asked to come and tutor her for now."

Narcissa explained. "She has suffered a lot from her marriage and she is too shaken for school. Fleur wanted to help the girl and they made the request."

He knew Fleur would make a great teacher and he thought that it seemed a good fit. It was an odd pairing though. Fleur had once been in love with and about to marry the monster who had taken hr as a child for his bride. Fleur had helped Bill get caught but she had still felt guilt. She had gone to the family to see if she could help and they had after speaking thought it was a good idea for both young women.

Luke was growing tired again and the others started drifting out but Luke bent down and kissed his daughter. "Finally my little Cella, you can live in peace."


Ten years later......Eden was full of life once again. The order had decided to spend the ten year anniversary of the end of the war there. Luke and his husband were among the last to arrive. They had spent the past ten years as the headmasters of the school though Severus left it mostly to his husband at first while he was the potions master. They were the proud parents of not only Marcella but two sons Ajax Lucius and Abraxas Severus who were second generation Malfoy twins and like their father and Uncle, were identical and true Malfoys. They were now eight years old.

Luke smiled when he saw his mom and dad and after greeting them turned to Draco and hugged his brother. "I have missed you since you two moved to France."

Draco laughed. "Well since your husband refuses to give up teaching I needed to look else where but I only see you every two months. You really must love me."

Unlike his brother Draco had waited till his twenties to marry. He had done his six years to become a potions master finishing at twenty three and that same year had married Fleur's little sister Gabrielle who was three years younger. She wad the main reason for the move. He worked as a potions brewer for a hospital in France and Gabrielle was working for Beauxbautons where she taught charms. Married for not even four years now they had two children, three year old son Caelum Draco and one year old daughter Cyrene Narcissa. They did come to the UK constantly for Fleur was there as well, now married and pregnant with her first child.

Remus called out to him. "Where is our greeting cub? You would think that you would miss your godfathers more then your twin really."

Severus snorted. "You live two floors down from us at the school and see us every day. We probably see the twins more then Sirius does."

Sirius had taken over as head of the aurors for Moody who was now the father of two sons and a daughter much to the glee of Andromeda and Ted, had decided to retire finally though his wife was still an active auror. Remus and Severus had never had more then the twins. They had not been disappointed. They were happy to have a son and a daughter, and doted madly on Luke's three who they considered grandchildren.

Luke looked up at the house. "This place is going to be a mad house with all the kids, almost as bad as the school. Glad it is Neville's home and not ours."

Severus kissed him. "You know Eden is part of the houses you will inherit. Luna and Neville with their family and their two daughters are just renters here."

The house had become a bit of a return to the war days in the sense it was housing many. Neville's Gran and Xeno lived there as well as Neville and Luna with their two daughters. Dean and Hannah had moved back as well, married with a son though they were close to the Zaibinis as ever. Blaise in fact was teaching at Durmstang now as was Dean so they saw each other on a daily basis. With the twins and their five kids between them and Percy and Hermione with Lyra and Frankie coming, their son now nine years old, the house would definitely be full of life as it had been back then.

Luke looked over at his children and had a smile. "This place really was out little Eden, our piece or paradise. It will always be special because of her."

Severus pulled his husband in close. "I thought it was also special because of the fact we were married here among other things. I might be hurt."

Luke pulled his husband in for a passionate kiss and assured him he had not forgotten. In fact the gate house where they had their honeymoon he had prepared for romantic night for the both of them and the clearing they had their dinners in, ready for them again. There was definitely many special moments here for them.