As painful as it was, and it was extremely painful, nothing made Jack Spicer feel more like he was welcome than the door of Chase's lair crashing down on his head. That door did that for no one else but him. Even when the three of them, Chase, Wuya, and himself, stood before that door, it still managed to crack him in the head.

It was like the welcome mat.

At the very least, the pain made him awake enough to dodge cat claws to the inner sanctum of the lair.

At the most, it always granted him some type of greeting from Chase, or Wuya. It was hard to hear very well under that stone, but he could usually pick up what was being said.

A heavy sigh, followed by, " I thought you said that would paralyze him. "

" I thought it would. I've done this enough times with my jaws and hands." He could just imagine Chase rubbing his temples.

" Jaack? Can you walk? "

The redhead gave some sort of muffled answer, and wiggled his legs while freeing himself. Before him stood both Wuya and Chase in the doorway; watching him expectantly. Jack had been about to say something, but as soon as he stood and opened his mouth, Wuya cut him off.

" Dammit Chase! " Her hand smacked at his armored shoulder in accordance.

Chase merely grunted and held a hand glowing with black energy to the side." Calm yourself, woman. It is easily remedied. " Somewhere beyond his line of sight, a collection of runes was rearranged. Chase lowered his arm; allowing it to fall on Wuya's waist.

Jack looked between the two, waiting before he chanced speaking this time. " Can I come in now? "

A low growl rumbled in the Heylin Prince's throat, but he moved to the side just enough; tugging Wuya with as he extended an arm. " I suppose you've earned it."

Both wished for shades as soon as he said that to block out the 100 watt smile Jack was beaming at them.

Best. Reward. Ever.