Harry and Ginny Starting Over (Carry on from Secret Hideaway)

Harry and Ginny Starting Over (Carry on from Secret Hideaway)

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One Year Later

Author's note: I know I said chapter eleven was the last but I love you all so much I decided to do a spin off for you all.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had gone back to Hogwarts to repeat their seventh year due to the fact they were off hunting horcruxes. Now, respectively, in the same year as Ginny, Harry found himself able to spend more time around her after being apart from her during those long months in hiding. The battle had been won, Voldemort was defeated once and for all and everything fell back into place, as though it was still Harry's sixth year and he was still with Ginny spending those alone hours in the caveā€¦

Sat in the Burrow after Graduating Hermione was pleased to see she had ten n.e.w.t.s and had got an O in everything except DADA which she got an E in. Ron had eight n.e.w.t.s at grade E and one at grade A (potions). Harry to his utter astonishment received eight grades E and two at Grade O (DADA and Charms). He had the qualifications he wanted to be an auror now, Ginny, to no doubt had ten E n.e.w.t.s. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny in the kitchen from behind and kissed her soft hair. 'Well done.' He whispered squeezing her. Ginny turned and beamed at him before softly kissing him. Her mother made tutting noises and George said 'I don't want putting of my breakfast before I've had it thank you.' Walking through the door to the kitchen and helping his self to bacon. George now nineteen ran Weasley Wizard Wheezes with his newly wedded wife Alicia. 'How's Alicia?' Molly asked putting more bacon into the pan. 'Bit of morning sickness, she's on her way down, after breakfast we'll head to Saint Mungo's for her five month scan.' George replied, chomping noisily on his bacon.

Alicia entered moments later holding her back as she walked her already showing bump stuck out. George leapt to his feet immediately and helped her into a seat. 'How're you feeling?' He asked as he poured her a glass of pumpkin juice. 'As if someone is jumping on my bladder. I'm sure I'm carrying multiple babies here, it can't be just one. Call it woman's instinct or what ever but I'm sure its twins!' She replied with that she jumped up and left the room again, George followed ready to hold her hair out of the way as she threw up. Molly knocked on the toilet door and handed a glass of water though to Alicia. 'Bless her, the only time I had morning sickness was with the twins and Ginny.' Molly said cleaning away dishes. 'Harry m'boy, I was thinking we could perhaps paint Charley's old room for you today, make it more to your liking.' Arthur Weasley said as he sat down beside Harry and accepted a cup of tea from his wife. 'Oh, you don't have to Mr. Weasley, me and Ginny could do it our selves if that's ok?' Harry asked waving his wand to refill the jug of pumpkin juice and pouring himself a glass.

Hermione and Ron had disappeared sometime during the conversations and when Harry walked into the living room found them kissing passionately on the sofa, he cleared his throat to tell them he was there. They jumped back blushing. 'Sorry to interrupt your erm, activity, but I was wondering if either of you had seen Ginny?' Harry asked laughing. Ron mumbled something about the chicken coop so Harry headed out there.

Two hours later Alicia and George returned from Saint Mungo's looking slightly worried but happy. 'Twins! Two girls! One was behind the other so they couldn't notice until now, isn't it amazing?' She announced as George was clapped on the back by his father and Ron, Hermione way hugging and congratulating Alicia when Ginny and Harry walked in both covered in red and gold paint. 'What's the excitement about? We were having a paint fight.' Harry explained after the funny looks from everyone. 'I'm expecting twins! Two girls isn't that great?' Alicia gushed smiling. 'That's fantastic! Congratulations!' Harry and Ginny said. 'Well, we really should finish the room before lunch and get ourselves washed up. We still have another wall to do.' Harry said and he led Ginny back upstairs.