Harry and Ginny Starting Over

Sorry for not updating for ages I've had really bad writers block so writing has been difficult for me. This chapter might be a little crappy since my writing isn't going to well so far so no harsh comments please!

The Match

'Hello and welcome to the first game of the season, Hufflepuff versus Gryffindor!' Announced the commentator: which was Luna and Neville's child: Nellie. Her white blonde hair whipped around her face in the wind as she spoke into the megaphone in the commentators stand. 'This year's new line up of members on Gryffindor's team includes no other than legendary Harry Potter's son: James Potter. Let's hope he can put his father's outstanding Quidditch skills to shame.' Nellie said as the two teams flew into the air. 'Madam Hooch comes onto the pitch and the balls are released, up goes the Quaffle and they're off!' She shouted excitedly. Professor McGonagall shook her head but laughed at Nellie's enthusiasm.

Fifteen minutes into the game Gryffindor were winning 50-30 Fillies Kurt, the beater on Hufflepuff was zooming about trying to see who he could aim a blow at next. Opal had possession of the Quaffle and was heading for the Hufflepuff goal; Fillies batted a well aimed Bludger at her. James watched with a racing heart as the Bludger hit her square in the chest knocking her clean off her broom and sending her spiralling down to the ground. James wanted to sweep to her aid to help her, tell her it was ok but he'd seen a sudden flash of goal by Fillies ankle and flew alarmingly fast toward him. Fillies face was a picture of his previous laugh and shock as James whipped past him, arm outstretched. 'Apletude is down by a Bludger sent by Kurt; I do hope she's ok… WAIT A SECCOND! What's this: Potter is flying right for Kurt I don't think he liked seeing her fall… Hang on what's he holding in his hand? POTTER HAS GOT THE SNITCH: GRYFFINDOR WINS!' Nellie cried jumping up and clapping along with the rest of the crowd. James' hand had just wrapped around the tiny fluttering ball and he pulled up to avoid crashing into the viewing stand, he turned suddenly and aimed his broom for the ground pulling up just in time to avoid crashing and stopped beside Opal. Madam Pomfrey was already at her side and Opal was sat clutching her ribs and crying. 'Oh dear: looks like at least three broken ribs and a sprained ankle, Opal.' She said helping her stand up.

James rushed to pick up her broom along side his and put and arm around her waist to help her walk. He pointed his wand at the two brooms lying next to each other and said clearly 'Winggardium Leviosa.' He levitated the brooms to stay beside him as he and Madam Pomfrey half carried half aided her back to the castle. Once in the Hospital Wing Professor McGonagall arrived and congratulated them for good flying and winning the match and checked Opal was going to be ok. Madam Pomfrey fixed her four broken ribs and sprained ankle in a blink of an eye but said she'd like to have Opal in over night just to be safe.

'You flew really well today James. Well done getting the snitch you flew really fast!' Opal said wiping her tear stained cheek with her sleeve.

'Thanks, you should have seen the look on Kurt's face when I started flying right at him once he'd knocked you down he looked terrified! When I flew right past him he was so shocked he thought I was going to fly into him: I was tempted to.' James laughed sitting on the side of her bed holding her hand. 'Sorry to break up your convocation but Miss Apletude need's her rest, you can see her tomorrow when she's discharged.' Madam Pomfrey said popping her head out of the office. The clock chimed seven o'clock in the distance. 'I'll be back tonight, trust me.' James said as he gave her a swift kiss on the cheek before going down to supper.