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This is a note to all future companions, recorded by the TARDIS of a conversation Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble had. Written on (insert episode title here). Side comments by Micky Smith, and Sarah-Jane.

Rose: The biggest secret that The Doctor does not, and most likely never will, want anyone to know, is that….

Jack: Is what?!

Rose: Shut up and I'll tell you!

Jack: You wound me Rosie! (Claps hands over his heart in mock hurt)

Sarah-Jane: Shut up both of you.

Martha: Thank you. Thought they'd never stop bickering.

Micky: Should have seen them in the beginning. They argued just like any brother and sister would….actually, they still do!

Sarah-Jane: Rose, what were you going to say?

Rose: Right. The Doctor has a…

Donna: Oh my gosh! You know what would be hilarious!? If she said he had a tattoo of a ballerena on his bum!

Rose: I was actually going to say he has a tattoo of a banana on his right shoulder blade but that would be even better!

Jack: Of course you'd be the one to see that part of him!

Donna: Oi! I've seen the whole package! And it was SCARY!

Rose, Jack, Micky, Sarah-Jane, and Martha, all look at her like she's lost her mind. Which is a very likely option.

Everyone: What?!

Jack: She's insane. She has to be!

Rose: I second that thought.

Martha: Third.

Sarah-Jane: Fourth.

Micky: Fifth.

Everyone snaps their heads toward Micky at his spoken agreement.

Rose: Uh…

Jack: Well…that was…

Sarah-Jane: Odd.

Jack and Rose: Very.

Micky: Shut up.

Rose: Right, so yea. The Doctor has a banana tattoo. Isn't that the oddest….er, second, oddest thing (looks at Micky) you've ever heard?

Everyone: Yes!

Jack: No…no actually it's not…

Rose: Yea. You're right. I mean, considering his love for the fruit.

Sarah-Jane: When did you see his tattoo exactly Rose?

Jack/Micky: Yeah!?

Rose: Christmas 2006 when he was regenerating. It was either I change him or Mum. And I knew Mum would just stare at him so I did it.

Jack: Suuuure.

Rose: It's true!

Jack: Uh huh…

Sarah-Jane: Stop it both of you! Jack, you're around 100 plus years old, you should know better than this by now! And you Rose, you've been around him and the Doctor long enough to know that they're both me, and they won't ever grow up. No matter how old they are.

Rose/Martha/Donna: That's for sure!

Jack/Micky: Oi!

Women: - laugh and walk out of the room –

Micky: Soo…banana tattoo? Really?

Jack: Yeah. I was thinking something cool ya know? Something…

Micky: Other then fruit?

Jack: Exactly.

Micky: Shouldn't surprise us ya know. It IS the Doctor after all.

Jack: Yeah. You're right. It shouldn't…and sadly it doesn't really.

Micky: Yup.

END of transmission.

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