To Be Decided…

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A fan fiction story by She is Brighter


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Chapter I:

I wasn't so sure, when I woke in the dark, if I'd just begun crying, or if my tears had run while I slept and simply continues now. I stared at my dark ceiling. I could feel that it was the middle of the night – I was still half asleep, maybe more than half. I closed my eyes and prayed for a dreamless sleep.

That's when I heard the noises that must've woke me in the first place. Something shark scraped along the length of my window with a high-pitched squeal, like fingernails against glass.

My eyes flew wide open with fright, though I was so exhausted and muddled I was not positive whether I was awake or asleep. Something scratched against my window again with the same thin, high-pitched sound.

Confused and clumsy with sleep, I stumbled out of my bed and to the window, blinking the lingering tears from my eyes on the way.

A huge, dark shape wobbled erratically on the other side of the glass, lurching toward me like it was going to smash right though. I staggered back, terrified, my throat closing around a scream.


She'd come for me.

I was dead.

Pages 276-279 of New Moon

. Bella .

I couldn't let Charlie die. I just couldn't. Somehow, I'd manage to beg and plead with her not to kill my innocent father too. With fumbling fingers, I managed to swing the window open, and stumbled backwards in the process. Before I could fall, ice-cold hands caught me around my waist.

I kicked, I pulled, and I even attempted to scratch. My arms and legs were flailing every which way. I would not go with out a fight.

"Bella, Bella, Bella! Relax, it's only me." I stopped flailing about at once.

This wasn't Victoria. I knew this intruder. The only question was, why was he in my bedroom, in FORKS after all this time?