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My body was in agonizing pain as Edward's venom burned through my veins. It felt like I had swallowed a lit match and someone had just poured lighter fluid down my throat. My only comfort was Edward's cold arms holding me tight, and knowing that I could stay with him forever. Every minute felt like a century, and I faded in and out of concsinous. But even in my sleep like state, I could still feel a dull fire coursing through my body. It was hard to keep track of time, but Edward occasionly whispered how much of this hell was left.

"Just a couple more hours," he whispered, and I felt relief.

I passed out again, and the last thing I felt was the rock hard arms that held me together.

I woke up and immediatley sensed a change. I couldn't figure what is was at first. Then I realized it: the pain that had plagued me for three days was gone. Could my transformation be complete?

"Edward?" I called out. My voice sounded different and my throat felt thick.

"Good morning, love," he replied cheerfully. I looked into his eyes, and saw complete happiness.

"Am I done?" I asked as I examined by body. I noticed several changes.

"I think so," he said with a smile. "How does it feel to be a vampire?"

"It feels good!" I giggled.

Suddenly the door burst open. It was the entire Cullen family with Emmett in the lead. "Bella!" he yelled, and jumped on top of me. On instinct I threw him off, and he rammed in the wall, crashing into it and flying out of sight.

"I told you it would work!" he called out from somewhere in the hall.

"Sorry," I murmered. Alice was staring at me in amazement.

"Welcome to the family," said Esme as she smiled at me in motherly delight.

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