Richard lay in his hospital bed, alone with only his memories to comfort him. He couldn't remember what had happened. There had been a party, and it was really hot, and he had loosened his tie, and then what? Lorelai's face came into mind for some reason. Had she been there? No, that's right. Emily and her had gotten into another one of their trivial fights. For some reason he needed to see Lorelai. He didn't know why, but he needed his daughter there. All he had were these faint memories of her childhood. He was starting to forget her face even though he had seen her a few weeks ago. He could remember Emily's face perfectly, that had never left his mind since the first time he saw her, and the thought of Rory was comforting, but with Lorelai he needed to see her. A man walked into his room, followed by Emily. He reached for her gladly, reassuring her that he was fine. Rory came to visit next. But where was Lorelai? He drifted into sleep, and when he woke up, there she was. There was his daughter. She started to open her mouth. He had no idea what she would say. There was nothing to say. What could either of them apologize for? Emily burst in again, and he didn't know if he was grateful that she'd interrupted them or not. At least for the moment he had more than just the memory of them.