The battle at the Ministry of magic had ended the war. Harry had an unexpected person, Lucius Malfoy, to thank for the life of his beloved godfather. Lucius it turned out was a spy for their side for years like Severus, and had saved Sirius from the spell sent at him by Bellatrix. Harry's godfather was free and Harry would be spending the summer and every holiday with his official guardian. He and Remus would be meeting Harry at the train station.

Draco was surprisingly sitting with Harry and his friends. They had called a truce and become friends. Well not Ron and Draco. Harry had never thought the day would come when he'd be so close to Draco. Draco was having a hard time with dealing with the news his mother was in prison and facing the kiss. She had not been a spy like her husband and it was Lucius and her own son who were helping her send her to prison.

When the train was pulling into the station Draco smiled at Harry. "I can't believe we're going to be spending the summer together."

Harry was shocked. "I'm sorry. What do you mean we're going to be spending the summer together? I am living with my godfather and Remus."

Draco was surprised. "You didn't hear? Grimmauld sustained damage from a late Death Eater attack. You guys are staying with us at the manor this summer."

Harry gaped at him. "You're telling me that Sirius and Remus have agreed to live with your dad and godfather and you in your manor for the summer."

Draco nodded. "You know dad and Sirius mended old fences especially after dad saved his life. They thought we could use each other this summer as well."

Harry knew it made sense. Draco was going to need a friend as he watched his mother's trial and was forced to testify against his own mother. Many of Draco's housemates had parents who were facing trial as well. The only ones his own age though who had been followers had been Crabbe and Greengrass.

Harry saw his godfathers when he got off the train. Sirius hugged him. "I see from your face that Draco told us our little secret."

Harry nodded. "Why didn't either of you tell me that we were spending the summer at Malfoy manor?"

Remus pulled him into his own hug. "We were a bit worried you'd refuse and perhaps insist on spending the summer at the Burrow."

Harry would have laughed at their concern but he saw that they were being honest about it. He had no idea why they would worry that he'd have not been willing to come and spend the summer with them because they were living with the Malfoys. They were his family, the family he had been waiting so long to have.

Harry smiled. "Draco and I have become friends and I owe Lucius your life Siri. I can live with them and even Snape, if it means being with you two."

Remus looked relieved. "We are so happy to hear that cub. You know we've wanted to offer you a family for so long."

Lucius had appeared and was talking to his son when Harry had been catching up with his godfathers but he turned around to face Harry and for the first time Harry could ever recall, the man looked at him without a sneer, and actually ha a genuine smile on his face.

"I hope you're not too disappointed to spend the summer with us. Your friendship with my son means a lot to me Harry." Lucius told him.

Harry shook the hand offered. "It means a lot to me as well Mr Malfoy and I am grateful you have offered us a roof while our home is fixed. And for Sirius' life too."

Lucius looked at the man in question. "I have owed my life to him before, repaying a favour. And while you're my guest, you can call me Lucius this summer."

They were lead off to the place where they could catch the Knight bus as it would be the easiest way with the wards on Malfoy Manor, to get there. Harry had taken the bus twice now, once in the day and once at night and he was happy that it was day again. He hated the beds that rolled around every where. He sat with Draco and Remus as Lucius and Sirius had to find seats up on another level as there were many people around.

Draco looked out the window. "I'll be glad to get home again but it will be kind of odd being there without my mother around."

Harry felt a pang for his friend who had never been close to his mother but it was still hard. "You know I'm here Draco if you need to talk."

Draco nodded but laughed. "You know I was actually thinking that we'd do more quidditch then anything. Maybe practice with you; I can beat you one day."

Remus smiled as he listened to the two of them talking. Harry and Draco weren't aware but Grimmauld really had not sustained any damage that year. It had been decided by Sirius and Lucius it would be good for both boys if they spent the summer together. They knew Harry would be reluctant to stay at the manor so they had told both boys the lie to make it look as if it was required. Sirius was though planning on renovating the house, gutting it of all the darkness, but he could have easily waited until Harry went back to school in the fall.


Harry had to admit a summer at the Manor was not going to be that bad, especially compared to previous summers. Having Snape, well Severus as he was told he could call the man, around would be hard and getting used to Draco's dad but the manor had its own quidditch pitch and pool. He knew he and Draco would have a lot of fun and he could be here for his new friend as Draco went through everything this summer.

He had been given a bedroom across the hall from Sirius' room but right next to Draco's and he was touched to see someone had taken the time to do the room in red and gold for him and there were some new quidditch posters on the walls as well.

Harry had gone to bed and Sirius had told him before bed if he had a bad dream to come and wake him. "I know cub, you've still been having them."

Harry wondered which one of his friends told him but he smiled and nodded. "Thanks Siri. But I think now that I'm home and the war is over, I'll be fine."

Sirius didn't look all that convinced but he nodded. "Okay but remember what I said. I don't want you to be worried about my sleep."

Harry had desperately hoped he'd not have to wake up his godfather for it had been a few days since he had a nightmare but some time after midnight he woke up screaming from a bad dream and his heart was racing in his chest. To his sheer horror he had wet his bed as well. He had done a few times at school with bad dreams but he had been able to do magic there.

He did the one thing he could think of and quietly called. "Dobby."

Dobby appeared. "Master Harry be in old master's home. Master know Dobby not like be here but he come for Master Harry."

Harry looked down at his bed. "Dobby, I had a bad dream. I don't want my godfathers to know. Can you help me?"

Dobby nodded and used a few spells to clean the sheets and Harry's pyjamas. "Dobby know Master Harry did at school too. Dobby help Master Harry here too."

Harry was relieved for the little house elves help and when Dobby disappeared he knew he was never going to get back to sleep if he didn't talk to someone and he grabbed his robe and headed for his godfather's door but stood in shock in the entrance when he saw Sirius was not alone in bed. He couldn't make out the other form in bed with him but Harry stumbled from the room.

He wasn't sure where he was going but he found himself downstairs and out into the gardens. He collapsed onto a bench confused sobbing. The dream, and the confusion over what he saw, and his accident, he was just over whelmed.

He felt a warm set of arms encircle him and he rested his head back against them thinking it a godfather but a voice met his ears. "Had a bad dream Harry?"

Harry turned in surprise to see who had joined him and he nodded. "I have been having them all year. I thought after the war ended though they would end."

His companion brushed some of his tears away for him. "Why didn't you go and wake your godfather or Remus? I thought I heard them say to do so."

Harry went pale. "I went to see Sirius but I didn't want to disturb him."

He didn't tell his companion the truth but he could see they knew. He wondered if he was the only one in the house who had not been aware of what was going on and for a moment he wanted to ask if they knew who the person was but he kept his tongue.

Harry moved to get up. "I shouldn't keep you. It is late and I should probably head into bed."

The companion pulled him back down. "I needed some fresh air too. I was having a hard time sleeping and I wanted to get some air."

Harry was surprised when he found himself not only staying but when he felt himself drawn back into the person's arms. He rested his head against their heart and he felt safe and relaxed there. Harry knew it wasn't like when he was with his godfather though. This seemed so odd.

His companion later walked him to his door. "Good night Harry. You know where my room is if you need to talk."

Harry went to open his door but he turned back with a small smile. "Thank you."

Harry was shocked when a warm set of lips were lowered to his. It was a brief brush of a kiss but it was enough to leave him blushing. He wasn't gay or at least he never thought he was but though surprised by the kiss, he had to admit he was not disgusted or bothered by it either.

He slipped into his room and stood there in absolute shock. "Did that just happen?"


Harry woke up the next morning feeling still a bit at odds over the kiss from the night before and confused over finding his godfather in bed with someone but with no idea of whom. He didn't understand why Sirius had not told him he was in a relationship.

At the breakfast table Sirius looked up at him. "Hey cub, did you sleep well?"

Harry bit his lip over what he had seen. "Yes, Siri."

Remus looked over concerned at him. "Harry, you know you can come to us at night. My room is right next to Sirius'. We both want to help."

Harry saw an odd flash in the eyes of Sirius and he wondered if his godfather was asking if Harry had come to him the night before. He couldn't understand why Sirius would have told him to come to him when ever he had a bad dream, and had someone in his bed with him. It seemed a cruel way for Harry to find out about a relationship Sirius had not been ready to tell him about. He tried to comfort himself with the thought Sirius had probably believed Harry when he had said he had been over his nightmares at night.

Harry turned his attention to Draco as he seemed the one reassuring face at the table right now. "How about we go flying this morning?"

Draco smiled and nodded. "That would be great. It has been weeks since I was on my broom."

Lucius looked up from his paper. "Draco, you know we have an appointment with the attorney later this afternoon so you'll have to come in right on time for lunch."

Draco's face fell at the reminder of what he was going to have to do that summer so Harry grabbed his friend by the arm and led him outside towards the pitch. He knew Draco didn't need someone to talk to right now; he had his dad and godfather for that. He needed a distraction and Harry was happy to offer him that.

Severus watched them leave. "It does seem we were right to bring the boys together this summer. I think it will do them both some good."

Sirius nodded. "I was reluctant but it does seem that my cousin there and my godson might be able to help each other with their bad dreams and this summer."

A lot went unsaid over that table at breakfast. Like Sirius and his bed partner wondering if Harry had come to his godfather the night before. And Harry's comfort from the night before was smiling inwardly at the kiss and the blush on the boy's face.