"Poppy my wife is in labour." Remus called as he got Tonks down into a bed. They could tell from her normal mousy brown hair she was progressing.

Poppy came over to their side and transformed Tonks' clothes into a gown. "Well this baby seems as impatient as her daddy. She is coming quickly here."

Severus and Sirius left to give them some privacy but Remus and Tonks both asked Harry to stay for the birth of his sister and goddaughter. They had every intention of keeping him to his promise to be godfather to their children.

Tonks held his hand as well as her husband's. "You can go if you want but we'd both really like you to be here through it."

Harry kissed her head. "There is no place I'd rather be. Besides I will need to get used to a delivery room for when my other sister makes her entrance."

Of course the arrival of Tonks in labour had cut off the announcement of the gender though he was sure his dads would have gone for the Malfoys by now. Tonks and Remus both smiled with the news that Sirius and Severus were expecting their own little girl.

Tonks was breathing her way through another contraction. "Severus with pink..."

Remus joined his wife in laughter. "I do think the image of both of them with pink is funny but I know they wanted a little girl as much as we did."

Harry nodded his agreement and thought he had two sisters on the way he was not disappointed for no brothers. He would have been happy like the dads for a boy but he was not fooling anyone that he was not in heaven. They knew he was hoping he'd have their luck for a little girl when he and Lucius tried for one.

Poppy looked up. "The baby is ready to come. You will need to start pushing Tonks when the next contraction comes."

Tonks' clutch on their hands strengthened when another one hit them. Harry and Remus both encouraged her as best as they could. This was the first time Harry had been present when a baby was born and he had to admit he was a bit queasy when he saw the little baby came out. But as her cries filled the room he was as much in love with his baby sister as her parents were.

Severus had been called back in and he took the baby. "Well at least the baby looks like her mom and not you wolf."

Remus smirked as his wife was being cleaned up as well as her sheets and a new gown. "Hopefully your daughter doesn't have your hook."

There was good humour behind all the comments and Remus went to Severus' side as he was cleaning and checking on the little girl. Though Harry was in love with his sister his father was in heaven. Remus had been such an amazing second father to him and he knew this little girl was one lucky little child.

Remus was cutting the cord when he burst into tears and laughter. "I guess our little princess did not want to wait long to show us that she takes after her mother."

Tonks was anxious for a sight of her daughter. "Remus?"

Remus scooped up his newly bundled baby into his arms and carried her over to his wife where he sat down with her on the bed and showed the little girl. She was Tonks in every feature except for her Daddy's nose and when she opened her eyes, the warm amber. But her hair which had been brown when she came out like her mom's natural color, it had gone as pink as the blanket she was wrapped in.

Harry left with his father but not before kissing his dad and little sister. "I will give you guys a bit of time to bond. But don't take too long."

Remus squeezed his hand. "We'll let my wife nurse this little one and we'll let you and the others back in. Thanks for being here cub."

When he got into the sitting room he was not surprised to find Sirius as well as the Malfoys there and moments later Andromeda and Ted arrived as well. Remus was the first marauder to have a daughter but as they waited 45 minutes for permission to go back in, Severus and Sirius shared their news on the gender.

When they were escorted back in Andromeda was handed her granddaughter and she was beaming. "Oh Dori she is so beautiful. Almost you when you were born."

Ted shared his wife's opinion. "I'd say I hope she was as much of a hair raiser as you were but with you and Remus for parents, I am sure she will be."

Sirius and Harry had been asked to share the honours as godfathers to the baby. Remus had hinted when Harry and Lucius married they would be godparents to his and Tonks' second baby. Sirius was not only Remus' best friend and Tonks' cousin but he and Harry had both served as witnesses for their wedding. It seemed fitting.

Sirius looked at his goddaughter who was now in his son's arms. "So what name did the two of you choose for this little one?"

Tonks shared a look with her husband and Harry. "We had some help from her big brother so if you don't approve then you can blame it on him."

Harry had constantly joked about calling the baby Nymphadora and it had inspired the name choice for their little girl. They would not torture a baby with that name which Tonks had spent her life trying to avoid.

Remus made the introductions. "Our little daughter here is Calliope Diana Lupin."

Tonks nodded. "Harry kept calling her his little Nymphadora so we named her for a nymph instead. And since Remus comes from Roman myth, we took a Roman goddess."

The name brought many smiles in the room though many people thought the little girl would adopt her big brother's nick name of Cally as soon as she had her own opinion on the subject. Andromeda was happy they had decided to keep with traditions for both names had links both to myth and space for the Blacks.


July 31st found everyone that loved Harry gathered at Malfoy manor for his seventeenth birthday. His dads had taken him earlier that day and he had passed his apparition test. They had presented him with his father's pocket watch which had been in a vault and not on him when he died. Lucius had as always gone all out for the birthday especially after what Harry had done for his. It was not the huge party though which was the true gift.

Lucius drew him a part for his own gift and he kissed Harry. "I have one thing I hope will make today as special as possible for you."

Harry returned the kiss. "You have already made today so special Luc."

Though all of the guests who knew what happening followed behind slightly they was kept their distance as Lucius took him to the base of a fountain. Harry had remembered his boyfriend's promise to propose that summer but still he was shocked when Lucius dropped to one knee and took out the box. Harry had seen the box months ago but he stared as it opened and a beautiful ring in a Celtic knot design of entwined gold and platinum with one small diamond and ruby

He kissed Harry's hand. "I love you. I was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman I never loved and never thought to have a chance at love. But you changed that. You have made me happier then I ever imagined being. Will you marry me?"

Author note: So this is a lovely end to my story I think. No one really needs to know if they wed, right? Well actually I decided to do a sequel to the story. Harry had reached the age where his dad gave him permission to take the relationship the next step so I decided it was time for a new story. The sequel's first chapter will be posted in a few days. I will have the name posted here as the next chapter.

Calliope Diana: Calliope (Greek) means fair face, was a nymph as well as the head muse, was the muse of epic poetry, since Harry called her his little nymph

Diana (Greek) divine, is the Roman goddess of the moon and hunt, counterpart to Artemis, also a crater on the moon, link to Remus whose name comes from Roman myth as well as his werewolf side.