It's been 10 years since Edward and his family left

It's been 10 years since Edward and his family left. I was shattered. I was in the forest for a day when Victoria found me. She said it would hurt Edward and I more if I was changed. So she changed me. The process was horrible. When I was changed, she was still there, she thought she could kill me but I killed her. My thirst, for some reason, was not bad, only a slight tingle. I found human blood to be repulsive. Jake and his pack found me wandering in the forest. I had told them what happened. To my surprise they didn't kill me, they excepted me onto there land and made me the first non- Quiluete to live on the rez. Plus they made me the first cold one Quiluete. Laurent came back about 5 years after I was changed and the wolves and I killed him. Jake imprinted on a girl named Amanda when he was on a school field trip. They have been married for about 3 years and they have twins on the way. Sam and Emily have one little boy named Billy, after Billy and he is 8. Billy is still around and so is Seth, Leah, Embry, Quill, Jared, Paul, and Sue. Charlie thinks I'm dead. The Quiluete told him they found my body in the forest and it was chewed and mauled by an animal. My funeral was the next day. Renee and Phil had a baby, she is 10 now. I live on the rez but I have to stay hidden when Charlie comes down to fish with Billy. Emily and I are like sisters. Leah and everyone are my brothers and sisters. I love the Quiluete. But I will always and forever love Edward. I am mad at him for leaving but my heart will always be his. I am a teacher in Tacoma, I teach high school history. The students love me. I am still alone, I have not mated. My power is that I can project my thoughts into others minds. I am always annoying Jake and Sam with this. We joke about each others smell. The wolves temperature has decreased seeing that I am a vampire they trust and they feel like they are not in danger. I am a vampire who runs with the wolves. I am looking for Edward, everyone understands that I still love him and I long for him. Emily thinks it would be good if I could find someone but I don't want someone, I want him.