SUMMARY: Harry has a roller coaster of a summer starting of depressed after Sirius's death, and receiving quite a few shocks from his relatives and supposed friends. Voldemort was vanquished in the MOM

WARNINGS: This story will contain Slash, Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bi-sexual Relationships. Swearing, Violence, Sexual Situations, Mpreg, Rape, Threesome's, Mpreg and Dumbledore and Weasley Bashing

DISCLAIMER: J.KRowling And Her AssociatesOwn These Characters And The World Of Harry Potter. IOnly Own The OCCharacters I Made Up, I Am Writing THIS Story For Fun And Not For Profit.

PAIRINGS:Harry/Charlie/Bill, Remus/Severus, Fred/George/Tonks, Lucius/Narcissa, Later on Lucius/OFC, Narcissa/OFC

AUTHOR'S: ioname2you & Fire-fly1406
RATING: M For Safety and Sexual Situations





Harry sat quietly in an compartment on the Hogwarts Express on the way back to Kings Cross Stations at the end of his fifth year,with Charlie and Bill Weasley as his escorts. After travelling for about half an hour Harry drifted away into his thoughts.


"Harry I'm sorry for keeping things from you, but I was only protecting you."


"All I can say is I'm sorry and I'm afraid you must still return to the Dursley's, even though Voldermort is gone. There is still a few death eater's around, it's for your own safety."


Harry comes out of his trance like state at the sound of the trolley lady asking if he wanted anything. Bill and Charlie were watching Harry as he jumped when the trolley lady arrived. They wondered what was bothering him, but decided to leave it for now and to keep an eye on him. After buying some food off the trolley, Bill and Charlie decided to try and get Harry involved in a conversations. They had been chatting for quite some time about a number of things, when Harry began drifting off again.


Harry had been asleep for an while when he tried to move, he felt restraints attached to his wrists and ankles. When he opened his eyes he noticed he was naked and began to look around, panicking when he saw his aunt naked with a weird glint in her eye.

"Aunt Petunia what's going on, please untie me."

"Why wound I want to do that boy, I have finally thought of a better use for you."

"And what's that?"

Petunia slowly moved towards the bed taken in Harry's naked form from head til toe. She leaned down close to Harry and began to run her hand over his torso, gradually moving lower and lower. Harry began to shake with fear.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why Harry isn't it obvious."

"Please aunt Petunia don't do this."(Harry began to cry)

Petunia had finally had reached his penis and began to ready him for herself.

"Stop that snivelling boy, it won't be that bad I'm certainly going to enjoy it as your uncle is unable to even get his up."

"Please no."

Her ministrations began to work, his penis stood to attention. Now that his body was ready, Petunia moved from her position at the side of the bed, resting her lower body over his erect penis. She began to rub herself against his body causing Harry to whimper.

"No please."

"It's been so long I really need this."

Petunia was now ready to take things further, she took hold of his penis and lowered herself on it it. She moaned and began to move slowly at first, but as she got into it the pace became brutal.

"Your hurting me, please stop."

"I don't think so."

Petunia began to moan more and more until finally she found her release and removed herself from Harry. She moved her body further up Harry's body, until her weeping pussy was mere inches from his face. She looked down at him and said.

"If you want to be untied any time soon you will use your mouth and clean me up."


Charlie and Bill became increasingly worried as Harry grew paler, they stood and moved to sit either side of him. Bill put his hand on Harry's arm, making him jump and come back to reality.

"Harry what's wrong?" said Bill

"I don't think I can say it out loud, I don't think I'm ready to believe it was real please don't make me."

"It's OK Harry, we will be around a lot over the summer on guard duty, so if you need to talk just ask us OK?" said Charlie


Bill and Charlie shared a look and as they returned to their seats, they began to arrive at Kings Cross Station. They helped Harry get his trunk off the train and escorted him through the barrier.

"We will see you soon, Harry."

"yeah, see you soon."

Harry turned around and saw the Dursley's waiting for him, he took a deep breath and slowly approached them. Soon he was in the car on his way back to 4 privet drive.


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