SUMMERY: Harry has a roller coaster off a summer starting of depressed after Sirius's death, and receiving quite a few shocks from him relatives and supposed friends. Voldemort was vanquished in the MOM.

WARNINGS: This story will contain Slash, Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bi-Sexual relationships. Swearing, Violence, Sexual Situations, Rape, Threesome's, Mpreg and Dumbledore and some Weasley bashing.

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PAIRINGS: Harry/Bill/Charlie, Remus/Severus, Fred/George/Tonks, Lucius/OFC, Narcissa/OFC

AUTHOR'S: ioname2you & Fire-fly1406

RATING: M for safety and sexual situations





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~~~ HP ~~~

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CHAPTER 14: Training And Freedom At Last.


Harry was sat lounging on his bed with the triplets as he fed each a bottle in turn, the boys were happily wiggling around when Harry noticed Lucas changed his hair to the same as his then Sirius copied him and then I look at Danyeol in my arms an realised he had changed his hair as well.

"Bill, Charlie come here quickly." called Harry

Bill and Charlie quickly rushed in to the room from the living room thinking that something was wrong.

"Harry what's wrong." asked Bill ans Charlie urgently together

"Nothings wrong my love's it's just I wanted you to see the boys, do you noticed anything different." asked Harry

Both Bill and Charlie looked closely at each of the boys and turned their stunned faces towards Harry to confirm that they were seeing the same thing.

"Harry have the boys changed their hair." asked Bill unbelievably

"Yes, I was just feeding Danyeol when I looked up to check on the boys when I noticed Lucas changed his hair then Sirius and Danyeol copied him like it was a game for them." replied Harry

"Well that's going to make it more difficult to tell the boys apart for us maybe not you Harry once you have trained some of you mind magic." stated Charlie

"I guess you right." replied Harry

"I think we should ask Tonks advice as she's had her abilities since she was a baby and she might have some advice for us" said Bill

"She will be able to help me as well to develop my metamorphmagus skills." suggested Harry.



Shortly after lunch


"Dobby"called Harry

"Yes Harry Potter Sir." answered Dobby

"Dobby could you see if Tonks is around I need to talk to her." requested Harry

"Straight away Harry Potter Sir." Dobby excitedly babbled as he popped away

A few minutes later Tonks appeared at the door to Harry's privet living room with an enquiring look on her face.

"Hi Harry, what was it you needed me for." enquired Tonks

"This morning as I was feeding the boys I noticed Lucas was changing his hair to look like mine and then Sirius and Danyeol copied him. I was just wondering if there was anything I needed to do to control and develop there skills but I wasn't sure if they were too young to do anything about it." questioned Harry

"I'm not sure about developing their skills but I could write to my mum and ask her what she did with me as I started quite early with my metamorphmagus abilities." replied Tonks

"That would be great Tonks and I was also wondering if sometime in the near future once I've mastered my tiger form if you would be able to help me train my metamorphmagus abilities." asked Harry

"Of course I will Harry just let me know when your ready to start and we can arrange some time." suggested Tonks

At that moment Maddy popped in with a special edition of the Daily Prophet as Harry picked it up the title read "All Death-Eaters now captured!".

Harry felt a weight lift off his shoulders and had realised that they had hardly left the manor at all.

"Do you know what Tonks?, I think it's time I took my husbands and kids on holiday I think the break will do us good."stated Harry

"Can I make a suggestion." asked Tonks

"Yes." replied Harry

"I know the the twins are just about to set up a few new shops in America starting with Florida and it's not to far from Disney Land and that way we could look after the children a few times so you could have some quality time together with your husbands." stated Tonks

"Tonks that's a brilliant idea, I have always wanted to go to Disney Land." exclaimed Harry excitedly

"Dobby." called Harry quickly

"Yes Harry Potter Sir." answered Dobby

"Dobby, could you ask Bill and Charlie to come here." asked Harry

"Right away Harry Potter Sir." replied Dobby before he popped away

Bill and Charlie entered the room with questioning looks toward Harry.

"Bill, Charlie have you seen the Daily Prophet all the Death-eaters are now captured and I thought it would be the perfect time for us to take the kids on holiday. Tonks suggested we go to Florida America as the twins are starting to set up a few shops there and it will be near Disney Land and they could help us with the children so we can have some alone time." blurted out Harry excitedly

Bill, Charlie and Tonks all chuckled at Harry's enthusiasm.

"I can see someone's excited." stated Bill

"I think it's a wonderful idea, when do you want to go." asked Charlie

"I don't know, Tonks when are you and the twins going." enquired Harry

"Sometime next week." replied Tonks

"Do you know I swear I have a summer home in Florida, I'll have to double check." mumbled Harry as he started to wonder where he put the papers from Gringotts detailing all the properties he owned.

Later that day after Harry had discovered he did own a property in Florida he sent Dobby to see if it was liveable.




Dobby arrived at the Florida home and was greeted by a female house elf.

"Hello I'm Sunshine, can I help you." she said

"Master Harry Potter Sir sent Dobby to see if the house was ready to be lived in as he wishes to visit here next week." replied Dobby bashfully as he continued to stare transfixed at Sunshine

"Are you all right." enquired Sunshine worriedly

"Sorry Dobby not meet nice girl house elf his age before." he stuttered in answer causing Sunshine to blush slightly

"Oh, my father's head of this household with my mother, let me call them."

"Mother, Father we have a visitor." called Sunshine

"Sunshine dear who is this stranger I don't recognise him from around here." stated Sunshine Father

"Father this is Master Harry Potter's house elf from Potter Manor he was sent by master to check if the house was ready to stay in." replied Sunshine

"Dobby this is my father Sunny and my mother Shiny."

"Dobby honoured to meet you Mr Sunny and Mrs Shiny."

"When dose Master Harry Potter expect to arrive here." questioned Sunny

"The beginning of next week." replied Dobby

"How many will be staying so we can prepare the correct amount of rooms." enquired Shiny

"Well there be Master Harry Potter Sir, his two husbands Master William and Charles Potter. Then there will be all the children, the twins Jasmine and Isabella, the triplets Sirius, Danyeol and Lucas and and then Rose and Jamie are new arrivals." stated Dobby proudly

"That's a lot of children." exclaimed Sunshine

"How many rooms do the children require." asked Shiny

"Well Little Mistresses Jasmine and Isabella are nearly two so they can share a room. The triplets and Rose and Jamie will need to be closer to Master Harry Potter Sir and his husbands so a connecting nursery on either side of their room one for the triplets and one for Rose and Jamie to share." calculated Dobby

"OK, that won't take to long to organise." surmised Shiny

"Oh Dobby forgot they might need another room for Master Harry Potter Sir's friends his Weasley's and Tonks, who will help them a bit with the children." exclaimed Dobby

"We have plenty of time to get everything ready." said Shiny

"I must be off and tell Master Harry Potter Sir that everything being okay and that Sunny, Shiny and Sunshine are house elf's here be getting everything ready for him. Dobby be seeing you soon I help Master Harry Potter Sir look after the children." blurted Dobby

"Bye." Dobby said to Sunshine, Sunny and Shiny shyly before popping away




Dobby reappeared at Potter Manor in the room with Harry, Bill and Charlie.

"Dobby you're back, how did it go." enquired Harry

"Dobby be meeting the nice house elf's at the house in Florida there was Sunny, Shiny and Sunshine." exclaimed Dobby he blushed as he said Sunshine's name causing Harry, Bill and Charlie to raise their eyebrows in interest and looked at each other to confirm their thoughts.

"Dobby is the house ready to live in." questioned Bill

"Yes Master Bill, I be telling that you needing a room with two joining nursery rooms for the little masters and mistress Rose and Jamie and another room for mistresses Jasmine and Isabella also a room for your Weasley's and Tonks." finished Dobby

"Good job Dobby." praised Charlie

"Now we just have to pack and wait until we can get the portkey for next week." declared Bill

"Whilst we are waiting I'm going to make some headway on my second animagus form the fire tiger." stated Harry with determination

A few days later Charlie found himself on his own whilst Bill monitored Harry's animagus training so he decided to visit his father to see how he was settling in the guess house.

Upon arrival to the guess house Charlie could not locate his dad in the house so he decided to check outside as he remembered his dad talking about setting up a shed for experimenting with his muggle gadgets. As Charlie came around the corner of the house noises that he usually associates with his father tinkering away in his shed.





Arthur was showing Amelia his muggle contraptions when he remembered he was just about to experiment with the shaking chair.

"Amelia I just remembered I was going to test this chair that I found, lets see what it dose." exclaimed Arthur excitedly

"All right Arthur, go ahead." said Amelia with an indulgent smile

"Oh Amelia, this is wonderful you have to try it." declared Arthur as he pulled Amelia on to his lap

"Arthur." exclaimed Amelia in surprise at the abrupt movement

As Amelia calmed down she began to realise how she was positioned on Arthur's lap and how close she was to him at the same time as Arthur did.

"Arthur this is inappropriate behaviour for people of our age." stammered Amelia as she continued to feel the vibrations of the chair through Arthur's body

"Amelia we are not too old and I can tell you I don't feel old and you don't feel old to me in fact I am feeling extremely turned on by the position we have found our selves in, as well as this wonderful chair seems to stimulating my body's reaction to you even more." declared Arthur

Before Amelia could even respond Arthur pulled her closer and began to kiss her with a passion until they had to break for air.

"Arthur that was amazing, you make me feel so young and alive." gasped Amelia and before she could say any more Arthur was kissing her again

After a few minutes he began to slowly trail kisses down her neck and use his hand to explore her body which caused her to sigh and make small moaning noises.

Arthur became bolder he slowly pulled her blouse and slide his hands up her sides moving his right hand to knead her breast causing her to gasp and begin to rub herself against his trouser covered engorged cock, the shock of which caused him to pause in his action for a second. They both increased the rhythm of their actions it got very hot. They began to quickly divulge each other of clothing until they were just in their underwear.

Arthur pressed a button on the chair causing it to change positions and he whispered in her ear.

"Amelia I want to take you from behind, you pushed up against this chair gripping on tightly as I thrust in to you hard and fast." declared Arthur passionately

"Oh my god."gasped Amelia feeling extremely turned on by the me image invoked by Arthur's declaration, so she stood up and removed her soaking wet lace knickers and freed her sensitive breast from the confines of her lace bra.

Arthur sat transfixed by the image in front of him he started to sweat he felt so hot, he slowly stood and approached Amelia. He began to kiss her violently with passion when he broke away from the kiss Amelia positioned herself on the chair with her backside up in the air waiting with anticipation.

She glanced back and could see the effect she was having on Arthur he was stood with eyes glued to her ass and his manhood tenting his pants, which caused her to lick her lips. This action broke Arthur out of his daze and he quickly removed his pants fully before moving closer to the gorgeous plump behind he slowly inched his fingers towards her opening teasing her until she pleaded with him for more, then he plunged in the first finger then a second and finally a third until she was fully stretched and ready by this time she was pushing herself on to his fingers. Arthur removed his fingers slowly.

"More, more." begged Amelia in disappointment as his finger removal but before she became too desperate he was at her opening and plunged in to the hilt causing her to gasp and moan.

When their were fully adjusted to this new position they began to move together increasing the speed and with harder and deeper thrusts.




Charlie not thinking anything unusual about strange noises coming from his dad's shed walked straight to to the door opened it and walked straight inside where he froze in shock as he witnessed his dad having passionate sex with Amelia Bones, but the worst part was they were completely naked and had just hit their orgasm's.

Charlie was so shocked and overwhelmed by what he had witnessed that he fainted to the floor knocking things over which drew Arthur and Amelia attention to the fact that they were no longer alone.

"Oh my god." Amelia exclaimed mortified

Arthur moved quickly to cover himself as Amelia did the same before they both approached Charlie to see if he was hurt.



~~~ AT THE MANOR ~~~


Bill was sat monitoring Harry when Harry came out of his meditation state abruptly with a gasp.

"Harry what's wrong." asked Bill with concern

"I'm not sure I just felt something wrong with Charlie, he seemed extremely shocked and now I can't detect his feelings." answered Harry concernedly

Bill frowned worriedly whilst trying to comfort Harry

"Lets go find Charlie, I'm sure he's fine." encouraged Bill

Bill called Dobby who informed him that Charlie said he would be visiting with dad Weasley at the guest house. Harry and Bill quickly made there way to guest house, upon seeing no signs of anyone they frantically began to search the surrounding grounds.

When Bill noticed a shed, up on inspection it looked like a bigger version of his fathers muggle invention shed.

"Harry lets take a look in here I expect my dads busy experimenting with all his muggle objects, he might know where Charlie is." suggested Bill

"OK." agreed Harry




As Bill and Harry approached the shed they noticed the door was wide open so they proceeded to enter the building.

Once they were inside they could hear Arthur's frantic voice which made them speed up until they came up on Arthur and Amelia crouched over Charlie's unconscious form.

"Charlie." called out Harry running to his side

"What happened dad." asked Bill with concern

"It's a bit embarrassing I was just showing Amelia my inventions shed when I came across this chair I want to test, so Amelia indulged me and one thing lead to another, we got carried away and I'm afraid Charlie walked in on us and saw more than he should have." explained Arthur embarrassedly

"Oh." Bill exclaimed with an horrified expression

"Dobby." called Harry

"Yes Harry Potter Sir." answered Dobby

"Dobby, could you get Sophie to meet us in our rooms it looks like Charlie hit his head when he pass out." requested Harry

"Dobby will be getting Miss Sophie for you Harry Potter Sir." stated Dobby as he popped away

"OK, Bill can you help me apparate Charlie to our room, hopefully Sophie will arrive soon and she can check his head." asked Harry

"We are so sorry." said Arthur guiltily

"Arthur I'm sure Charlie will be fine it was an accident." reassured Harry

Bill picked up Charlie upper body and Harry grabbed his legs before they apparated to their room.

Amelia slowly approached Arthur sliding her arms around him to comfort him.

"I can't believed this happened do you think he well be all right." asked Arthur worriedly

"I'm sure he will be just fine, why don't we quickly get cleaned up and we can go and check on him." suggested Amelia




As soon as Bill and Harry had arrived in their room they placed Charlie comfortable on to the bed before they both sat either side oh him holding one of his hands each more for their comfort than Charlie's.

They were brought out of there daze when they heard noises from the living room, Bill stood to see what it was, he opened the door.

"Sophie, thank you for coming Charlie has a bumped his head he had a bit of a shock, could you take a look at it please." asked Bill

Bill moved aside to allow Sophie to pass by, as soon as she was at the bedside she used her wand to run some diagnostic test when she was finished she turned to them.

"Everything seems fine just a bump which will ache and bruise for a few days but I can give him a potion and salve for that, it seems he just passed out him mind could not cope with whatever he saw." stated Sophie

"That's good to know." said Harry with a relieved sigh

"Harry why don't you stay with Charlie and I will go and reassure dad and Amelia that he's OK." suggested Bill

As Bill was leaving the bedroom he noticed his dad and Amelia waiting anxiously in the living room.

"Dad, Amelia, he's fine just a small bump nothing that can't be fixed." Bill tried to reassure them.




"Thank you Sophie." sighed Harry

"That's OK Harry, these things happen." replied Sophie

"How have you been, it seems everyone has been so busy with one thing or another we don't spend as much time as I like together." questioned Harry

"I have been working non stop, I am working on a new procedure that will help lesbian witches to have children together as you know me and Narcissa are seeing each other, I have always wanted children and we have talked about it and Narcissa would like more children." answered Sophie

"Wow, that's amazing Sophie, have you had any success so far." enquired Harry

"I was able to adapt a surgical charm that extracts an egg from one of the witch's and I am working on a potion with Severus that will use the DNA from the egg and change it in to sperm, which will then be used to fertilize the egg in the other witch we are very close to getting a positive result." explained Sophie

"That's great, I am sure a lot of witch's will be grateful if you can make this work, when do you think the potion will be ready." asked Harry

"We will be doing the final test tomorrow and if all goes well Narcissa has agreed to donate an egg to be changed and I will be the one that will carry the baby." replied Sophie excitedly

"You really have been busy, I hope everything goes well for you, you will make a great mum, you have been great with the children." declared Harry

"Thank you Harry I hope so too, I will leave you this potion to give to Charlie when he wakes up and apply the salve twice a day until the bruise disappears." said Sophie

"OK thanks again, let me know how it goes." requested Harry

"I will." replied Sophie before she left

Harry opened the salve and with gentle fingers applied it to the bump on Charlie's head, just as he was finished Bill came back in to the room and snuggled up close to provide some comfort.

A few days later Charlie was up and about again even if he was scared for life from what he witnessed that day. Charlie was busy checking with Dobby that everything they needed was packed and ready to go as they were leaving tomorrow for Florida.

While Charlie and Dobby were busy packing Harry and Bill were back to training, they were working on Harry's tiger form again.

Bill sat quietly observing Harry as he meditated, Harry had been practising for a few hours now and Bill could see how hard he was concentrating and how he was starting to get frustrated with the lack of progress.

Suddenly Harry jumped up to his feet surprising Bill and started to pace back and forth with a frown on his face.

"I don't understand? Why have I not made any progress at all? Questioned Harry frustratedly

Bill slowly approached Harry stopping him from pacing and making sure he was paying attention.

"Harry calm down, these things take time I know it's frustrating but you have to think your last form was smaller and you felt a closer link to it." stated Bill confidently

"I know." sighed Harry

"I think you should take a short break to just relax even if it's just for half an hour, come sit with me." suggested Bill




Bill guided Harry to the love seat pulling him close as he placed a tender kiss on his forehead. Harry turned to Bill and placed a tender kiss on his lips.

"Thank you." whispered Harry

"Your welcome." replied Bill as he turned Harry's face back towards his own before taking Harry's lips in to a passionate kiss.

Bill slowly pulled away and began to trail gentle kisses down his neck causing Harry to moan softly. Bill used his hand to slowly unbuttoned Harry's shirt revealing more skin, he moved down until he reached his nipples, he took one in his mouth sucking it and as he went to release it he teased it with his teeth causing Harry to arch his body and gasp.

"You are so responsive Harry, I think I should test how responsive you are." declared Bill

Bill used his tongue to lather Harry's nipple then he ran it slowly down his chest circling around his bellybutton which caused his body to arch again. Bill used this opportunity to undo and pull down his trousers and boxers bringing Harry back in to awareness.

Bill watched his reaction as he became more aware before taking Harry's semi-erect penis in to his mouth as far as he could causing Harry to mumble incoherently. Bill ran his tongue along the underside of his now fully erect penis as he used his hand to massage his swollen sack.

Harry lasted a further five minutes under Bill's intense treatment before he exploded in to Bills mouth as he moaned Bill's name. Bill released Harry's penis with a wet slurp and began to lick his juices from around his mouth. That was all the encouragement Harry needed before he was devouring Bill's mouth with such an intensity that they fell on to the floor with Harry lying on top of him.

Using wandless magic Harry made Bill's clothes disappear causing Bill to gasp at the new skin to skin contact and while he was distracted Harry cast a contraceptive and lubrication charm on him. As Bill was getting used to all the new sensations Harry pushed his legs up and apart placing his all ready fully erect penis at his entrance and slammed straight in to the hilt.

"Harry." gasped Bill surprised by the abrupt intrusion.

"Bill I need more, can I move yet." stuttered Harry as he struggled to hold himself still.

"Yes, you can move now." replied Bill

Harry needed no further prompting before he had pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in at a fast and furious pace, which left Bill gasping and mumbling incoherently until he felt his release near and before he could warn Harry he exploded all over their stomachs, which caused him to clench around Harry's penis and had him filling Bill's entrance to the rim before he collapsed on top of Bill utterly spent.

"Well that was unexpected." said Bill breathlessly as he cuddled Harry closely

"I definitely feel relax now." chuckled Harry and Bill joined in




"I think we should get back to training we will have plenty of time to relax once we get to Florida, I really want to try my transformation for a little while longer." declared Harry as he cast a cleaning charm on both their body's before they got dressed.

Harry returned to his meditation as Bill sat and observed him they stayed like that when after an hour Bill noticed Harry's skin was going an orange colour and before he could inform Harry the rest of his body was beginning to changing even more.

His skin instead of being just orange now had black stripes began to appear, his facial features began to change, he now had ears, whiskers and some very sharp looking teeth.

The transformation continued until stood before him was a huge tiger with a very strong aura around it that looked like flames.

"Harry." Bill called tentatively to get his attention, the tiger head turned towards him with his eyes wide open and slowly approached Bill.

The tiger jumped up and placed it's paws on Bill's shoulders which was very intimidating until tiger Harry used his big tongue to lick all over Bill's face causing Bill to relax.

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