The trouble with love is...

The trouble with love is…you don't see it coming.

There is no indication when it will happen or even from whom it will come from. It's like a car crash. It will come at you at speeds unimaginable and hit you with such force that it leaves gasping and choking for air. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Oh, you can try and stop it. Try and shred any chance of likeness he throws your way, run away from those adoring eyes, ignore those caring gestures. But as much as you try to not think about him and the words he spoke, the more you do think about it.

Grant it, Happy and her pestering on the subject might have had something to do with it. But for some reason I feel like I would still be thinking about this, even if my emotions weren't separate entities.


Since when do I feel? That's the other thing about love, it changes you. You do things that you wouldn't normally do before, things that you shouldn't do.

The trouble with love is…it's dangerous.

It's like a mine field or in my case a mine country. There are so many things that could just blow up in your face; things that could not only ruin your life but the ones around you as well. And even though the rational part of yourself tells you it's a fool's game, there's also this other part that tells you to take the risk and sees what happens.

But why would I think that? Why would I even consider that?

The trouble with love is…you can't understand it.

How am I supposed to know what love is? The daughter of Satan himself shouldn't even have the word in her vocabulary, yet here am I actually considering that I might be in love with the jokester of our team. I know he annoys me, tests my patience to new heights and ignites a fury in me that is beyond my control but how is that related to love?

Doesn't that just sound like I have rage issues?

But what's this new feeling? It's light, airy, content and giddy at the same time. This feeling…it makes me want to smile more, be around people more. Love changes people, I feel changed but am I supposed to feel this too? And how do I know he's the one to cause this?

The trouble with love is…it's intertwined with life.

He had gotten injured, severely. We weren't sure he was going to make it.

I…was scared.

But it wasn't the same kind of fear I get when I'm on the battlefield, it was more intense. Way more intense.

I stayed by his side all night, checking his condition periodically. I questioned myself the whole time. Questioned myself and what I was feeling. I wouldn't go to my emotions for they, in short, are me and I would not query my friends for they did not hold the answer.

Everything raced though my head. Again and again, like clockwork.

It was that morning, when I placed my hand on his that I knew. I knew everything and everything I should do. Life had taken so much from me that I decided to take something back.

So when he woke up the next day, I did the most selfish thing I had ever done.

I kissed him and took all the love that he gave me.

The trouble with love is…its love.

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