"Little Sister (Don't You Do What Your Big Sister Done)"

A/N: Elvis may be responsible for more than one fic in my future...and strangely they're all Dryden/Millerna. Anyhow. I think the title makes it obvious, and I hope you understand where I'm going with this. Set before "False Vows".

She had said yes, but only because she had to. He was definitely not the one she was in love with.

Except that he was effusively kind, and…he said he loved her.

How could he? He hardly knew her!

Millerna lay in her bed, pondering where her life was headed.

I could call it off.

And what would be your excuse?

She blushed, the first excuse that came to mind was not the sort of thing princesses should think about.

And on the heels of that, she almost felt sick, thinking of what she had read in Marlene's diary. Chid.

Chid is Marlene…and Allen's.

Oh god, what was I thinking?

You were thinking that you want someone that you love, not someone you have to marry.

But Allen and…Marlene…

That was years ago. This is now. How he looks at you!

She smiled. She would run to him across rooms, down hallways, and throw herself in his arms if no one was looking. And he always smiled at her. He would brush her hair delicately out of her face and smile.

Then it was her sister's voice, not her own, echoing in her head.

What about Dryden?

And Millerna felt guilty for a moment. While she didn't love him, there was certainly no ill will towards him. It would break his heart to know she…

What? You what? What was it you thought you were going to do?

She bit her lip. He said he didn't care that she wasn't in love with him, didn't care that she was in love with Allen.

I can only hope my wishes will get across someday.

And there it was again, that pang of guilt.

She couldn't stay here. Couldn't lay in bed and debate the semantics of love…and trust.

She threw her legs over the edge, and slipped on her soft-soled shoes. She grabbed a dressing gown and pulled it over her lacy nightgown.

Opening the door, she peered out into the hallway. Empty.

She ran, lightly on her toes, down the hallway. To his door.

# # # # #

Eries Aston couldn't sleep. It wasn't unusual, just annoying. Too much on her mind.

She glided through the empty hallways, lost in thought.

Her sister had returned, fiancé in tow, and then surprised them all by agreeing to marry him so soon.

She wanted to be happy for her, knew Dryden was a good man, knew he would be a good husband. But the far-off look in Millerna's eyes…she knew it was not Dryden who occupied her thoughts.


She would go to him, she would speak to him, and tell him to leave her alone. Tell him that Dryden was a good man.

If he's such a good man, why don't you marry him?

Because…because I'm not in love with him.

And your sister is? You would condemn her to that fate, but not yourself?

I'm in love with someone else.

So is she.

No. That's not love.

And who are you to talk?

No. It's not the same.

She had almost reached Allen's door, the guest room where he stayed while her father tried to decide what to do with him. At least it was preferable to the dungeons.

Then she heard footsteps, quick and light. She stepped into the shadows.


She watched as her sister knocked softly on the door of the Caeli Knight. Then let herself in, shutting it softly behind her.

And Eries murmured just three words to someone who could no longer hear her.

"Little sister. Don't."