A/N: For the sake of the readers, I'll go ahead and tell you all this:

This story goes along the Manga version of the series instead of the Anime or any video-game series. Also, I would count this as a spoiler, 'cause it hints on Envy's "death" (I don't know if he actually dies…I haven't gotten there myself XD).


I walked into the room, looking around at the emptiness. Earlier, I had gotten a message from New Greed that he wanted to talk to me here, and since he promised valuable information, I decided to come along. Now, as I walked toward the center, I began to wonder if I hadn't been set up.

"Alright, I'm here. What's up?"

I placed my hands on my hips, feeling that twang of annoyance creeping up my spine and into my brain. I didn't like wasting my time, and right now it seemed I was doing just that. If he wasn't going to come out of the shadows in a minute, I was more than ready to just leave.

Suddenly, a light illuminated the room. Since I obviously wasn't expecting this, I nearly jumped out of my skin…which probably saved one of my lives, 'cause the instant I moved from my position, a stalactite erupted from the ground and grazed against my skin.

"What the hell!?"

I looked down at the source of light and realized I was at the center of a large transmutation circle. My body began to tremble as I recognized the formula style; they were from Xerxes.

While I was paralyzed with my own stupid horror-stricken state, another stalactite erupted from a slanted angle, piercing through my back and nearly hitting the Philosopher's Stone in my chest. Writhing, I somehow managed to slip out of the sharp rock-like weapon, ignoring the searing pain that soured through my body knowing that it would die out in a few seconds.

Leaping above another that threatened to take away another one of my lives, I tried heading to the door…but it slammed shut. I could faintly hear a mischievous snicker from the other side and instantly I knew who it was who had trapped me in here.

"Damn you, Greed! I'll fucking kill you for this!"

In a silly display of temper, I threw my leg in the direction of the door and my side was punctured. "Shit…lost another life…!"

Then more stalactites erupted, and I knew I had to do more than just dodge the attacks. I morphed into dogs, cats, mice, and other types of animals. But no matter what I did, one of those damn things would somehow hurt me badly enough that would kill most ordinary humans.

That's how I counted how many lives I lost; by counting how many life-threatening injuries I was inflicted with during a fight. If I managed to go for a long enough period after receiving a potentially deadly injury, it wouldn't count toward my losses because a normal human would have recovered by then. That fact held little meaning here, 'cause I was only given a few split seconds before another injury would strike. I was losing lives and at a dangerous rate.

"Dammit…soon I won't be able to regenerate…!"

I arched my back as another tried to take out my spine, jumping and twirling frantically to preserve what lives I had left.

One more hit, and the stalactites ceased.

Panting, covered in my own blood, I sank to my knees, feeling weaker than I had ever remembered. My limbs were quaking terribly, my head was throbbing, and I couldn't feel the pulse from my Philosopher's Stone.

"Damn…only one life left…"

I heard the door creak open and looked up to see New Greed and Wrath walk in.

"Wrath…? You…filthy traitor…"

The homunculus, whose alias was King Bradley, smirked down at me. "Traitor? What about you, Envy?"

"What about…me?" I spat, glaring as hatefully as I could muster. I ignored the sword tips that immediately aimed themselves at my throat, ready to take away my last life.

"Don't think we've been unaware of your activities," Greed leered, kneeling down so we would be at eye level. Damn, would I give anything to kill him right then and there. "We know you've been sneaking information over to Fullmetal and his little group." He turned his head and waved for someone to come over. If I had the strength, I really would have killed him. "We came up with a little solution for that."

Out of the shadows came…

"Fuck you…Kimbley." Wow, I had a lot of people I wanted to kill…

Kimbley smiled smugly, giving a light bow. "Nice to see you too, Envy-san."

"Guess what he's here to do."

I glared suspiciously at New Greed, then slowly lowered my gaze to the transmutation circle on the floor. Shit…

I was aware of Wrath and New Greed leaving, but I didn't avert my gaze from this particular formula I happened to be on top of. What was it that Fullmetal Pipsqueak called it? A salamander, I think. A salamander with a dragon hanging on the underside of a sun…that's my symbol of life, I think Pipsqueak said. I looked up at that bastard human, who had knelt down in front of me. What's he gonna do with this…?

Kimbley just gave a small smile, placing his hands palms-down on the circle. "Sorry to have to do this to you, Envy…"

Sparks of electricity flew in the air and struck me down hard, forcing me onto my stomach and pain surging all through my body. I clenched my teeth, trying hard not to scream in agony.

Slowly opening one eye, I could see the crumbled remains of the stalactites growing bigger and bigger around me. At the same time, I could feel my physical composition begin to change…

To Be Continued…