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Standing on a stage, I gently took Gel's hands in my own, smiling gently down at her as she smiled back, completely ignoring the fact that I was dressed as the Fairy Prince.

Okay, I know you're all wondering "what the heck!?", but I assure you…it's just business. You'll find out in a few minutes, if you'll allow me to continue.

"Let me be your wings," I sang gently, moving in a way that would activate the mechanical wings on my back as the pulleys and harnesses brought us higher into the air. "Leave behind the world you know, for a world of wondrous things…"

She began to wrap her arms around my waist, pretending to hold onto me for fear of falling. Still holding onto her hand for assurance, I placed one arm around her shoulders in an act to prevent her from slipping.

"We'll see the universe, and dance on Saturn's rings," I continued, motioning to the backdrop of Saturn with a glittering ring about it, to which she smiled dazzlingly at in pretend admiration. "Fly with me, and I will be your wings."

Unwrapping an arm that was around my waist, she brought it about my shoulders, gazing adoringly into my eyes…and I knew that the expression on her face was not for the audience, but truly for me. I barely discerned the other two actors below us saying their lines, noticing just in time to resume my part.

"Anything that you desire, anything at all."

"Anything at all," she sang back, wrapping her other arm around my neck and allowing me to actually hold her.

I smiled more broadly as I continued singing, "Every day, I'll take you higher, and I'll never let you fall!"

"You will be my wings," she sang, and I noticed the undertone of earnest, the imploringness that meant to me that she was not just singing her part, but also asking for my faithfulness.

"I will be your wings," I assured her through my part, pretending to be flying as the harnesses started dragging me through the air in a slow circle.

Aqua-blue eyes glittered happily, which made me happy, as well. "You will be my only love," she sang with a more subtle tone of imploringness, seeming assured that I would give her my honest answer.

"Get ready for another world of wondrous things," I sang, secretly warning her of what she may be facing if she chose to continue staying with me.

"Things are sure to happen," she answered, the look in her eyes telling me she was fully aware of the dangers that were eminent.

Together, we sang, "Well see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings."

The harnesses lowering enough for the tips of my acting shoes to touch the ground, I gave a small twirl to make it look like we were really landing from a flight.

"Heaven isn't too far," I told her through song, still holding her hands delicately as she did a cute little twirl to make it seem as if I had unexpectedly let her go after the landing.

"Heaven is where you are," she responded, playfully tapping my nose with a slight spark of mischief in her eyes. Of course, because we were on stage, I wasn't aloud to chuckle unless it was part of the script. So I bit down the urge.

Together: "Stay with me…"

At the same time as her, I sang "And let me be your wings!"

While she sang "You will be my wings!"

While we sang our final lines simultaneously, the harnesses swiftly pulled us back into the air in lift-off fashion, making it seem as if she had leapt back into my arms while I, the Fairy Prince, flew back into the air. The audience exploded in cheers as the harnesses brought us off-stage and the curtains closed, signaling the end of that bit of performance.

"You were wonderful," Gel told me as I set her down and allowed the stage manager take the harness off of her.

"So were you," I replied, making a small twirl so the harness would be taken off of me, too. "You're voice is beautiful."

"So is yours," she said with a small chuckle, wrapping her arms around my torso and smiling adoringly up at me.

"Brilliant!" The director was right next to us in no time, a happy smile on his face. "I'm a genius for hiring two lovers to play as lovers…the love you two were sending to each other was just what this performance needed!"

"It's only natural, you know." Gel flashed him a bright smile, turning back to the stage. "We're up in three seconds," she commented, pointing at the manager's assistant who was flashing us our free time (which ticked me off terribly). "Ready to go?"

"With you," I began to answer, gently stroking her face and smiling with as much tenderness as I'd ever allow myself to show in public, "I'd go anywhere."

She smiled, taking me by the hand and leading me back to the stage for us to finish the act.


After our theatrical performance, Gel and I made our way to our apartment room.

"That's gotta be our most successful performance ever," she commented in a happy, pleased tone, tossing a small bag onto the bed and flopping down.

"No joke." I picked up her bag and pulling out the money. "Wow…didn't think audiences loved us this much." With all due honesty, I didn't think that anyone would find the performance of a non-human interesting in the least.

"It's because we respect and love each other that they find us relatable on stage," she retaliated, bringing herself to a sitting position and smiling at me. Aqua-blue eyes revealed to me her honesty, though I didn't need to look at her for confirmation to understand the fullness of her feelings.

Placing the money in a nearby drawer, I sat down next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Ah…I suppose." I laughed when she smacked my hand playfully. "Aw, c'mon…you know I'm playing around."

She nodded, looking away with a small sigh. "So…"

"So…?" I repeated in a slightly questioning tone, wanting to know what was suddenly bothering her. It wasn't everyday that she suddenly changed moods like this, and it concerned me.

"Ah…" She was rubbing the back of her neck, which wasn't a good sign. "You're over four hundred years old, right?" I nodded. "Would you happen to know how much longer you have?"

I shrugged, leaning forward to get a better look of her face. "What exactly are you implying?" The message her mind was giving off was beginning to scare me, quite honestly…

"Well…maybe, if it means we could be together longer…I could become a homunculus…"

My eyes widened almost reflexively, my arm drawn away from her before both hands were on hers. "Gel! What in the meaning of existence gave you that idea…?"

Aqua-blue eyes stared at me, slightly alarmed. "Greed told me that he used to be a human before he was a homunculus…"

I gave her a sharp look to halt her thought, instantly not liking her direction. "No, Gel. You'd be miserable as a homunculus." I lessened my grip at her expression, the emotions swimming in her eyes making me feel guilty. "It's a cursed life, Gel. A life I don't want you to suffer through."

She looked away, slowly leaning against me after a few minutes of deep contemplation. "Oh, Envy…I just don't want to be separated from you. We've been together for over ten years, now…"

I placed my arm around her shoulders again, giving her a small hug of apology for my tone. "I don't like the idea of separation, either…but you know what?" She looked up at me, tears threatening to form in her beautiful eyes. "I have new powers, powers that allow me to do certain things. When your time comes…I'll open The Gates, every day, to see you."

She smiled at me sadly, gratefully, hugging me tenderly (don't worry, I hugged her back with just as much tenderness). "Thank you for staying with me…"

"No…thank you."

The End

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