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15 year old Obi-Wan Kenobi was sitting down at the hospital. It had just been ten hours seinc the battle at the temple.He diden't remeber what happened except a small memmory.

It was raining. There was mud and blood everywhere. In the middle of the battle field were two figures. Closer inspection revealed them to be Jedi Knights. Obi-Wan Kenobi knelt in the mud, his head resting against Mace Windu's shoulder as he sobbed. They had already taken his body away.

The person who was in the hospital was Namen,his good friend from the accamedy. She was injured badly and there was a small chance of living. The other one was Dasnu he died as soon as the lazer hit him. Now he could only hope that Namen would live. Mace Windu looked at the young jedi. He knew thar Namen was his good friend. He sighed and looked at Him."The force was strong with her. She might live." Obi-wan looked at him with a frown."Thats not helping." He sighed and walked to a window. When he looked out side he saw a cherry tree. He rembered that Namen love the blossoms that came from the tree. He smiled and kept looking out of the window when a nurse came by and tapped his shoulder. "Obi-wan?" she asked him. he turned around to look at the nurse. She was smileing that could only meen..Obi-wan ran to Namen's room and saw that she was asleep. he looked at her and smiled. Just as I remebered he thought. Obi-wan then sat in a chair in her room waiting for her to wake up.